Can’t I come too?

I learned today that Mum and TNP is going away as a late birthday celebration for TNP. I has it on good authority (I overheard them) that dogs is allowed in the hotel! But, I does not appear to be going. Mum says that the dogs is only allowed in the room of the hotel and not in the restaurant and they really going cos TNP likes super yummy food which he would totally share with me. (fine dining, he says) so there no point in me coming just to stay in the room. HOW RUDE! It makes me mad when Mum starts packing things and not packing me too.


So I guess I will be stuck at grandpawents with Sally and Auntie Penny.

Oh, but something good did happen. I got a present all the way from Australia. Mum says, actually, it her present from Hsin-Yi, but I got something way better that the plastic disc she got.

I is like Honey in that if I get a new food I has to give it a careful investigation before I eat it. This do embarrass Mum sometimes cos when we go to pet shops and the groomers and vets and stuff like that, people always try to give me treats, I take it and then spit it back out again like I doesn’t want it. hehe!
It smelled strange! They called roo treats and Mum says they come from a big hoppy animal called a kangaroo. I wonder if it a bit like a big rabbit? Don’t worry, I wont start eating my bro-fur and sis-fur though cos I already eat rabbit as part of my raw diet. It a good food with small light bones, and it one of my favourites so when we can get it from our supplier I get to eat it. But I would never try to eat a rabbit-dog, what lives in a house.

Anyways, after a careful sniff I gave it a go, I liked it! It hard and chewy, like a jerky, so took me a bit to eat, which Mum liked too.

As for Mum’s present. She got a DVD of the royal wedding that Honey taped. She has not watched it yet, she be waiting for her day off so she can make a day of it and sit there with a drink and a hat and a little flag like she had planned to do afore the recording over here didn’t record. How sad!

So thank you Honey and Hsin-Yi so very much for our pressie!

~lickies, Ludo


26 thoughts on “Can’t I come too?

  1. Ludo my buddy – haven't you heard of being a stow-a-way? Just think – if you hide in the suitcase when they get there you can suddenly pop out and woof "surprise"

  2. Oreo won't eat any new treats from strangers…could be poisonous, ya know?But,if I put it in my treat bag and pull it bag out, THEN he will eat it. He's weird.Sorry you're not going on the trip 😦 I bet you'll have fun with Penny though.

  3. What a bummer that you can't go too, Ludo! Your roo treats do sound yummy!We have never baked blueberry buckle in cupcake or muffins tins but we don't see why you couldn't. Just reduce the cooking time maybe?Love ya lots,Maggie and Mitch

  4. Oh Ludo – I'm glad it arrived safely. We were a bit worried about Customs and if they might get funny with the DVD so Hsin-Yi pretended it was just some family photos! 🙂 OH – but Hsin-Yi said to tell your human to please check that the DVD works first! Coz it would be awful for her to get all excited and plan a nice day and then stick it in and find that it doesn't play! That would be another terrible disappointment! If it doesn't work, maybe TNP can find a way to sort it – or let us know and we can try to copy it again in 'normal play' on separate discs. But hopefully, it should work OK!And I'm glad you liked those Roo Bites! Hsin-Yi likes that brand of treats coz they don't add anything to them – they're just 100% made of the thing they say and just dried. I'm sorry you're missing out on the trip but we have to admit, we're really looking forward to hearing about it (your humans always go to such lovely, quaint places) and seeing TNP' pictures which are always so gorgeous!Slobbers,HOney the Great Dane

  5. I agree with you that it is rude not to take you on the trip too! Maybe you can hide in their suitcase?How cool that Hsin Yi sent your mom a dvd of the royal wedding! And I bet your kangaroo treats are yummy!

  6. We think you should be going to that celebration too, Ludo – you fit pawfectly in that suitcase. Hope TNP at least brings you back something tasty from dinner.Great pressies from Honey and how nice of Hsin-Yi to make that DVD for your Mum. We had a bag of rabbit dog food last month and it was very tasty.Have fun with Auntie Penny and Sally.Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. You did a good job of packing yourself in that suitcase Ludo! Too bad they are not taking you on the birthday celebration with delicious food. Maybe they will bring a doggie bag home for you!!Your friends,Niamh & Ambrose

  8. May be u can sneak in and get yourself packed with all that luggage, when Mum isn't looking…Royal wedding video? Hmm…Sounds cool!Thanks for your words for Gin. She is feeling ok, but her urine report is still haywire.Lizard-less life isn't that cool,Shadow

  9. You can fuss all you want, Ludo, but you know you always have a good time with Grandpa, Sally and Aunty Penny. Grandpa always feeds you some good treats, doesn't he?Then Mum and TNP will be back in no time flat!Kisses, Stella

  10. Ludo, you TOTALLY should go on the fine dining weekend. After are clearly a connoisseur, the way you clearly think carefully about what you eat. But I suggest you locate a bigger suitcase before you attempt to stowaway…Toodle pip! Bertie.

  11. I'm sorry that you aren't going with your humans! Hopefully they will bring you lots of treats and toys when they are back! They'd better do!!!May be you might have lots of fun time at grandpawrents' !! I wish Eva could be as cautious as you when it comes to treats!

  12. Oh Ludo, the picture of you in the suitcase is so adorable. Your mum must feel guilty to leave you…. We remember TNP gave a very nice birthday present on her birthday soooooo……. it's her turn! 🙂 🙂 oh yeah… we're glad our mums have something in common! yay!Momo & Pinot

  13. Hope your Mum and TNP have a nice vacation. Sorry you don't get to go, but I'm sure you'll have fun with your grandpawents. Cute pic of you in the suitcase!

  14. Hey Ludo I have to always sniff what I eat too because sometimes Hoomans give me stuff that's not food, and sometimes I think maybe it's poison, so I gotta be extra careful. I don't like lots of stuff too so I have to sniff and taste before I know if I like it!You are cute in that suitcase. I like hotels too they are funz!

  15. Awww shucks, Ludo – can't believe Mum is not takin' you to the fancy hotel and high end restaurant! I think you'll have to pack yourself right up in that bag with some Roo jerky and a bowl fur your waters!Huge hugs xoxoxoSammie and Avalon

  16. hihi ludo!what is wrong with these hotel peeps?! hmmmph! i'm sorry you don't get to go with your mama 'n TNP, but at least you can still go have funsies with your grammy 'n grampy 'n miss sally 'n auntie penny!your pressie from miss honey sounds very interesting like! i've nevarrr had kangaroo jerky before. i'll have to get my mama to get me some. heehee. :)*woof*the booker man

  17. Well Ludo, I'm sure you'll get to go on the next trip. Meanwhile enjoy the lovely treats you got from Honey and her Mom! How nice of them to send the DVD to your Mom!

  18. Mommy said to say the pudding/cool whip in a glass looks so delicious. In fact all the food looks good. I hope they took a "Doggy Bag" for you!Lassiter Chase the Sheltie

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