Just some news

News! I know boring!
So, I went to the vets after all. Mum had to work so Grandpawents tooked me. I got really scared when we got there and needed to do runnings away. Grandma had only put my collar and lead on me and not my harness, so a quick backwards wiggle and I be free! But I couldn’t open the door and they caught me. I will has to work on that for next time!

I got some antibiotics and medicines. They think the fluid they used to make me sickie up the chocolate might have caused my stomach to go out of wack. I did eat some fish and rice last night so feel a bit better already!

In other news Mum has got a new job. She had her first day yesterday. It gonna be a proper full time job, not all different hours like now and she wont be able to walk to work, she will have to drive and so I will not see her as much and I not sure what I think about that and it might affect my blogging and definitely Mum’s other hobby thing. But Mum says it will be more paper monies for us. On the other hand, as soon as she had finished her first day TNP telled her about a job available in his office. So now Mum a bit confused about what to do! Her heart tells her to take the second, but her head the first!

Last thing now. It my birthday in April. I will be THREE! I gonna have a party to celebrate, so because Mum will be busy she wants to get to work organizing it now so if you want to be involved send your piccure in to my peemail address at ludovanpup-at-live.co.uk

~lickies, Ludo


26 thoughts on “Just some news

  1. Congrats to your mom on her new job. Glad you are feeling a lot better today too. It's good that you're eating well. I will be there at your Barkday pawty!

  2. I'm so glad to hear that your mom is bringing more paper monies home which mean you'll have more treats and toys. Congratulations to your mom! Hopefully all the meds make you feel much better and you've a speedy recovery. Can't wait for your grand pawty!!!

  3. Well Katie is very relieved that you are feeling some better. Fish and rice? She thinks that sounds yummy. If you don't want all yours she'll finish it for you!Congratulations on your Mum's new job! If she likes the job she should probably stay with it. If it's not perfect..though show would she know so soon?…then maybe think about the other job…but really…that's a hard decision!

  4. Ludo I am glad that you are feling a little better and ate something. I think your mum will know in a couple of days if the new job is for her, good luck with the decision, its a hard one. I would love to come to your party if kittie friends can come.. Hugs GJ x

  5. Oh Ludo we do want to congratulate your Mum. So many people are finding it hard to get even one job and she can chose between two. I am so glad you are feeling well again and I would love to come to your party, so I shall be asking Gail to send you a photo as soon as possible. Toodle pip!Bertie.

  6. Oh good – now take your medicine and get better! (now's the time to convince your Mum to take the job which means less travel and more time with youuuuuuu…you can do the 'I feel a bit sickie face' for some extra help – that should do the trick..Good luck

  7. Ludo, we are so glad you backed out of your collar before you got outside. No more doing that, you might get lost or hurt. We are happy to hear you are doing better too.We think Mum should give the new job a bit of time and see how it goes.She is very fortunate to have two opportunities in today's state of affairs.We will have to send you some pics too. Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  8. I am so pleased to hear you are feeling a little better – I was worried about you ! Glad to hear your Mom got a new job – that paper monies stuff seems very important to them even if means less time with us. But then again it also means new toys for us!!!

  9. Oh Ludo, we saw on Facebook that you had been poorly and making your mum worry!Well we were worried too and came over to see what has been going on.First of all, well done with backing out of your collar, Martha was so proud!We are glad you are managing to eat and now have medicine to help you get better quickly.We like chicken and rice too when we have an upset tummy.Congratulations on the new job mum – working with a partner sounds wonderful but in reality seldom is!!!loveMartha and Bailey xxx

  10. w00fs, we is soo happy u b feeling better Ludo..remember, us doggies cant do chocolate..congrats to ur mum on her jobs..b safe,rockypps will send pitsure soon..

  11. Oh, you're going to be three next month and have a party. How exciting. So glad you didn't escape and cause the wrong kind of excitement when your Grandma forgot to put your harness on you.

  12. I'm glad you're feeling better, Ludo. Tell your mom congratulations on the job. I'm sure she'll make the right choice!Patwww.critteralley.blogspot.com

  13. So glad you are feeling better! It is so not fun to be sick and see those flat sheltie ears. Congrats to your Mum too on more paper monies! That's really great! Hope she figures it all out.

  14. We think your mum will choose what is the best fur all of woo – We SO understand the dilemma -I hope your tummy gets dialed bakhk in – One of my SibeLings is going through the same thing now – Thoryan is alllllll out of sorts – we are hoping meds and other stuffs will get him FURmed up!Hugz&Khysses,Khyra

  15. Sweet Ludo, sorry to hear that you've got the sickies… hope that you have recovered fully already. Big congrats to your mom on her new job… we pups know that those green paper thingys are very important. Meanwhile, be good while you are at your grand-pawrents place and no more trying to run away cos it'd worry your mom and us a lot!Oh you are an April puppy too? So's Hershey.. she's turning 3 as well this April!! Wanna do a joint pawty?? **wink**

  16. Ludo – that's awful that you're still feeling the after-effects of the chocolate eating meds – hope your tummy hurries up and heals!!! Congrats to your Mom on the job – yes… it would be tough to decide between the two! Will work on some pix for your pawty!!!Hugs xoxoxoSammie,Avalon and Ozzie

  17. Oh Ludo – I'm sorry this is so late!! I've been too busy to check on my blog friends for a while and I didn't realise you had a sickie tummy! I do hope it is all better now. Your vet visit sounds quite exciting – and stressy – although I'm not sure who more for: you or your Grandpawrents – ha! ha! And that's exciting news about your human's job! Congratulations to her! Although that's tricky about the 2nd job. I guess she'd better think about it and do what's best for HER – Hsin-Yi says tell her not to be afraid to be a bit selfish and to look after herself first, because no one else will! 🙂 When Hsin-Yi was younger, she used to always just do things to be polite and to please other people, even if it meant she wasn't very happy – but now she's older, she's learnt to be a bit selfish, even if it inconveniences other people a bit!So I don't know which job is better (it's so hard to tell without trying it for a while, isn't it? Unless the money paper is so much better, of course, for the same hours! And also – we don't know what career plans your human has but sometimes people take a "lesser" job because it has better "prospects" in the long run? Anyway, whatever the case, just tell your human to do what's best for herself and not be afraid of putting people out! :-)Good luck!Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  18. gotta love those collars! really easy to back out of once you get the hang of it. BOL!! you just hunker down, lower your head, pull and VIOLA! I want to come to your party. what kind if pictures do you want? Maisie is screaming that she wants to come too, geez.Your mum can have which ever ones off my blog you like. Morgers

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