TNP went to skiing and all I got was this…

… Big fat nothing!

I know! I outraged too. Of course, Mum got presents.

Yummy choclit, which Mum says be poison and wont let me have any, which I so know a trick to keep it all to herself. But what that other thing… That look like a Ludo thing, for sure!

Mum says it a ‘not yours’ but I happen to have heard that TNP said. “You can give it to furball or whatever if you don’t want it.” But Mum has said “oh no, I want it, it’s cute.”

Can you see the problem with this? I sure can. So there that ‘not yours’ that not really a ‘not yours’ at all but a ‘mine’. I so wants it. Even worse Mum has hanged it on the door, just out my reach. Oh sure I could get it if I really tried but you has to be sneaky about these things, especially when some stuffy be turned into a ‘not yours’ cos if Mum catches you trying too hard to get it she will put on her mean voice and say ‘Not Yours’.

Who, me? Try to get that? hehe.

I found out the RSPCA’s cruelty number if anyone would like to report her. It 0300 1234 999 that the real number, just so you know…

p.s. Our dog training school has a sign up on the wall to tell off bad owners. It say. “My name is (sic) No, no, Bad dog!! What’s yours?” Which means not to tell your dog off obviously, so if I take the stuffy what rightfully mine anyways Mum casnot really tell me off right? School would so be on my side.

23 thoughts on “TNP went to skiing and all I got was this…

  1. That is sooooooo wrong – how dare he bring a stuffy home and not say it is YOURS ! And then for your Mom to tell you to "leave it alone" have they both gone crazy!!!

  2. Don't you see, Ludo, your Mom is just testing you. Seeing what kind of stuff you are made of. Are you strong and can ignore the bear? Show her that you can, that you have no interest in it at all, then soon, I bet you will find it in your toybox!Good luck!Your pal, Stella

  3. LudoThat is twooly unfaiwI think it should be youws..If you come to my bloggie , you will see that thewe is to be an annual pawfowmance weview fow ouw hoomans..just click on the pictoowe on my sidebaw and it will explain. this is ouw oppowtoonity to be heawdsmoochie kissesASTA

  4. Oh-noes!Ludo that was not fair!You need to have a serious talk with TNP so next time he will bring you a treat specially for you!Aaand… did you get it at the end??Kisses and hugsLorenza

  5. Oh Ludo I tried phoning, but Gail wouldn't help, and my little paws experienced the old Eric Morecambe 'right notes wrong order' piano playing problem…Toodle pip! Bertie.

  6. You mean he realy brought you back a big fat nothing… I am on your side friend, now where is that phone number. But then I cant use my paws ans … well mums stick together..I bet you get that stuffy… Hugs GJ xx

  7. We have our paws dialling that number right now Ludo!!!It is an outrage – that chocolate story – they tell us that too but we know they want to eat it all by themselves.Humans are so bad at sharing.And that little stuffie has to be yours………..go get it!loveMartha and Bailey xxx

  8. Oh Ludo – that Mom of yours is definitely so mean, but we are laughing so hard, cause you tell a sad story so good. You are a very good sport and would not fit into any of MangoMinster's cat-e-gories, which are for bad sports and shameless dogs. I think you should take the TNP's gift and bury it somewhere secret only you know hehehe!Hugs xoxoxoSammie, Avalon and Ozzie

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