Can’t talk… eating

Mum got me some venison bones in my food order, they has lots of lovely meat on them! Yum!
Have a happy weekend efurryone!

19 thoughts on “Can’t talk… eating

  1. My dogness that looks good – venison is my favorite too. How is your sore chin doing, is it heeling up now – I hope you don't have to wear that cone thingy anymore

  2. Hi Ludo – looks like you got rid of that cone – well guess what? Now I got one! Oh the shame! (mum puts cheese in it, though, to cheer me up)licks&slobbers Islay

  3. Yum-MEE, Ludo! Venison? I've never tried that! It looks really delicious in your photo, though! :-)Slobbers,Honey the Great Daneps. I hope we didn't offend you & your human with our last comment on your blog about CM!

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