Dancing with the Doggy Stars!

We is taking part in Honey’s competition ‘Dancing with the Doggie Stars‘. So for tricky t-day we posting about that. It a great idea! We mostly been in the thinking and brushing up on my tricks and heelwork stage, but now Mum has started to do the ‘choreography’. Let me tell you she pretty hopeless at this. I doesn’t think she gonna remember it all. We gonna follow Honey’s tips on putting the tricks together to look like a dance. I really like it. I get a bit too excited and barky sometimes and we has to stop cos Mum said even though it a fun thing I get too stressed and you can practically see the adrenaline bulging out of my eyes! My ears stick up like proper sheltie ears. hehe. So we had to choose a more mellow song that didn’t get me too excited because I cas not listen when I is all revved up! So just like with laid back dogs where you has to be super excited with me Mum says I is in a perpetual state of super excitement so she sometimes has to be a bit boring to teach me it good to be calm and focused.

We did a bit of practising of some of the tricks of the routine outside today.

Mum did be talking to me, but you couldn’t hear cos of the wind. You can see me not listening, like when we do go around and I decide to spin. Sometimes when we get the clicker out I jump around and try and do about a hundred tricks at once to get the treat! This all seems great but it can be frustrating for Mum especially when I start doing high pitched barking and biting her hand and sometimes she has to close her eyes and count to three. or walk away all together! It more fun for me when I a bit calmer too. Also, I don’t really like that bit where I has to go backwards to Mum cos I like to look at her face all the time. That also means I crash into things though.

30 thoughts on “Dancing with the Doggy Stars!

  1. You are going to be a dancing star !!! Looks like you have so many of the moves practiced really well already – now you just have to get in co-ordination with the music and you will be brilliant! And look at your lovely thick coat – you are getting your big dog grown up coat !!!

  2. Ludo, we just know that you and Mum are going to have a great dance. We are very excited to see all the entries – we are going to be spectators, no way could we ever put together a routine. But it is going to be lots and lots of fun to watch.Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. Oh, Ludo, I feel your pain.. all that brain work can make a sheltie's head spin. running and jumping over stuff is so much easier. Looks like you are figuring it out really good though. Yout gal, Morgan

  4. You got the moves!!! I only know two dance moves and since I work only for food – I just repeat those two moves regardless what D says – as I know I have a 50/50 chance of getting it right!I think you are going to win – paws down!LicksSally and paddy

  5. HOly cow Ludo! You are very,very talented!! You should win DWTDStars fer sure. Mommy is really impressed. Us, not as much, cuz you raise the bar waayyyyy to high for us untalented pooches.Love ya anyway!Smooches from pooches,BabyRD & HOotie

  6. Ludo, you and your mum are doing a fantastic job! You really have some rhythym. Can't wait to see it all done to music!

  7. Hi LudoI see that your dance routine is coming on a treat. Although I did get a bit dizzy watching the first part of the video.Can't wait to see the final product.Toodle pip!Bertie.PS I think I am quite like you in that 'all revved up' is my natural state too!

  8. LudoYou have my total admiwationI could nevew do any of those tuwns and dance moves..I am cwossing my paws fow you to have maximum fun doing itsmoochie kissesASTA

  9. I think you and your Mum are doing great! Especially like the move where you drop down and scoot backward and then forward.It will be fun to see you dogs dancing and I will do hopings that you are the WINNER! If you aren't,you will have all kinds of fun anyway.Kisses,Stella

  10. You and your mom rock, Ludo!!! I'm really impressed by your dance moves, you got the rhythm with you and both of you did a great job! I guess there must be so much hard work involved in and you are a really clever boy! Everything is awesome! Can't wait to see more of the dance!

  11. Wow, Ludo – that looked fabulous!! You sure know some fancy, schmancy dance moves! I'm always very envious of doggies who can do the reversing through legs move coz I can never do that – it's hard enough for me to reverse without trying to fit through Hsin-Yi (short!) legs backwards – hee! hee!I see what you mean about being keen! That was a very good point you made – because I'm such a slow, lazy dog, Hsin-Yi always tends to think about how to work with doggies like me – and she forgets that other types of doggies sometimes need the complete opposite!! 🙂 So thanks for reminding us – I must mention it on my blog too. I can't wait to see what song you've chosen!! :-)Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  12. Those are some really cool moves there buddy! When I am super excited, I bark too but not a lot. Just a bit & I tend to make everything a huge mess. HEE HEE

  13. Ludo, the very best of luck with the dancing!Murray was thrilled today when the Queen wore yellow! Then she wore a tiara tonight at Dublin Castle and he loves seeing tiaras and then the most exciting of all – Santa Claus met the Queen and they shook hands! Well, it was the husband of our previous President, Nick Robinson but he looks just like Santa and Murray was so impressed!take careClive and Murray

  14. look at you go, ludo!! i was gettin' the dizzies watchin' you spin! heehee. you 'n your mama are gonna do a grrreat job with your dance! i can't wait to hear what song you picked.*woof*the booker manpee s — i know what you mean about gettin' too full of the excitements sometimes when you are workin'. that happens to me, too!

  15. Boy LUdo, you are really making my life miserable. My Vickie says I should learn to dance.Well, I just told her the closest thing she is gonna get to that happening, is to watch your video again and again.So keep it up dude, more video's please….You aRE GREATBert

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