They do not lie about chocolate!

Ok, so I take it back. Chocolate does be bad! It tastes soo nice though. Especially the dark chocolate expensive, 45% cocoa kind! Yum! But something really awful happens after you is found with a nearly empty box of chocolates, which you got off the dining room table and managed to open.

You get rushed right into the car with Mum and Grandmaw and Mum gets really super super stressed out cos it raining and dark and foggy and it country lanes and scary and she worried about chocolate. Then you get tooked into the vets! Yep, vets! The vets rush you away to a scary room and put a really scary tube down your mouth! I bit my tongue and made it bleed and I yelped and yelped and yelped. Mum said it sounded horrible.

They did something and anyway, I be sick a little, but no chocolate in it. Then the vet brings you back out and starts talking to Mum about heart rates and all this medicine stuffs. Then I be sick! Sick with melted chocolate in it, and blood! I did not want to go anywhere near it! Vet said it be a lot so looks like it all out and I should be ok but Mum has to keep an eye on me. I got to eat vegetable soup and bread when we got home.

My tongue hurts! I drank some water and then splashed it all over the floor.

The end!
~lickies, A rather sheepish Ludo (you can still see some blood in my furs)


28 thoughts on “They do not lie about chocolate!

  1. Oh no Ludo, that was scary!!!! We have never eaten chocolate but then again our legs aren't as long as yours – we guess you were able to stretch up really high.We are glad you are OK – tell your mum she will need a brandy after all that nasty shock!loveMartha and Bailey xx

  2. I've been want're already good, the secalhar checolate was damaged, your beautiful nose is all full of stainsGood weekendRonrons ofKika

  3. Aunties, I can't stretch that high, but I can jump! I jump on the the chair, I can usually only reach the edge of the table, but if I then climb onto the table I can reach!

  4. Oh no Ludo! Not chocolate! Why didn't you believe before that it was bad for you? You were so lucky that your mum saw what had happened right away and got you to the vet's so fast! What an awful experience! Thank goodness you will be ok and I sure hope you have totally learned your lesson!

  5. Have you, Ludo? Learned your lesson? I should hope so. I have had tiniest taste of chocolate so I know how good it can be, but you, you no more and never again!You see we all love you, and can't imagine not having you in our world. So be a good boy and if you see chocolate sitting about, just remember this night at the vets!Kisses,Stella

  6. OMD LUDO!!! Whatever were you thinking!?!?!?!?! This is very scary. Good thing your Mum was quick and got you to the vet in a hurry! Katie and I are SO glad you are better now. Lesson learned, NO WALKING ON THE TABLE!!whew! (sigh of relief that you are ok!)

  7. Naughty Ludo – sneaking the chocolate! I don't think you will do that again in a hurry, especially after biting your tongue, that is a real ouchie. I hope you is feeling much better now and next time you listen to your mom about such things.

  8. Poor Ludo! We are so sorry that you had to go to the vet and throw up all the chocolate. But now you know not to go near the stuff, delicious as it is. Take care of yourself and please don't go scaring your mum any more.Your friends,Niamh & Ambrose

  9. Oh, Ludo, sometimes it's just so hard not to give in to temptation even when it's so serious. Things happen so we hope your mom isn't beating herself up. We're just glad you're okay.

  10. We had a dog who ate an entire pan of brownies so we had to go through the same procedure. It wasn't a pretty sight! I'm glad you're feeling better!!

  11. My heart almost stopped beating!Never never never touch chocolate anymore, okay!I'm so glad that you're alright now but sorry that your tongue hurts!

  12. Ludo!What did you do?????Glad you are ok now!Sure it was a scary episode!Take care… and no more chocolates…. pleeeeease!Kisses and hugsLorenza

  13. I eated part of a chocky donut once. Yarp! It made my stomach feel so bad! 🙂 I learned, I won't do that again. I am glad ur hoomans helped u, and that u are okay now. 🙂 Be safe.

  14. Sorries we haven't been around, Ludo – how awful! We see that you have gotten better, but you and your Mum must have been terrified. We hope that if you see a box of chocolate anywhere again, you'll not get it! (I know that we'll still do any stretching needed to get things we want that we shouldn't get…) Hope your tongue is feeling better too!Loves you xoxoxoSammie, Avalon and Ozzie

  15. Oh Ludo~We are so sorry to hear about 'dis.We just know yous Momma and Grammy will take great care of yous and yous little tongue will be betters in no times.'dat must have been really skeery indeed~We send all our loves to yous~IzZY, Josie, TriXie and Anakin Man

  16. Oh Ludo! Chocolate is bad! I hope you are getting better and not too sick! Ebby got into our halloween candy this year and ate over 2 dozen pieces of kit kat's and reese's cups! BOL! She didn't get sick AT ALL which we thought was strange, but we brought her to the vet and they said that milk chocolate isn't as bad as the dark chocolate or the cocoa powder in baked goods! Phew! Close call!Hang in there furiend!

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