Tricky T-day!

Time for an update on my barkings! Mum has been putting ‘the plan’ into action over this last week and listening to tips given here. Today I managed to go out the door without even one barking and with Auntie Penny there too! Today when Mum put her socks on I did not bark and only did a little bit of digging on the bed!

Note from Mum: Some people said ‘well, you’re a sheltie, of course you are going to bark’. I’m aware that they are barky, but just like we work on nervousness and excitability I’d like to think I can work on barking needlessly. 😉 I think we are making progress. The biggest result seems to come from just ignoring any unwanted behavior, which as I’m sure you know is hard when they are so high-pitched, or you’re in a hurry to leave. I’ve been putting my coat and his harness on and then just sitting around the house, he’s getting good with that, hardly batting an eyelid now. The perfume part he still goes bonkers at though. TNP wondered why I was wearing perfume and makeup at dog training the other day. lol! I’ve also stopped indulging his games. When I pick up his harness he play bows and runs off. It’s not that he dislikes it, it’s that we allowed it to be a fun game, the same I think with the socks, it’s fun for him to dig about on the bed and me to chase him off. He’s like the kid in the playground that likes to pull your hair. I have adopted a policy of if he does not come calmly to get his lead on it gets put back down, or I stand there stubbornly until he gives up. We did have one set back of barking when I left. He settled down fine, But I forgot something and had to come back in. As I was running late by then I rushed around and he had a mini frenzy as I left again. Ok, back to Ludo.

What a blog hog Mum! OK, for other actual tricky stuff at class we has beed doing a ‘tricks’ class and last night be our last night. I had lots of fun and we gonna go back and do agility and hopefully our silver good citizen award too. I like my new school a whole lot! We also did some more flyball stuff. I got better at catching the ball and worked up to having the ball in the machine thingy a couple of times. I practiced hitting it and running back to Mum in a straight line and going over some jumps too. It a big shame though, not enough peoples want to do it with us and there no other clubs anywhere near us so we can’t do anymore in school just yet.

Here a long and boring video of me doing some freestyle tricks. That where the trainer person not tell you what to do and you decide what tricks to do by yourself. They choose which ones to click though. Sorry for the wonkyness, we still getting the hang of our new camera. The total time gone by be 13 minutes. Can you count how many different tricks I can think of all by myself?

We looking after Penny today. We tooked her to the beach and she has beed very good. Mum got some photos for Reilly’s competition but we will save them for next post.

Happy T-day!
~lickies, Ludo

21 thoughts on “Tricky T-day!

  1. That was a lot of great tricks and also a great butt shot when you bowed in front of the camara (gafaw gafaw) I think your Mom is on the right track with your nervous energy and also part of it may be coming from her too – so if she remains nice and calm and not flustered when going to work or running late that won't be transferred to you either. Maybe you should try yoga together like Mom and I do 🙂 🙂

  2. You can do so many tricks, Ludo. We loved your video. Mom had a shelty many years ago, and she said he was very barky – but as your Mom said, it is part of the breed and just needs training. We are so happy to hear the great progress you are making.Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. Sounds like you are having some real success with the barking. I too have found the biggest thing that works is ignoring my dogs, who are also quite hyper and can be barky.

  4. Hey Ludo! I am really proud of you Ludo, you have good tricks and can just pop them off on your own!Its good that you like your new school, I hope you can find more people to take part!Kisses,Stella

  5. Awesome array of tricks Ludo and you are so good at the shaping thing! I am still a very wimpy shaper (or is it shapee). Good job on cutting down on the barking – I hope mom didn't read your mum's post though because I don't want her to try any of those techniques on me! 🙂

  6. Oh Ludo – I don't know happened but when I watched your video to halfway, it just sort of stopped & froze! We kept clicking Play & Pause but it wouldn't budge. Guess we'll have to come back again later to try again! :-(But anyway, from what I've seen to far, you're like me – hee! hee! – in that you're always offering your favourite trick (which looks like Bow) – I do that too when I'm free-shaping. It annoys Hsin-Yi coz I just get stuck in this rut and won't offer anything else – and then if she doesn't reward me for it after a couple of times, I just give up and go off to take a nap! Ha! Ha! Well, us Danes have simple minds, you know…By the way, Hsin-Yi says she really agrees with your human about trying to train things & change behaviours, even though they might be natural inclinations. She thinks a lot of times, people use breed stereotypes as a "lazy excuse" not to bother tackling a problem! I mean, if she listened to all the breed stereotypes about me and what Danes CAN'T do, I wouldn't have achieved everything I have today! Of course, I will never be a Border Collie but I have still done more than many Danes would have – so same: you might never be as quiet & calm as some other doggies but that doesn't mean that you should just be encouraged to be a noisy hooligan! :-)Anyway, good on your human for trying and it sounds like you're making good progress with your barking problem!!Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  7. I love the trick where you lift a leg like you're about to take a wee! Would give some people a good fun scare I do say. Momma-1 says the exact same thing when I bark btw! She'll never give me a liver treat when I do that. =( For shame!Summer

  8. Glad to hear Ludo is making some progress with his barking. I have to start working on that with my shelties too. I look forward to hearing how your plan works.Great tricks! Ludo is one talented boy!

  9. LudoI wish my Mommi wasn't so lazy and would leawn how to clickew twain me..of couwse, I pwobably wouldn't be as good at it as you awe.I twooly admiwe youand congwatulations to youw Mom on hew pwogwess wif the bawkie bawkssmoochie kissesASTA

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