Videos of me!

The bestest kind, of course!
The first one just of me and Sally playing.

These next two is me and Mum doing more practising for Dancing with the Doggy Stars. No editing in these. As I said in my other post, I get super excited pretty easily. You can see the big struggle for me doing the being still bit at the beginning, In Mum’s head I is supposed to look asleep and then when the into on the music finishes I jump up. Off camera Mum be moving around all excitedy and I sooo want to jump up and get her right away!! So it a bit boring and doing samey stuff and we go off camera a bit, well Mum the top of me does, so you might not want to watch it, but it do have me in it. So that be good huh? You can see how excited I get too.

Our internet be really shabby at the moment, cos of the bad weather Mum thinks, so we finding it hard to use the internets. We went to Grandpawents the other day to catch up on blogs, we hope it better soon.


16 thoughts on “Videos of me!

  1. Wow, I am so impressed with this skill. My Vickie is thrilled if I sit when she asks. I hope she doesn't get any ideas after we watch you.Keep sending the video'sI love em.Bert

  2. I could see the second video best (first was too dark for my old monitor), and I just loved it. Dancing with your Mum and Jumping over the stick, all very cute and you were a good boy!Kisses,Stella

  3. Oh Ludo!! I loved your dance practice videos! I think it's great in a way that it's unedited coz it shows us the whole process and not just the slick finished thing. Hsin-Yi was giggling at how excited you were in the beginning – honestly, we think your human is amazingly patient to cope with you and keep putting you back and putting you back! Everyone always tells Hsin-Yi she is very patient to work with me but we think she is nothing compared to your Dee! 🙂 Ooh – the roses prop! Now I'm all curious about what the theme of your routine is going to be!!Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  4. I think you're doing really well, Ludo!!! I love to see how excited you're in the beginning, you're really cute and your mom is super patient though. Can't wait to see your complete dance routine!!!

  5. Hi, Ludo!I loved your videos!First having fun with Sally and then having fun with a good training time with your mom!Happy weekendKisses and hugsLorenza

  6. You are one smart puppy Ludo. Thank you for wishing us well and kind words. Receiving so many kind emails has helped Dog Dad as he misses his silly boy.May you live a long and happy life Ludow. Essex & Dog Dad

  7. It was making me laugh so hard when you were supposed to settle and you did and then boing! you were back up!! LOL! Excitement is a good thing, right Ludo?!Your dance routine is going to be awesome – I can't wait to see it!

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