Snoozing for Reilly.

I doesn’t really do sleepings in funny positions or anything like that. I tend to wake up when Mum reaches for the camera too, so the only sleeping piccures we have of me be when I snuggling up to some ofur. So here you go Reilly, me, sleeping! This one from yesterday when Auntie Penny came round.

~lickies, Ludo


16 thoughts on “Snoozing for Reilly.

  1. Ludo, you have hit on the very best thing to do in our super cold weather (-10F.), find a cozy bed, and a snuggle buddy and hit the feathers!Sleep tight!Kisses,Stella

  2. Oh Ludo, I remember you as a puppy! You were so cute. Not that you're not still cute…more handsome really now…but what an adorable puppy you were!

  3. I like the camera too – my mum hasn't got any good pikchurz at all cause I just come out like a big furry blur!licks & slobbersIslay

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