Whitehaven Festival

We is hasing this thing in my local town at the moment called Whitehaven festival. I not really sure what it be, but Mum says it has music at night but it has lots of attractions like a fair ground and a ‘continental market’ and a ‘made in Cumbria market’ and things like that and we should go and check it out.
Grandmaw and TNP had to work on the day Mum didn’t so we dragged Grandpaw along. They closed off the car parks for the festival so I went on one of these.

Mum said I might get dizzy looking into the over carriage, but I didn’t.

It only a short journey but the train be very busy, usually it a very quiet train from my village. Mum picked me up on and off, in case I fell down the gap.

There lots of people but I likes looking around and seeing the others dogs, efurrytime I seed a people with some food I did my best cute face and everyone gived me a little titbit. You could see some dogs were getting so stressy and scared and one black lab had her tail right between her legs, I wanted to say hello but Mum said no and tutted at her owners.

This dog be quite happy though.
Whitehaven be a working harbour which calls itself a ‘historic harbour’ and George Washington’s Grandmother be buried here. All the boats got decorated, they had a best dressed boat contest but I didn’t see that, and they had air plains doin’ tricks but I couldn’t see them and they had these tall ships.
There be some weird people things, like spider childrens climbing up a wall and this robot thingy what made loud music. But the best bit all the free samples from all the stall holders. Only I didn’t like some trout pate and I think they mighta got a bit insulted that I spat it out. hehe!

Mum made Grandpaw go in a pretend helicopter.

I think he liked it. Mum says I look a bit stressy in this pic and I guess in a way I did be stressy, but in a happy over stimulated way rather than in a scaredy way. Some dog peoples think that we dogs should avoid all stress, even things that make us all excitable like tennis balls, and Mum does agree when I get too excited about my toys she takes them away because then I start being naughty but Mum thinks it good to expose us to busy bustling situations so that we don’t get all scared about them like the scaredy lab did, it nice for us to be able to go to places with our peoples and like Honey says life all about constantly socialising us to all different things, like kids with crisp packets and balloons and robots and loud music and peoples nearly treading on me. The only time I got proper stressed be when a little childrens person with a balloon skipped right into me, we wasn’t even in the crowd, we was on a grassy bit whilst Grandpaw looked at some display cars and she tried to steal the balloon hanging on a car, I backed out her way but she ran off and I had to scoot out the way quick! Mum just hates seeing childrens running around without their peoples. Imagine, anything could happen to them and they is annoying. Mum told the little girl off for trying to taking the balloon (in a nice way of course). BOL! 
We got a burger too and I ate like half of grandpaws beef burger.

I think smelling it cooking be the longest wait of my life!! I did barkings!
Mum bought some honey roasted nuts from this man (not in piccure) and he asked her to send the photo to him too. 
Then, and Mum says this the excitingest bit about the post, I met a celebrity! A very interesting one acoss he a celebrity for cooking foods. See, although the Whitehaven festival has music at night, during the day it about the food, so they had a guest speaker who did cooking demonstrations, which I couldn’t go and watch, but he be selling a book, using Cumbrian ingredients (Cumbrian cooks and food makers is very proud of their produce) so we got it signed for TNP. They asked Mum if she wanted a piccure with him, but she said, well actually, I want a piccure with my dog. So he comed out of the shop with his security guard.
Mum nearly chopped me off look, cos she nervous. He shook Grandpaw’s hand and said he looked good for his age. BOL! I see that little children person has good taste and be looking at me and not the celebrity. He called Jean Christophe-Novelli. TNP liked his book and he and Mum went and watched his cooking demonstration without me today. Mum said he very funny and made very delicious food!
Then me and Grandpaw and Mum got back on the train, it a lot quieter coming back and we got a seat and I lied down right in the aisle and peoples had to step over me. hehe!
Mum said I did very very good and I let lots of people stroke me and I didn’t freak out at all and I ate so much I nearly didn’t even need dinner. 
~lickies, Ludo
pee ess: Our internets still not working right and Mum getting grumpier and grumpier at it. This post took us like 300 years to do! 

30 thoughts on “Whitehaven Festival

  1. Wow !!! What a MOST excellent adventure you went on Ludo. I can't even imagine how busy it must of been and how special are you to get your picture taken with a celebrity. I bet all that nibbling on tasty treats was really good!

