A nightmare!

Maybe if I close my eyes and tap my paws together it’ll all just be a dream!
I did enjoy wiping myself on the walls and furniture afterwards though.
Sorry I has not visited this week. I might has to do the mark all as read thingy!
~lickies, Ludo

27 thoughts on “A nightmare!

  1. Oh Poor Ludo, I sympathize with you because my Dad says I have to endure this torture too this weekend. It is fun rubbing on the walls and furniture – I do this too.

  2. OH NOOOOO! Ludo you are cracking me up! You got revenge by getting everything soggy after your bath. You are a devious pup – the best kind! 🙂

  3. We still have snow but mudtme is just around the corner and I will face this dreaded activity. What can I do but lay low and just keep quiet!I know you will look most pretty when you get dry, Ludo!Kisses,Stella

  4. Oh Dear! I see that you have had to undergo dog grooming torture of the worst kind. I feel your pain Ludo. I hope you shook out your wet fur on your mum.Your friend,Niamh

  5. Yes, Ludo, Mark all as read because you will feel much better afterwards. We all do it sometimes.The bath? You look very pathetic. Poor thing.Slobbers,Mango

  6. ludo,not a bath! noooooooo! at least it's all over now. of course my goofy mama is sittin' over here sayin' how cute you look with your furs all wet and that she can see your "freckles" better.*woof*the booker man

  7. We agree. wiping yourself off on everything is the best part. And running around the house really fast, shaking water everywhere. Just make sure the clean-up after takes longer than the actual bath. BOL!

  8. Oh Ludo, you definitely don't look happy, but I'm sure it felt great afterwards. My sheltie, Scotty, does the same thing, rub on walls and furniture afterwards. Too funny! I bet you look beautiful now! 🙂

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