Look who here!

She my furiend and we has lots of fun playing together. When Sally’s pawrents go on hol-ee-day she comes to us… well, grandpawents, for her own hol-ee-day. She gonna stay with me and Mum at our place sometimes too. Like tonight. Me and Mum and Sally went on the walk across the golf course.

Sally always likes to has something in her mouth and shake it around, but I got it from her sometimes!
The cliffs be eroding quite quickly and you can see in places where there big holes and bits falling away. Soon the walk might go right through the golf course. BOL. Dogs is supposed to be on the lead, but of course me and Sally be super good dogs and doesn’t run onto the golf course like some dogs (Auntie Penny).

Sally be 8 years old now and she not the best bred doggy, so she starting to slow down a bit now and needs to lie down every now and then at the end of the walk. I let her go first cos I a big growed up dog so need to keep sniffing everything.
Mum tooked my elephant and carried it so Sally could have a good pant, we rested enough to have a game of catch at the end.

I really like having Sally here, she can play bitey face so much better than Mum or the rabbit dogs!
~lickies, Ludo

Oh, pee ess: It TNP’s birthday today. Happy Birthday TNP!


16 thoughts on “Look who here!

  1. What a wonderful walkies and it looked like you were both enjoying it and having fun. My dogness though, those cliffs are really eroding – they could end up playing golf in the sea before long!

  2. Happy Birthday TNP! Ludo, those are all great pictures of you and Sally and the scenic view. I would be a little nervous about those cliffs, too!Hi to Auntie Penny as well!Kisses,Stella

  3. First of all, Happy Birthday to TNP! Sally looks like a great gal. Bet you have lots of fun time with her. Did you two play in that little stream?

  4. Hi Ludo Did you bark at any golfers? I think it's quite funny to go 'yap yap' just when they're lining up that final putt, but Gail says it's 'bad form'!Looks like TNP is having a very nice birthday, lying there with you in his arms.Toodle pip! Bertie,

  5. Have fun with Sally! She looks like a gal with lots of fun and she's pretty too. The places that you had your walkies with Sally are beautiful!Happy Birthday to TNP!!!

  6. Well I'm a little late, but looks like you had a great time with your furfriend Sally! You are a good friend, Ludo, to let her rest when she needed to. And happy belated birthday to TNP!

  7. Looks like you had a great time with your lovely friend Ludo. Lots of bitey face is good too. Hope your TNP had a great birthday.Your friends,Niamh & Ambrose

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