Tricky T-day – hop

Hurro efurryone!
We has not posted or visited for a while cos we has beed enjoying the sunny sunshine here lately!

Here a tricky T-Day for you! I has beed learning hop and we has got to the part where Mum takes her hand away. I kind of want to bite Mum’s hand. I use my mouth to get people hands where I want them to be, like stroking me! So cos her hand’s not where it should be, by my foot, I wants to put it back there. hehe.

Mum has started with the sniffies and sneezies again. She really loves summer, but summer doesn’t love her. Well, the plants at least.

~lickies, Ludo

19 thoughts on “Tricky T-day – hop

  1. Ludo, you are doing great with that trick. You hold your paw so much higher than Oreo does when he "limps".Its so nice to see you doing tricks!

  2. What a perfect Easter trick, Ludo! I hope you're going to use it in your dance routine!! :-)Sorry to hear about human's Sneezy Sickies! Hsin-Yi gets Itchy Sickies sometimes that she has to take "anti-histamines" for so she says she really sympathises!Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  3. LudoI so enjoyed youw VideoI think you awe doing weally well. Mommi doesn't have the patience ow time to teach me stuff and so admiwe those who do.I hope you had a most wondewful Eastew sweet fwiendsmoochie kissesASTA

  4. that is a pawsome hop!!! It is like a high five hop – I have not seen that before. I have done the one where it looks like you an injured paw – but I like the high five hop much better. Way to go Ludo!1

  5. Good hoppin', Ludo! Now that you are an older, more mature guy, you will probably be mastering all kinds of hard tricks.Go for it!Kisses,Stella

  6. Hi Ludo Very clever, not to fall over Ludo! My favourite place for Gail's hand is in my mouth. Not to bite, you understand, just to feel the flesh softly between my teeth and on my tongue. So nice. Toodle pip! Bertie.

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