Valentines with Mum

TNP has goned on hol-ee-day again, so I had to take on the very growed up man dog task of keeping her happy on Valentines day. I tooked her for a nice walk on the beach. We actually followed a walk guide from these little maps that TNP left us. We was gonna do a longer one, but it be doing this,

Raining! Mostly all day.
It takes us some time to get out of the house cos Mum being really annoying and not letting me go out until I calm. Sometimes we even has to go out and come right back in again.

The very picture of goodness, right?
Mum didn’t bring me a ball, so I made sure I told ehr repeatedly how I felt about that, she did not think that be so romantic and some guy with two dogs annoyed Mum a lot. His dog came barging up to Mum bouncing all over her and was doing that to everyone on the beach. Of course I be barkbarking at Mum to get attentions and the guy says to Mum about me being timid when he tried to pat my head and if I ever got on with any other dogs. Mum said I be barking at her not his dog and bit her tongue about the rest.
Ok, off we go, down the beach. It tooked us longer than the map says cos we had to stop and do trainings.

 We is heading for those houses in between the two hilly bits. Come on Mum!

 Doing waits and recalls.

What a good boy huh!
Here some of us getting closer to our half way point.

Good sniffings cannot be ignored.
We here!
Now, at about this time Mum started to feel a bit lost and wonder if this right and wish she had tooked the map and not just read it. She knew we had to cross the railway, but did not be sure how to get there. Now if TNP reading this he will be saying ‘huh’ cos we has walked this route a few times with him. But we usually go across the golfcourse and not the beach. What can you do huh, that just the way Mum’s frizzled brain does workings.
But… She figured it out. Across the bridge and past the sign.

Bigify if you wants to read it.

I walked through all thse muddy puddles but I didn’t let Mum catch it on camera, casnot give them evidence to use against you, you know.
Then it takes you down a lane and back to my house through the village. We passed a garden with cute mini houses made out of pebbles. Mum be too ascared to take a photo but she will go back one day to get one, she says. We did see along the road where someone had made some words with stones. It say ‘he is the way the light the truth, Jesus.

Here some piccures of the village.

 Here the old school, TNP went here, when he be a puppy. You might thing it looks cool and British. hehe.

 and the church…
Mum tooked a photo of this house to show you the sign. It number 123 and it says yanm tun tethera. This part of an old Cumbrian language for counting sheep. TNP knows it up to 10. Read more here .

Ok, we is nearly finished our walk. I got excited cos I seed TNP’s van. I always try and go see him, but mostly he doesn’t stop, which means it some imposter TNP and I would do barkings at him! (Note from Mum: TNP drives a white van for his job and sometimes we see him about when we’re walking, he usually stops and says hi to Ludo who gets really excited. Thus, Ludo thinks every white van is TNP)
The last field and we is done.
Happy Valentines day Mum!
I hope you liked coming with us on our walk, 
~Lickies, Ludo
p.s. Since it Tricky T-day.


25 thoughts on “Valentines with Mum

  1. Oh Ludo – we LOVED this post!! Hsin-Yi got very nostalgic and even a bit homesick for England (!!) because all those pictures reminded her of when my humans used to live in the U.K. They lived somewhere called The Costwoldds and did many beautiful walks like that with the beautiful countryside and old houses. You just don't see that kind of scenery here Down Under, Hsin-Yi says and even though it was very cold & dark & wet sometimes in England, she thinks it was very atmospheric (and besides, she says you just can't go into a pub with a roaring fire and have a hot drink after a walk where the sun is blazing like a nuclear weapon and there are giant spiders and bats and kookaburras and God Knows what else everywhere!! hee! hee!) My humans really miss the old English pubs. They used to always have a big walk on Sun morning and then end up at a country pub for lunch! They didn't have beaches in the Cotswolds, though. I love your beach – it reminds me of our beaches back in NZ – so big and empty and 'wild' and natural! It may not be a "postcard beach" but we love it much more! We had to giggle also at you getting lost. That is just like Hsin-Yi too! Partly because she never follows the map (like not following recipes) and goes off on side routes whenever she sees something interesting…but she says sometimes getting lost is part of the fun!Anyway, I think that looked like a great Valentine's day and you did a good job taking TNP's place, Ludo! Speaking of TNP, I know just what you mean about the white van, Ludo! I sort of do a similar thing with Paul's navy raincoat with a hood – whenever I see a man wearing a navy raincoat with a hood, I run towards him thinking it's Paul!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Slobbers,Honey the Great Daneps. ooh! We hate people like that man you met! Patronising idiots who have no idea what they're talking about!!!

