Mum and TNP’s trip

Here the piccures from Mum and TNP’s trip for his birthday. They went to a very nice little luxury hotel called the Holbeck Ghyll and they didn’t even take me. Also I heard that the people in the next door room tooked their dog. Mum says I wouldn’t have liked to have gone and been left in the room while they ate dinner, but I think I should have beed the judge of that!

It beed a place just up a hill from lake Windermere, one of our biggest lakes here in the lake district. I has never beed to this one cos Mum says it be too touristy and crowded. Mum said words like pretty and traditional and stuff like that. Pawsonally I think the furnishings looked very comfy for a little dog to rest his head… hm.

They went mostly cos TNP really likes his food. I think he learned that from me. He likes to experience ‘fine dining’ and so he has been to a couple of restaurants which has won a thing called a michelin star, which means they cook very well but also you get good service and a good ‘ambience’ which different to an ambulance and so not something to worry about. Mum says I would not appreciate the care and time the chefs take to make the food, and she probably right. I doesn’t even eat mine cooked most of the time.

Me not being able to go aside I think Mum and TNP had a really nice time. TNP’s mouth waters whenever he thinks of the food and Mum had a ‘to die for’ (literally if we furs ate it hehe) nice chocolate dessert. Mum especially likes the waiter people who is all very nice to you and do things like help you choose your wine and put your napkin in your lap and tell you all about the food on your plate. She say it pretty much like stepping back in time and experiencing what being in the upper class be like when people had servants to tend to their every whim. She should try being a dog for a day huh!

Ok, now for piccures. First, the place. They not really in any order and I think you will be able to tells the ones that TNP tooked to the ones that Mum did. BOL!

 The view.
 TNP in the bedroom
 From the bedroom window.

 An interesting American at dinner. He be asking about lambs.
 One of the lounges

 The cheek!
 The hotel grounds

 More inside the hotel

Can you believe that sneaky cat! Mum and TNP went after work so had to get in their room and get ready for dinner quick. You is not allowed to wear jeans or t-shirts or trainers, so I suprised they let them in. hehe! You sit in one lounge to order your food and have canape’s and a drink, then you go through for dinner and then you go to a different lounge for coffee or tea and some petit fours. Mum just loves looking at all the little details that they took such care over ‘back then’ like the door handle bits and windows… she also tooked a piccure of in one of the lounges there be drawings of dogs, and they had little plaques saying they was by the ‘proprieter’ when he be 16. Guess that why it allows dogs huh?

Here some pics of the food, not good piccures, cos Mum just tooked a little camera.

 TNP had lots of kinds of mushrooms on his beef dinner and he picked out two baby ones for Mum cos he knows she likes mini things, like the little mini doggies she makes.

 Pudding, Mum’s favourite!

 And the tiny petit fours.

The next day they went round Windermere and met some swans! They also went in a little sweet shop and Mum bought some fudge. I got a little of that.

The drive home! Back to me! They both had a very good time!
~lickies, Ludo


22 thoughts on “Mum and TNP’s trip

  1. wow Ludo, that looks like a beautiful place to visit. I agree, you should have been able to go especially because they had that kitty there. We will keep our paws crossed that you get to go on the next. trip.Bert

  2. Yummy food, and so nicely presented.Looks like a wonderful place to stay, but it is always nice to come home (to our dogs!).

  3. Wow that is some fancy place that TNP took Mum. Gail says she wishes she could find some TNP to take her fine dining, but I tell her she wouldn't enjoy it if I couldn't come too. Would she??Toodle pip! Bertie.

  4. What a beautiful place Mum and TNP visited! The view was beautiful and the grounds were just spectacular. Now that food sure made our mouths water and drool. Too bad you couldn't go, but we think you wouldn't like being in the room all alone. They probably would have made you wear a tuxedo too:)Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. That looks like such a pawsome place to visit and the food looked so yummy. I think you could have hidden under the table and they could of fed you little tid-bits…..did they even bring a doggie-bag home for you or a treat???? What a lovely setting it was in – glad they had a wonderful time – even if they did leave you home.

  6. Wow!!! Gorgeous photos! I think I might be deprived. This is under advisement… of course,here in the USA.with love from the Bleu!

  7. Wow! The place looks so beautiful and the foods are so well presented! So glad that your mom and TNP had a great vacation but I'm sure they are very happy to be home with you again!

  8. Posh nosh and a posh place,mom says that they got chucked out of a place once because dad was wearing jeans!! he says stuff um lol!!!Hope you get to go with them next time to a place that lets dogs in :)Have a good weekSee Yea George xxx

  9. WOW that place is breathtaking! Mommy said you are very lucky to visit such a fancy place! I however, was focused more on those desserts! I drooled a little into the keyboard…..I hope It doesn't surge up! BOL!

  10. WOW! That hotel looks like a haunted house. But the inside of it is beautiful! Your hoomies room was gorgeous & so grand looking. You should have been allowed to go along. A kitty was in there so I don't see why doggies aren't allowed in there too.

  11. What a beautiful place! Would have been even more beautiful with YOU..but oh well! I think it's OK for Mom and TNP to have some time together while you wait for them. Makes them miss you and love you more!

  12. Love the photos-just beautiful!!We are ketch'up on bloggys and also wanted to thank you for the visit on our bloggy for our sissy Josie–Your comment was comforting to us,IzZY, TriXie and Anakin Man

  13. Finally! We finally had time to come and read this post properly! We have been saving it up because we always LOVE your trips away in the English countryside and we wanted to savour it properly – hee! hee!Oh! Oh! Hsin-Yi is SO envious – she loves staying in places like that too! All old and pretty and quaint, she says. She loves old houses and all the pictures look so beautiful! And the food! It all looked SCRUMPTIOUS!!!! My humans really like their food too – hee! hee! – so they can totally understand basing a holiday around food! Ha! Hsin-Yi says she really wishes she got the chance to visit the Lake District before they left the UK – she always wanted to because she heard so much about it but never got around to it before my humans emigrated! Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  14. Time travel! I was in2015 and now find myself in a beautiful place in 2011! This place is elegant and just my cuppa tea. Ludo, no pups would have accompanied me either. Some places you just don’t want to worry about what you pups might be up to!


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