This my sunshine!

How lovely and shiney and warm be the sun? It feel so like spring now! It nice and warm and shiney today so Mum tooked me and Grandma to our local town and we went for a walk through the old ruins of the castle. It be lovely!
Here some piccures. I really very good with strangers now! Mum socialized me really well as a puppy and tooked me into town and shops and all sorts, and I used to be ok, but when I got bigger my sheltieness overrode my upbringing. (Mum says I would be a good study in nature vs. nurture!) Some strangers I ok with but some that want to come up and just throw their hands at your head and tower over you making funny noises, well, I just doesn’t like that and it so scary! Mum gets very annoyed and snappy with these people because they sometimes make funny comments like, ‘oh he must have been abused!’. But when we went to my new training school they got Mum to do some exercises with as many people as she could on hand touches. I started doing it with grandpawents and TNP and the neighbours and TNP’s family and Mum made it really rewarding and fun. So now when a scary stranger comes up to me I touch their hand quick with my nose and move away. I doesn’t get so scared then and the stranger doesn’t seem to want to touch me afterwards because I said hello first. It must be some weird people thing that if you tries to get away from them they want to touch you even more! I touched lots of hands today and had fun doing it! We even had one  lady who came rushing up and Mum quickly said ‘he doesn’t like being stroked’ because it looked like she gonna pounce on me and she had a little childrens with her too, but she grabbed Mum’s hand instead and said she had a tri-colour of me and that his Dad had been my colour, she seed it on his pedigree. She thought I might have beed the Dad. BOL!

The town has a thing called a gurning competition every year and this a statue about it.
The childrens from the school made this mosaic.
Here we is, at the park!
 Not much left of this castle.
Mum liked this tree, all barren, but with the spring flowers underneath. You’ll has to turn your heads sideways to see.
Then we went back through town and Mum cruelly made me sit outside the cake shop and wait whilst she got cakes. Although just after she tooked this I got up and came inside and the shop lady gived Mum a mean look. hehehe!
Here I be in Mum’s new car!
~lickies, Ludo

23 thoughts on “This my sunshine!

  1. What a great day! That looks like a great walk to go on. Ludo is one handsome boy! Love the castle pics too. If I ever got to travel I would love to check out ruins. We don't have any near me. My shelties are shy too. I tried socializing them when they were puppies and it seem to do more harm than good. I didn't realize that as they grew older that sheltie nature could make them extra shy. Whenever we go for walks everyone wants to come over and pet my shelties too and I have to tell them about how shy they are.

  2. What a beautiful place for a walk, Ludo!!! And we think you were very good to sit and wait outside the door. Hope you got a taste of cake.Some people just don't understand that they need to ask before approaching a dog. Mom makes all the kids we meet on our walks wait until we are sitting before they can pet us. And she doesn't allow any more than two at a time, and no bikes or scooters or skateboards either. They have to walk to us and not run. Maybe if they learn the right way as little ones, they will be better as adults too.Loved sharing your walk with you. Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. That looks like a beautiful place for walkies. I lived in England for a year and I loved to go to all the historical sites on weekends. Only bad thing was I had to leave my first Sheltie Duffy with my sister for the time I was away. Sure wish it was spring here, we had a snow storm on Monday so spring is a ways away.

  4. Oh wow ! I wanna come on one of your walks !!!! What a wonderful place to visit and it is all so green already and those flowers were just beautiful. You looked very handsome in the photo's and great job on over coming your mean peoples shyness.

  5. Everything is so beautiful Ludo! Thank your mum for sharing the photos with us.I'm very proud of you for being so brave with the strangers! You're a very good boy.

  6. It sure is spring there – look at all those crocuses (we only have that one)! Glad you got shiney sunshine!I am like you Ludo and don't want people to lean over me and pet me. Maybe I should work on your nose touch thing – you are a pro at meeting strangers now!

  7. A perfectly lovely walkie with one of my most favorite pups! Stella is just a bit too exuberant with strangers. She loves it when they pet her, but then she wants more, and to get closer and maybe jump up face to face with them. So before she gets to that stage, I usually grab the leash, make her sit and not take it to the nth!Cheers and hugs,Stella and Jo

  8. Hi Ludo We did enjoy the sunny trip around your local town. Especially the bit where you went in the cake shop! We have lots of sunshine and crocuses in Aberdeen at the moment too. Isn't Springtime lovely?Toodle pip! Bertie. PS Smart new car! Have you put your own personal stamp on the windows yet…?

  9. What a beautiful sunny day and you had a lovely walk to those beautiful places. I love those tower and castle pictures and I like yours with the flowers too. It seems winter is gone and spring is there now! Enjoy the sunshine!

  10. Some hoomans just don't have any manners to ask 1st before touching you, Ludo. My hoomies do not mind other touching any of us AS LONG as they ask 1st. Some hoomans are so rude to tap on the windows when we're in the car. That gets Melissa very annoyed!Hope you had an enjoyable walk.

  11. Looks like you had agreat day out and the pictures are lovely. I think its beans who need training not you and sounds as though you are doing just fine.. Hugs GJ xx

  12. What a nice area for a walkie and explore. Thanks for sharing your photo's, we love looking round castle ruins.We think you are doing very well with the people thing. Sometimes humans can come over a bit strong with dogs, and they don't always approach them very well.

  13. Oh Ludo – I do so love going on your walks with you – and of course, Hsin-Yi gets all nostalgic & misty-eyed for England again! 🙂 (well, the countryside part, not the ugly city part!)I think that's awfully clever of your human to do that Touch game with strangers – and you're so right – humans are so silly – they always want to insist on doing something it's obvious we don't want to do! But you know, I don't think it is all your fault – you know I'm a pretty placid, easy-going, sociable girl but even I've snapped a few times when I've had someone just come looming over me and reach their hand out to touch my head. I especially don't like it if I'm in a Down Stay, coz then I really feel restrained and that I can't get away. The few times this happened, it has always been in a cafe – people just coming over and LOOMING over me and wanting to pat my head. So now when Hsin-Yi sees people coming like that, she quickly released me from my Down Stay and lets me get up to "Go Say Hello" – funny thing is, when people see ME looming suddenly over THEM and approaching THEM, they're suddenly a lot less keen to rush over – ha! ha! But I guess you haven't got that height & size advantage. Hsin-Yi also gets annoyed when people ask stupid questions and then make stupid remarks. LIke they always say "Is she friendly?" or "Is she good with dogs?"…and she never knows what to say. Yes, I am generally but sometimes people do such stupid things to me…plus I CAN be reactive with certain types of dogs, espcially when I'm on lead – so Hsin-Yi never knows how to answer! What if she say "Yes" but then that's one of the few times I act up? But if she says "No" then people flinch away and that's not good ambassador for my breed, besides which it's not really true because I AM generally friendly! But still – no one has said such stupid things as what they said about you being abused! Really! What idiots! Hsin-Yi used to think that England has less idiots saying stupid things about dogs coz it's a more "dog-loving nation" with a long history of dogs – but you're proving her wrong!! 🙂 Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  14. You sure get to go to some interesting places, Ludo! Grammy LOVED the castle pics and it is so pretty there where you were. Hope you got to eat a bit of that cake! The CCC

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