Sunny (yes, really!) Scotland!

Yous may know that Scotland be rather famous for not being sunny. But when we went it did be and we had a lovely time on my Scotland holiday. We got back a few days ago but Mum’s beed busy busy since then.

We had a pawtastic time and I did not want to come home at all! We stayed in a great location right inside the Galloway Park Forest which meant we could do lots of cool walks right from our doorstep without hasing to go in the car. So on one day when we did go in the car I ran away and would not go in cos I thought it meant going home time!

We stayed in a place called the Buchan. Right near to a loch called Glentrool and beside a couple of big hills. It be a place where a battle between some English and Scottish people when Scotland be fighting for it’s own independence, to be it’s own country and not a part of England many many many years ago when the calendar had a 1 for it’s first letter and not a two. Probably before Grandpaw be born too! I think.

The Buchan be kind of different because it out of the way so it not have normal sewage and electricity like most places in our country. Instead it gets it’s electricity and water from the ‘Buchan Burn’. (hydro) When we went it had been sunny for a while so we only really had enough electricity for the lights. Can you imagine my Mum without electricity? BOL. It had a big furnace stove to heat the water, which TNP did not let Mum touch, and it squeaked when you opened the door so he knew when she even tried to have a peek. BOL. They cooked on a normal gas cooker and had a kettle which went weeeeee when it boiled. Mum liked that. Infact Mum liked trying to turn the lights off and using all the candles instead to see around. Mum said it be ‘romantic’. It be a very old house and had lots of wildlife, including mice living inside! Mum seed footprints all round the garden and caught a glimpse of a deer but they very sneaky!

We did lots of pawsome walks around the Buchan, up the stream and in the ancient oak woodlands. Once again we sees evidence of people trying to make right things they made wrong in the first place because there be lots of signs up about how they conserving the woodland and trying to make more of it like that rather than the fast growing introduced soft wood species that all got planted some years before. Mum loved the woodlands and said ‘if only these trees could talk’. She said it be a writers paradise. And yes, I did find it paradise. hehe!

Mum and TNP went on the hunt for wildlife and seed quite a bit. Mum hasn’t got any piccures of them, but TNP might give me some. He be moaning about wanting a better camera now. They had fun adventuring and trying to sneak up on deers who did shoutings at us and I had an excellent time sniffing and climbing and doing lookings at everything! Mum doesn’t really like the climby bits, she not very much of an adventurer. But TNP found her a big stick and said she looked like a wizard and she liked using the stick to walk with. Mum and TNP played games at night and drank wine and sat in the conservatory to have dinner and even put together a really big jigsaw puzzle. Mum said it be like paradise, if only you could have a bit more hot water all the time and use the electricity when it hadn’t rained. BOL.

Ok, here be the piccures what Mum tooked. Warning. Lots! BOL!

peeess. I got a tick right on my eyelid. Horrid little thing! But the vet got it off for me and I feel fine.

peeeeesss: Mum just whacked me on my head with my clicker!!

p.s. From Mum: We were just practicing some dance moves for Honey and I just accidentally dropped/flung my clikstik out of my hand and it handed on Ludo’s head. oops, now he wont go near the clicker. Maybe we wont use a prop…

13 thoughts on “Sunny (yes, really!) Scotland!

  1. Oh wow – was that the best ever holiday !! What a pawsome place to visit – I can see why you didn't want to come back. We would of missed you if you didn't though and they probably don't have internet access there either.

  2. Hi LudoSo glad you got to see Scotland in the sunshine! I am hoping that I can go to Galloway one day – it looks so lovely in your photos. Gail tells me she once went there with Hamish and the human grandparents and it is kind of sad as it turned out to be their last ever holiday all together, as the grandparents are no longer up to travelling and Hamish passed on.Did you see lots of stars at night? I understand that Galloway Forest supposed to be a specially good place for that sort of thing. Or were Mum and TNP too busy staring into each others eyes? (It's ok, you can tell me!)Toodle pip,Bertie.

  3. You stayed in very lovely place in Scotland, Ludo. I would love to go back again, I only visited once. I went to the Isle of Arran where my grandmother was born, travvled over Rannock Morr and up Loch Lomond to Inverness and then to Edinburgh. I had a lovely time. It would be wonderful to have my Shetlie boys see Scotland.

  4. Wow, Ludo! Those are some GORGEOUS photos!!! You must have had a blast up in Scotland! That one tree looks like it's a million years old — I'll bet there was all kinds of cool pee-mail on it!Play bows,Zim

  5. These are great picks of you and the scenery Ludo.We are so glad the sun was shining.Your mum and TNP are going to have to start playing scrabble too!Ah the simple life is good for humans – they sometimes forget how to have fun with all this technology!We ourselves have never been to Galloway Forest although our humans used to cycle there quite a lot. (they would never manage the hills now!)Harry had also been there so we must make a point of giving it a basset once over – apparently Harry loved sniffing out the deer.It is quite a good two and half hours from us and sometimes Bailey gets fed up if she drives too far – funny though cos that is where she came from!We are glad you all had a good time and that you went too and didn't have to stay in one of those doggie hotels!Much love, Martha and Bailey xxx

  6. (First – ha! ha! – that story of the clicker cracked me up!)Oh, Ludo – what a GRAND adventure!!!! It sounds so exciting and 'different' and yes, romantic too (Hsin-Yi says – although she is such a control freak, she would probably never cope with unreliable electricity and hot water – ha! ha!) And all the wildlife sounds amazing. My humans would love to stay in places with mice and stuff (I know that sounds crazy but they're a bit weird like that). They are in love with Scotland anyway and think it is the most beautiful place on earth – even when it is not sunny! :-)Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

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