A preview

I just got back from a lovely Sunday walk with Mum and TNP! I so need to sleep for a week now, I zorsted! Well, I suppose I can wake up long enough for my Sunday dinner at grandpawents house. Anyways, here a preview for you! How cool do I look?

Mum tooked the office job after all, and the best thing, I now gets to keep her on Sundays the same day TNP has off.  Ruff!
~lickies, Ludo


26 thoughts on “A preview

  1. You look so totally cool Ludo!! It must have been an amazing walk! I hope you share more pictures once you have slept it off. Good news about your mom's job too! Glad you will have mom and TNP all to yourself on Sundays!

  2. Ludo!You look grrreat!Sure it was a pawesome walkie!I understand you need a nap…. and maybe a bath too!I hope your mom is happy at her new job!Take careKisses and hugsLorenza

  3. Eeeeewwwww someone played in the mud didn't he!!! What fun it looks like you had, can;t wait to see more of your walk. Congrats to your Mom on her new job – means more treats – nothing like pampering the Ludo 🙂

  4. LudoYou look divine!!!Mud is soo good fow the complexion and being so tiwed fwom fun is the best thing! I hope you got some lovley dinnew at youw Gwammpawents house. Gweat news about youw Mom's job!!! congwatoolations to hew!smoochie kissesASTA

  5. Hey, Ludo! Soon we will be in Mudtime too, and my Mom doesn't like it a bit! But you look like it was loads of fun, even though it zorsted you!Kisses,Stella

  6. That is an amazing pawtograph. It looks like you are using some type of spike gell. As for dog parks, they are great places when people use common sense. The group we have at Angel Paws are pretty pawsome.Essex & Deacon

  7. Looks like you had a great time Ludo! But did you have to have a bath after all of that mud?? Good luck to your mum with her new job.Your friends,Niamh & Ambrose

  8. Ludo, you look great!Congrats to your Mom on her new job – we hope it works out really well for her.take careClive and Murray

  9. We're so glad that your mom made her decision. We hope she's very happy in her new job! It looks like you'll be headed for the bathtub soon, Ludo!Love ya lotsMaggie and Mitch

  10. I love what you did with your fur! It looks absolutely fantastic. Loving it! I wonder if I can convince The Mommas to let me sport something edgy and cool like that.Summer

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