Happy Wedding Day and Mum be very grumpy

Hurro efurryone!
As you probably know, we had the Royal Wedding today. Unusually for Mum’s age in England Mum be a big huge fan of the royalty, the traditions, the pomp and ceremony, the whole thing. She loves everything. A lot!
Mum had to work today which she didn’t be too happy about, she tried to get some live updates on one of the papers blogs but it kept crashing. She watched a bit on her break but Grandma and Grandpaw were under strict instructions to record it ALL on their sky box (we doesn’t have one here).

Mum came home from work very grumpy. She said trying to be enthusiastic and happy about something when everyone else be moaning about the money coming out of our taxes etc can be quite draining but I had my dinner and then we went round to grandpawents to watch it all on the chosen channel.

We got to the bit where the Queen arrived and oh no, the recording had stopped and Grandpawents did not notice until after the ceremony had finished. Mum not very happy at all. Now we can only watch highlights which she says totally not the same. So now she grumpy and not talking to anyone, except me of course!

We going on hol-ee-day on tuesday to Scotland again, with TNP. Well, I think so. If Mum starts talking to people sometime soon.

Mum’s can be hard work sometimes!!

~lickies, Ludo


20 thoughts on “Happy Wedding Day and Mum be very grumpy

  1. Sorry mom missed it, there will be a re run of it sometime but I guess its not the same as seeing it on the day, I didn't see it I was sleeping while mom got to watch it!Have a good Holiday and I look forward to seeing your photos.See yea George xxx

  2. You can watch the whole thing online – not just clips. Mom just watched the important bits. She was disappointed that only Kate had a wedding ring – and William didn't choose to wear one. Have a great holiday Ludo – I bet Scotland will be lovely.

  3. Oh Ludo! I'm so sorry for your Mum! My human, Paul, was getting very excited too – he said he suddenly felt "oddly patriotic" – hee! hee! – and he was glued to the TV the whole night, even thought normally he is not really into the royal family. Hsin-Yi thinks it's because of all the beautiful, fairytale touches – however much you might complain – people still need a bit of magic in their lives!Anyway, we recorded the whole thing here (4hrs) so if you don't mind the slightly annoying Austalian voiceovers & commentators, we'd be very happy to try & burn it onto a DVD and send it to you! Just email me your address.Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  4. So she missed the part where the guy came running into the church during the vows and yelled "i object!"?No wait. That was from a movie I saw.Nevermind. 🙂

  5. Oh Ludo – sorry your mum is so grumpy and sorry she missed the wedding! We only saw parts of it but it was awesome. Hope she gets to see it eventually!Have a great time on your holiday!

  6. It was such a beautiful wedding. We hope Mum finds a way to watch the whole thing. It sounds from the comments that there will be opportunities.Hope the weekend and the holiday help Mum's spirits improve. Enjoy.Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. So soory you missed it. Im sure they will play it again. Man, I didnt know your taxes pay for the Royal weddings. I would be very mad about that too!

  8. OH NO! Your poor Mom – no wonder she was angry. But they are doing replays on the internet and I am sure they will sell a DVD of the event soon!Hope she speaks to people soon – have fun in Scotland! LicksSally and PAddy

  9. Maybe they'll make a DVD, Ludo, and your mom could make herself a cup of tea and some crumpets and watch the whole thing with a smile on her face!Love ya lots,Maggie and Mitch

  10. OH dear, I hope she will cool down soon. The royal wedding must mean a lot to her. I'm sure somebody might upload the full wedding ceremony on YouTube.Have a spectacular holiday!

  11. So sorry that things didn't go so well with your mom and she was grumpy and unhappy. I hope she has caught up with some replays and is happy now.

  12. we had to stay up all night and watch it, finally at 7AM me & Maisie told mom we were totally off of our schedule, and didn't like it one bit, so we got to go to bed. we watched CNN and it was good coverage. sorry we didn't record it, or we would send it to you. there wasn't a single dog in it, some of the hats looked like they could of been alive though. hopefuly, you can find a recording to watch on vacation. your gal, Morgan

  13. Too bad about the wedding. But we'll be looking out for you in Bonnie Scotland. I'm sure Mum will be in a better humour when she arrives north of the border. We've been having great weather here just lately.Toodle pip! Bertie.

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