The Pawty part 2

Welcome to the second day of my pawty. Most of you has arrived now and boy is I stuffed. Mum ordered some meat platters for us and I think I ate too much!

Anyways, on to the piccures, I hope you’s all enjoying yourselves! (don’t forget to bigify if you needs to)

Before dinner, whilst I was busy greeting yous all as you got off the boat  some of the girls decided to settle down for some drinks. My Diva gal Morgan brought her own parasol, but we don’t really get that much sunshine in April. Still, she said she mustn’t burn her furs and apparently some other diva’s agreed with her!

Morgan was so pleased that Maisie found Star to talk too. Maybe that means we can go off for a romantic walk later? Ah and I do love to see Miss Kylie, looking so beautiful! My two best girls together, what a lucky boy I is! Since I is three now and all growed up I can do more growed up things with them… Like playing bitey face ferociously and frisbee and swimming. 😉 Don’t worry, Jimmy’s around here somewhere. Doesn’t Asta look so pretty in her hat too?

Some of you may know that Reilly asked sweet Katie to be his date and she said yes! How exciting, I feel like cupid. They went for a stroll and Ricky chaperoned them to make sure no funny business happened. You know like, ‘What do you call a deer with no eyes? No eye deer!’ hehehe. Oreo helped too. Oh dog! Reilly must has run across to the shop and got Katie a huge hotdog. He making me look bad in front of Morgan!

Mum got out the food next so everyone gathered around. Of course, we couldn’t quite get efurryone in shot!

I snuck into both photos. So I got a double helping. hehe! I is lending Morgan the bag I got from Maggie and Mitch cos it matches her pretty hair clips!

We has got a few late arrivals, so I sent the boat back across the pee for them and they will be here tomorrow. Because Mum doesn’t have much time for photo taking we did decide on the rule of only including those who emailed me, but we is still trying to include efurryone so if I missed you out of a photo let me know! You might be in tomorrows already but I want to make sure.

Ok, Mum’s set up the pawty games now, I think Tug of war’s first! Hurruff!!

~lickies, Ludo

Pee ess: Morgan asked if you is gonna get to meet my grandpawents and TNP! I doesn’t think you will all fit in my house, but TNP has asked if he can come tomorrow!

18 thoughts on “The Pawty part 2

  1. Everyone looks like they are having a wonderful time at your party Ludo!I do think Katie and Reilly make the cutest couple!

  2. So much yummy food – thankfully I am back to my 'old" polite eating habits again otherwise I would be snapping up every thing in sight. We are all having a great time and the beach is wonderful

  3. We are having a most fantastic time at your party. Thunder and Ciara look so good in their party hats, and Phantom is so glad he doesn't have to wear one. But he is quite happy about being so close to that meat platter – he can't wait to dive in.Happy Birthday again and thanks for letting us share in the fun.Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. Ludo, Tucker and Beckett loved your party. I'm surprised they were so good for the photo with all the lovely food in front of them.

  5. Happy Happy 3rd Barkday, Ludo!We really are having a great time in the party! Send more drinks our way please.Love,Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai, Wai-Max & Forgie

  6. Great party Ludo!! Thank Dog Maisie found someone to chitter-chatter with besides me. I sooo love your man purse. It was really cool how we matched. Can't wait to meet TNP. your gal, Morgan

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