Do not believe it!

The time to decide which Mango Minster category has arrived and I has had a hard time choosing, so Mum has tooked the decision off my paws. She threatening me with no treats if I doesn’t play along but I want all my friends to listen to me first and not believe a word she says. Cos it all lies.

Mum has chosed to enter me in the Bad Sports category! Can you believe it? Practically pawfect, always good and never destroying not-your’s me! I would have preferred to go in the Cracker dogs but all them terriers just filled it up. So apparently I a bad sport cos I very selfish. I knows how to bark very ‘annoyingly’ and I know when to bark to get my own way. I does not like anyone else getting any attentions except for me. If Mum tries to give Penny or the rabbit-dogs attentions I get in there and push them out the way and bark. I is the first in line for any treats and even at school when it be the other dogs turns to do stuff I bark and distract them. The school lady says I use HBO words at Mum. Also when Mum wants some attention from TNP like cuddles or to sit next to him I climb all over Mum then go upside down and kick her out the way. I really like annoying Penny.

Mum says she has compiled evidence. Probably forged and I think she in league with Faline! This video me on a walk. Well, would you not bark if an annoying labrador stole your ball (that my next door but one neighbour Dylan)? Or show off to Auntie Penny that you has a ball, or try to get her to chase you?

I doesn’t want anyone else to have my things. My things cover anything that I wants. Even if I just said I didn’t want it, if you pick it up I will take it. I very fussy with my food and I will not eat lots of things, but I will take them and put them down on the floor just so no one else gets them. I will not sleep in any dog bed type thing and if I cannot go on the people furnitures I will sulk and lie on the floor. Sometimes right next to my dog bed, just to prove a point. I is usually very good and obedient cos Mum does usually have treats on her, but when TNP’s about, or Granpaw takes me for a walk I doesn’t listen one bit. In fact I like to play a game with Grandpaw where I wait till he gets real close then I do runnings away. hehehe!

Of course you all heard about my recent… mishap at TNP’s (I did a p&p on the carpet) which just so happened after the first time they decided to not let me on the people bed no more. But I still maintain my innocence! That just coincidence!

I has no plans to bribe anyone. Sorry judge! But everything be mine.

oh, and Mum snapped this piccure of my confiscated crisp mas stuffies.

Here a couple of videos of me displaying, trying to get attentions back on to me behaviour. Mum thinks this bad sporty too.
oh and Faline says I has to post this piccure of me stealing hay right out of her mouth.

And here something that exploded itself but I got the blame for. The fact that it beed in my mouth at the time was only cos I tried to stick it back together. But anyway I didn’t like it cos Mum made it and it tooked her attentions and meant she ignored me.

Okays, I think that my entry all done. I guess, when I thinks about it there a tiny possibility that I might be a bit of a bad sport. But you wouldn’t want me any other way right? Right??

~lickies, Ludo


14 thoughts on “Do not believe it!

  1. Ludo, we must admit your mom has gathered together a lot of incriminating evidence there!We wish you luck – we think! Martha is also entering that one but we think you have surpassed her Bad Sport efforts.Good luckloveMartha and Bailey xxx

  2. OK, Ludo, here is what I think. I think the categories this year are not so good at Mango Minster. I couldn't find one that really fits me and maybe your Mom just picked the one that SEEMS most like you. You are about a teenager now, aren't you, and they like a little mischief. Just stay as sweet as you are my friend, and all will be well!Kisses,Your pal Stella

  3. Your mom has put together quite an impressive argument there about you being a bad sport, Ludo. I am not sure that you will be able to maintain your innocence! But I want you to know that all of your bad sportiness is totally justified in my book!

  4. Well, the most persuasive evidence of bad doggie-ness is not only being yippy, but inducing others to yip. On the other hand, you live with actual rabbits who appear to still be in one piece and free to move about the premises. So as much as we'd like you to win a major award, we're really having a hard time seeing you as a bad doggie. Just a young one who is full of joie de vivre, like Abby [except for the young part, as she's middle aged and is still full of joie de vivre]. Very nice entry, though!Jed & Abby

  5. It's funny how many Bad Sports are denying their bad-sport-ed-ness this year! Heehee! Great entry; you Bad Sports are going to make this judging thing really tough!*kissey face*-Fiona, Bad Sport Judge, MangoMinster 2011

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