Be it a bird? Be it a plane?

No! It super-Ludo!
On Tuesday it be a thing called Shrove Tuesday. It has lots of different history which you can probably find out about or know about already. But what it mean here that it the start of a thing called lent when traditionally people used to fast for 40 days and 40 nights until easter day! Not eating whilst the sun be up, or maybe that wrong cos that sound very hard to do! So they used to eat pancakes to use up all the rich food stuffs like egg and sugar. Nowadays most modern peoples try and give up something bad for them, like sweets. My grandpawents is trying to give up smoking!

Me and Mum went round to TNP’s and made him pancakes.

Yum! They is the type of pancakes like French crepes but a bit thicker. I has never had a crepe though. They peoples eat them traditionally with lemon juice and sugar. I not know why. But Mum also had some chocolate on one.

Ready? Don’t blink or you might miss it!

I didn’t actually eat that second one. I spat it back out cos Mum said leave it and then just chewed one bit off and left the rest. Those meanies just wanted to try and get a piccure! TNP wants a new even faster camera, even though it super dooper good, me eating a pancake still too fast for it!
~lickies, Ludo
I might not get to visit yous all till next week now because Mum has to get her ‘time organised’ and she has got behind on her chores with this new job.
pee pee ess: Not that that usually stops her not doing chores but she says we might have guests on saturday so she really needs to do some stuff.


18 thoughts on “Be it a bird? Be it a plane?

  1. OOO those pancakes kinda look very much like the Roti Canai (sometimes referred to as "flying bread") here in Malaysia. People in my country eat it with fish curry & dahl.Yours look very yummy! Nyom!

  2. You could be in a pancake eating contest Ludo !! You are super fast but I bet even I could beat you now. Since "IT" came to live with us I have become a bit of a food maniac – gobbling down my food sooooo fast – Mom is trying to work on that.

  3. I think it tastes really well, right? I've never had any pancake before and my mom won't allow me to have it at all. You're so lucky! As Amber-Mae said, we have something like this which called Roti Canai. My sister Rosie likes it very much, that's the first dish that she will have once she steps her feet on the ground of our airport and my mom and dad will take her to her favourite restaurant the next minute before she comes home :(.

  4. looks yummy Ludo…what I could see of it before you scarfed it up. And the 2nd one? YOU SPIT IT OUT? NO WAY! Katie would have gulped it down, not put it back even if I DID say LEAVE IT! LOL You are such an excellent boy!

  5. I can eat something that I am not supposed to have, or, something that I think I might have been given my mistake because maybe mom lost her mind or something (you never,know) so freakin fast it's scarey. And, I can do it without making any noise at all!I am very proud of that. You should be proud of yourself too.

  6. Oh, Ludo – you lucky pup – I've NEVER had panackes – or crepes – or whatever you call them! They sure look yummy!Hsin-Yi says sometimes when the lighting is low, it's really hard to get good pictures even with a super fast camera machine! You know she got a new camera machine in Taiwan last year and it can take 8 pictures per second! (without flash) but when the light is too low (like indoors), the pictures still come out blurred. Outside in daylight, though, they come out crystal sharp! Sometimes when she knows I'm going to do fast stuff, she just uses the video instead…and then gets a freez-frame if she can! :-)Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

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