  2. Wow Ludo, that makes you 304 years old..right? What a great trip. How cool you could ride on the train. I don't think they let dogs go on our trains. Cool to meet the celebrity cook! And a good gift for TNP indeed!

  3. Fantastic adventure Ludo! You got to see so much and eat so much! How lucky you are! And I was looking at you in the photo with the celebrity too because to me, you are a celebrity! πŸ™‚

  4. What a brillant day you all had Ludo and getting to meet a top celebrity chef too! We're very impressed!take careClive and Murray

  5. You Brit dogs are really lucky ducks, you and Bertie for two, to be able to ride on trains. Here its no dice for dogs. If I want to take my dog on the bus to the vet, I have to have her in a carrier and she is a big girl, so you can imagine how hard that is. She would just sit by me and behave if she didn't have to be confined.Glad you had lots of fun and minded your manners!Cheers,Jo and Stella, the good girl.

  6. Looks like you had lots of fun. And you met a celebrity! Hope he gave you some food too!Lots of licksSally and PaddyPS We believe dogs should be able to go everywhere and take their people with them – we love going out and are very well behaved on the train too!

  7. It seems you had a super interesting and fun-filled day at the festival.How I wish the place I live in is a doggy friendly place so I could have some train rides and visit most of the places my humans go.

  8. What a great trip, Ludo!! How awesome that you got to ride on a train.. neither Hershey nor I have been on one. :(I agree with you that the little kid's got great taste. He knows who the REAL celebrity is! **wink**

  9. Wow ludo you got to go on a train and that cooking guy, he was very nice holding you so mom could take a photo, mom says she would be shaking to!!!Have a good weekSee Yea George xxx

  10. Hi Ludo Guess what? I am commenting here from on the train, on our way back to Aberdeen. We have just gone past Arbroath. But I do wish Gail had read your post before we got to Edinburgh. We changed trains there and can you believe I nearly fell down 'the gap'. That aside, it's all been great fun – with lots of treats. Looks like your day at the festival was great fun too. Gail says you are lucky to live in a part of the country with such fine local produce. (I do hope she'll take me there some day).Toodle pip! Bertie (now a seasoned traveller on the East Coast line).

  11. That looks like an exciting adventure, Ludo (even if that train photo brought back some horrible memories from yesterday and Friday!). Lola is a pain on train journeys, glad to see you aren't πŸ™‚

  12. Thanks for sharing your adventures. Looks like everyone had a great time. And your mum is right. Socialization is not only fun…it's a very good thing!Patwww.critteralley.blogspot.com

  13. Wow. I wish me and Maisie could go on a train. i think we would behave ourselves. that was a great adventure. Did you tell the famous guy that you are famous too? We saw your comment on our blog. yes, we are still here, and mom's camera is still broke, and i don't know what she is doing about fixing it. she should get a new one. your gal, Morgan

  14. How cool was that- you got to go to the festival. You looked like you had so much fun! I think you looked great in your photo with the celebrity – at least you didn't blink or anything like that for the photo. But I'm sure that would have even made a great photo too. From, Lassiter Chase the Sheltie

  15. Oh Ludo! What a very, very, VERY exciting day!!!!! And you got to go on a train! You lucky pup! I have never been on a train before, although partly because they often do this "size discrimination" thing where if they allow doggies, it is only for doggies that can be picked up and carried in a carrier or something stupid like that! Phooey!Anyway, that looks like the most exciting place to visit – a festival! Imagine! That must be like the Ultimate Challenge in socialisation! I think you did amazingly – I think it would have freaked out a lot of doggies – although I so agree with you that it's good for us doggies to keep having small challenges all the time, so we keep learning new socialisation skills and never forget our old ones! I actually think you look very relaxed in all your photos – in fact, you look like you're smiling! :)Oh, Hsin-Yi giggled when she read about your human wanting YOU with the celebrity – ha! ha! – that would be just like her! She always thought that if she ever met Hugh Jackman in Sydney (her dream!) – she would only want him to take a picture with me – to put on my blog – ha! ha!It's awesome that the festival allowed doggies – when my humans go to markets and stuff here, they often see a big sign saying "NO DOGS" – so really, there are such few opportunities for us doggies to socialise properly – and then they wonder why we get so fearful of things and behave so badly – well, they never give us a chance to learn, do they??!!Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

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