More from the beach!

If you seed my barky video in the last post you will have looked at me barking at neighbour Dylan. He a black Labrador who live a couple of houses away from me.

I doesn’t dislike him. I will give him a sniff, but I wouldn’t say we is friends either. We might like each other more if I did not have important things on my mind like getting to the beach and barking at shadows and carrying toys in my mouth.
Anyways, here some piccures of me and Auntie Penny and neighbour Dylan at my beach. Auntie Penny’s heart tablets be working well and so Mum let her off lead for a bit to run around with us. She not got any piccures though, she be too busy taking videos.

Auntie Penny had a happy day! Halfway through doing this blog I visited Mango and then The Ao4. I want to respect their wishes and not be sad, but I couldn’t just say nothing, so I dedicate this happy post to Amber, cos I know she would have said how handsome I look. Here one just for you.
~lickies, Ludo

18 thoughts on “More from the beach!

  1. Oh running and playing at the beach looks like so much fun. Ludo you're soooo lucky! We've never felt the feel of ocean at our feet. We do look forward to your entry in our MM2011 costume contest. It'll be a blast!!Smooches,BabyRD and Hootie

  2. For some reason my mom sighs a lot when she sees pictures of your lovely beach – she misses the beaches back in Australia a real lot. I have never seen a beach so I don't know what all the fuss is about, but it looks like you were certainly having fun.

  3. Hey Ludo!Thank you so much for all your lovely comments recently and for coming to still visit me even though I couldn't return the favour! :-)Sorry I've not been over to say hello for so long – we actually still don't have internet in our new home yet(!) – the stupid phone company says we have a problem with our line and won't be online till the first week of Feb! – so my humans have bought a little mobile WiFi but it's not superfast…but I'm slowly coming round to visit my friends now…Anyway, I've been enjoying catching up on your posts. I LOVED your Mango Minster entry post – oh, I laughed all the way through! (and Hsin-Yi was practically rolling on the floor) – I'm sure you're right and you are not a Bad Sport at all – it is all a huge conspiracy against you! 🙂 I would bark too at annoying doggies – er – if I wasn't too lazy to bother making the effort, hee! hee!Oh – and we LOVED those videos! Hsin-Yi was squealing all the time watching Faline & Molly – she says Faline looks just like the rabbits in one of her favourite books: Watership Down. She would love to have a pet bunny too – she once visited a friend who had huge bunnies that lived in the house all the time – they used to like to chew the wires! But Hsin-Yi was wondering – can you train bunnies to toilet in special places or do they just poo all over the place in the house?? And oh my goodness – we laughed every time Auntie Penny was chewing her treats: CRRRRRRUNCHY! Hsin-Yi says she could star in a snack commercial – she makes those treats sound REALLY tasty – hee! hee!Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  4. Oh Ludo, how very nice of you to remember Amber is such a happy post – we know she would have loved itOf course she would be drooling over that very handsome pic of you too – just like we are.We just love your beach pics – we are so fed up with the dreary weather and those pics made us feel much happier.We love the way you and Aunt Penny sat so nicely too!So glad the heart tablets are doing their trick – Aunt Penny looks great.loveMartha and Bailey xxx

  5. Happy time at the beach!Glad to know Penny is doing much better!We promised not to be sad about Ammy so we are celebrating her life!Take careKisses and hugsLorenza

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