  2. Wow Ludo! Woo had a BIG walks with your Mommy! And such nice stuffs to sniff along the way! I especially loved your action pictures and the barks! Woo is handsome!MBB

  3. You looked AWESOME in your "return" photos Ludo! What a beautiful place you live in! I loved seeing different parts, the beach, the fields, the village! You did a terrific job walking your Mom on Valentines Day!

  4. Hi Ludo!I am happy you had a nice Valentine's Day walk with your Mum.I must agree with others, I think your photos are wonderful, and on the Sky background really great. This is a post I will look at more times and enjoy it every time. Thanks!Kisses,Your Pal Stella

  5. Oh Ludo, what a wonderful walk on a gorgeous beach! I don't blame you for barking at your Mum…I mean how could she forget your ball. ๐Ÿ˜‰ That is very cute about TNP's white vans.Kisses,Nala

  6. Its me again, Ludo!Thanks for the Wicki page on the Cumbrian dialect. That was very much fun. I lived in North Carolina, USA for several years and some of the southern voices used language like some shown here, and they told me they had British ancestors who immigrated years ago.Cheers,Jo (and Stella)

  7. I really enjoyed your walkie with your mom!It was rainy but sure it looked beautiful!Good job making your mom happy this Valentine's Day!Kisses and hugsLorenza

  8. First of all, it's so nice to meet you Ludo! Looks like you had a wonderful walk. I wish there were nice beaches and parks and lakes for me to walk as well. =( All I have are tarred roads and an empty field that gets flooded when it rains. The Mommas love your trick! They've always tried to get me to do it but I just can't sit still enough for them to put it on my muzzle. Haha!Summer

  9. Hi Ludo, I loved coming on your walk too. You do live in a lovely part of the country. And at least you had a few little patches of blue sky – more than I've seen in Aberdeen for what seems like weeks now! Gail is telling me that your yan tan tethera stuff reminds her of the time she had a boyfriend from a farming family in South Cumbria – near Milnethorpe. SHe says Cumbria is a bit easier to understand that the Aberdeen area accent! (She went to the 50th birthday party of this old boyfriend last year but I wasn't allowed to come, boo hoo!)Toodle pip!Bertie,.

  10. What a fabulous Valentine's day you spent with your mum, Ludo!Mom wishes we could hold treats on our noses like you do but it's not happenin' anytime soon!Love ya lotsMaggie and Mitch

  11. Your mom was so lucky to have you to spend the HEARTs Day with her. You did a perfect job, Ludo!!!Those pictures are really awesome and it made me really think spring is there now. I love the beach and the sand!

  12. Ludo,You are very good to do a calm dog before your big walk. I know that can be difficult. Especially when you know you are about to have such a long and fun filled time.Slobbers,Mango

  13. That was some long walk you went on – wow it must have been so much fun. I can only imagine all the wonderful smells you found and we loved seeing all the photo's and the little town.But what is this with TNP going on ANOTHER holiday and not taking you. He seems to have a lot of holidays and I think it is only right that he should be taking you with him

  14. Ooh – Ludo! I'm so excited to hear that you'll be going to the Cotswolds!! Hsin-Yi says yes, please please do take lots of photos!!And you MUST got to The Trout Inn – it is a gorgeous pub right beside the river (in Wolvercote) – near Oxford. It has really yummy steaks! And there is a big garden outside with tables, that doggies can sit with theri humans and there are resident white peacocks too! (Here is the website: Famous writers like C S Lewis and Lewis Carroll used to drink there -and it's been in the Inspector Morse TV series too!Oh, and if you're in the area, you must go have a walk on Port Meadow! My humans used to walk from Oxford across Port Meadow on Sun morning (about 1hr) to finish at the Trout for lunch! There are 'wild' ponies on Port Meadow that are really friendly! my humans didn't have a dog then but they saw people walking doggies so I think it must be dog-friendly. You can also continue walking from the Meadow and follow the canals -great walk!Another gorgeous Cotswold town to visit is Burford – it is really quaint – there is a place my humans always used to stop for tea – can't remember the exact name now – maybe 'Mrs Bumbles'? Anyway, here is a list of all the eating places in Burford: ( – it was one of these!OOH! I can't wait for your trip!!!!Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  15. We're sorry for your mum that TNP was gone for Valentine's Day but glad for you Ludo that you got to be your mum's one and only Valentine! What a cool walk on the beach – great photos – we especially love the ones of you bark barking!

  16. Thanks for letting us go along on such a beautiful walk! I am very impressed by your obedience skills,

  17. Those are some seriously geat scenery and we LOVE those pics of you on the beach!! Your mom did a wonderful job, but of course a good-looking model like you made it easy for her. Heheheh…

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