Mum’s Birthday

Mum had her birthday afore her actual birthday. Which a bit silly if you ask me. I had to go stay at Grandpawents again but I not mind cos I got to go for a nice walk through a golf course before she went. TNP tooked Mum to a very nice restaurant and they stayed the night in a nice little village called Cartmel.

Mum said it not the type of place to take doggies, but I got to go in spirit. Mum tooked a little metal me, which she got for Crisp mas. Since it a kind of fancier place than Mum used to and the food all looked very pretty. Like little arts Mum said, and you know Mum like pretty things. So she has some piccures to show. They not very good, cos restaurants like this thing called Ambience, and Mum’s camera not like it so much.

First, Cartmel has a funny shaped church. Apparently it the only one in England to has it’s middle tower bit at an angle.

This the hotel room. Mum laughed at the welcome letter. She not remember getting married. BOL!

Here little metal me with some wine stuff. Little me gets to drink stuff I not allowed apparently. humph.
Here Mum and Little me!
And… some of the food.

I think I would have liked it there. What a shame only metal me got to go. When they left TNP asked Mum if she had Ludo. BOL. We has converted him to the weird side!
Mum said she had a lovely birthday and was very happy that TNP took her to get spoiled to such a fancy place. She says thank you for her birthday wishes.
~lickies, Ludo

24 thoughts on “Mum’s Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday to your mom Ludo, it is my mom's birthday tomorrow and me and dad have something special organized too. It looks like your mom had a wonderful evening, even if you didn't get to go….but you were there in spirit.

  2. Happy Birthday to your mama!! Guess who else had a birthday on Feb.1st?? ME & my mommy ToTallY forgot it (AGAIN) this year!!! Sheese, I'm 3 years old and no one cares. Oh well.Smooches, BabyRocketDogSorry. Uh, Happy Birthday to your mum, Ludo. She looks very young!! Hey, Ludo, send your Costume Contest entry to us at: cassiejo(AT)juno(DOT)com The contest is open until for entries through Feb.6th.WelshieHugs,Hootie

  3. So glad your mom had a great birthday!! Happy belated birthday to her :DI'm so sorry only metal you got to go though. That must have been a real bummer, eh?

  4. I am most happy for your Mum to get taken out for a special birthday dinner. The important thing, Ludo, is that she was thinking of you!Happy Birthday, Dee!Kisses,Stella

  5. It sort of sucks you didn't get to go. did you complain? I would of. your gal, Morganpee-ess… I am supposed to say that our mom thinks that looks like a really nice birthday celebration.

  6. Belated Happy Birthday to your mum Ludo – that looked like a very posh place the TNP took her!We are glad you got to go in mini form anyway!Still imagine the stress of staying in that room – the humans would be watching you all the time in case you had a pee or chewed something!Better off with the grandparents we say.Your mum looked very pretty on her birthday – well we are sure she looks very pretty all the time but she was specially pretty!!!loveMartha and Bailey xxx

  7. Ludo, we're happy to see your mum was spoiled at such a beautiful place and look at these fooooooooood!!! That is a fabulous barkday present. She kindly took metal you and our paws up for her sweet thought. Our pawrents did NOT think about that when they abandoned us twice last year. You mum is the best! šŸ™‚ :)HugsMomo & Pinot xoxo

  8. So sorries only metal you got to accompany Mum and TNP to this beautiful and fancy place! So not fair, but you are a BIG dog to admit that you didn't mind! Looks like Mum had a wonderful time – what a nice pressie for TNP to give her!Big Hugs xxoooxoxoSammie, Avalon and Ozzie

  9. What a lovely place your Mom and TNP went to. Would have been even lovlier with you along…but at least you were there in all your "metalness"….Happy Birthday to your Mum!

  10. Happy Birthday! We've just done a post about Tricky T-Day..thanks for your Tricky T Button Ludo!Love your lake District you reckon your human could make a little polymerclay model of me..woof? That would be super cool with my ridge! Catch you later!

  11. Oh Ludo – sorry this is so belated but Happy Birthday to your human! What a lovely, lovely time that TNP planned for her! Hsin-Yi loves old buildings like that with lots of character…and the food looked really yummy! Hmm…I like your idea of "little-me" – I must tell my human to do that too next time they get to go somewhere I can't! Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  12. Awww!! Happy Birfdays to yous Momma!! Hers is prettys and yous mini Ludo is cute too!What a nice time she had!Bet she missed you though~hugs,IzZY, Josie, TriXie and Anakin Man

  13. Not sure when your mum's Birthday actually was, but we're wishing her a super belated B-day anywhooooo!! The food looked D-ViNe and how sweet she took a token of you with her!! very cool.Smooches from pooches,BabyRD & Hootie

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