Tricky T-day! The Return!

For those who is new to my blog, this a feature where you post about what you is learning, you can post on any day that begins with a T. I call it Tricky T-day, but, it not just for tricks. Whatever you do that to do with learning can count too. If you want to be added to my T-day players list so’s I can come visit you, then please do drop me a comment. You can take the little image too. (We stopped for a while cos Mum lost her video camera, although you doesn’t need one to play)

I is working on lots of tricks at the moment and we is working more on the ones I already know. Things like distance, doing them in different places, doing them for longer. It lots of fun. We also in a tricks class at school at the moment. We learning how to open and close doors, wave, roll-over, bend (bow), be a bear and hold a treat on our nose. Some of them I already knew, so we working on the distance and reliability. It a great class, just three dogs and all positive training! No scary things or doing stuff I doesn’t want to! I love it!

At home we working on learning hop (limping) and more rear end awareness stuff, like going backwards in different places. But for now, here a quick trick, which I do when I get in from outdoors.

OK, over to Mum to talk about the boring bits!
Hello everyone. First of all I want to use these t-day posts to address some of Ludo’s issues. Mainly Insane Barking. Lots of things make Ludo bark, but mostly, when he gets agitated, or excited. They can go hand in hand.

Ok, the big thing that make Ludo agitated is leaving the house. Whether it is me leaving the house, or Ludo leaving the house. Now, Ludo is fine left alone, quite happy and is nearly always asleep when I come back in. He does not bark when I return. No, it is only safe to bark at outside noises when I am inside the house to protect him from Scary things. However the point when Ludo realises that I might be GOING OUT to the point of actually leaving gets Ludo very Agitated. There are some indicators for Ludo, which to his furry little mind mean it is time to get barky. Socks. Putting on socks is a clear indicator that I am GOING OUT, as is perfume, make up and shoes, also coats. Since these things usually follow each other it results in Ludo getting more and more Agitated! Which results in very loud, shrill barking, general running around, trying to be noticed and other stressy behaviours. Up until the lead gets picked up it could go either way. Possibly I am GOING OUT somewhere fun. Without him. He might get Left Behind! Or, I am going with him, in which case… it is EXCITING!!

I have noticed, when I am going to work I don’t get any of this, well, maybe a little when the socks come out. I am theorising two reasons for this. One is that is because I work in a kitchen, I don’t wear make-up and perfume, so those triggers of Agitation do not occur. He knows I am going without him, so there is no point barking. Also, I tend to give him his kong when I am going to work, so again, he knows he is staying and that he has to Be Good, in order to get the kong.

I’m going to try doing some clicker training to de-sensitize him to the socks perfume make up thing and try to break my pattern of the order I put them on in. I’ll keep you posted. I have also brought a book on TTouch, I’m awaiting it’s arrival, but it was recommended we try this by our trainers. In our classes Ludo is excellent, he’s a little workaholic. But whenever my eyes drift over to the trainer he begins his Look at Me barking. Not continuous, a yap here and there, those little shelties woo’s that make you giggle. We’re trying to position Ludo in between my legs with calming touches. He only barks when he is looking at me. Come on Mum we’re here to DO stuff.

So, that’s what we’ll be working on and I dare say it’ll be a might more challenging than the tricks!


15 thoughts on “Tricky T-day! The Return!

  1. Shelties are known for being "barky" in fact they are one of the barkiest dogs, it's part of their normal herding instinct to get sheep moving. Have you tried to find any farmers that would let you do some sheep herding with him, I bet they would really off some of his energy and challenge that clever little mind of his.

  2. Love your wipe feet. Need to teach Oreo that one…will come in handy when the snow melts, and mud season begins.I'm waiting for a video on T-touch to arrive. I think it is really cool stuff. My vet recommended it for Oreo's anxieties.Oh yea, Oreo is CRAZY when we/he leaves! Barks like a lunatic.

  3. I have read about Shelties and their barking, hoho. A little bit of mind games might help to get his excess energy out.A would die to teach me how to wipe my paws, but I'll refuse to learn because that's the bad dog that I am. Hehe.Woofs,Pepsi

  4. Good job Ludo!Mom says to tell your mum how I was furry in touch when Mom would put on khlothes fur job interview things and not walking khlothes – I knew not to bug her -BUT I also knew that when she khame home, she'd change khlothes and THEN we'd walk!Hugz&Khysses,Khyra

  5. Love your wipe your paws trick! I am glad to see you back doing tRicky T-Days! I am the same way when mom gets ready to leave the house – for me it is purse, coat, shoes – I totally lose my mind! Mom will be very interested to see how it goes with the TTouch stuff!

  6. Oh no, I hope my mom didn't read this post but it seems she had already read it and something is in her mind now. You know what? My mom and dad always wipe my feet whenever we are home from walkies but I guess she is going to teach me this trick soon. You're so clever!!!By the way, I'm good at barking!!!I love it and I'm loud too.~Eva

  7. Very good trick Ludo and so practical too. TTouch is great and we hope you enjoy it and it helps you.Your friends,Niamh & Ambrose

  8. Hey big bro! I hopes you is well, I not blogged in so long mainly cos mum bred at works all the time and we kinda got out of the habit of blogging 😦 Hopefilly we will get back into it soonly.Mum just wanted to say she's glad she did the post about your "issues" (errr what do they know, we is shelties, we is perfect and that's that!) cos I has the exact same ones. As soon as mum puts her socks on I start my high pitched whining noise and then eventually by the time mums putting her coat on I'm spinning round in circles and yap yap yapping!! I can tell the difference when Mum is going to work though cos she wears different clothes and stuff so I don't bother getting excited. Let us know how the clicker training goes.Brotherly huggles~Fizz xxx

  9. Oh Ludo – I learnt that trick too! Only Hsin-Yi calls it a "dance step" and wants me to do it to Michael Jackson music!! (*roll eyes*)Hsin-Yi says that maybe your human can try desensitising you to all the cues by doing them all the time, even when she is not planning to go out – you know, like just put some perfume on before she sits down to watch TV or just put her coat on and walk around a bit and then take it off again…etc…so you get used to it happening all the time and it's not such a big deal anymore. I have to say, I'm awfully impressed you can tell all that stuff like when your human is wearing make-up – even Paul can't seem to tell when Hsin-Yi is wearing make-up! Ha! Ha!Yeah, I have some friend doggies who are like you – they llike to bark to get attention, especially if their human's attention is going elsewhere! Hsin-Yi calls it "attention-seeking behaviour" and says it is best if you're not rewarded with attention for it at all – even Telling-Off is attention! :-)Anyway, we will be following your progress with interest! And I agree, sometimes these every day manners stuff is MUCH harder than tricks! Slobbers,Honey the Great Daneps. I've been slacking on the Tricky T-Days too! What with all our moving and stuff, Hsin-Yi hasn't had much time to do training with me…and you know me, I'm so slow to learn something we always have lots of tricks on the go at the same time that I'm learning over MONTHS! 🙂 Gotta get back to revising some of those things I was learning!

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