A very British Summer Day

We actually got a bit of summer over here in Cumbria. 3 Whole days of it! I know, amazing! Now it back to wind and rain though. Of course, we took advantage of this rare bit of warm weather by having a barbeque. That were someone cooks food outside and everyone else ques up to eat it.

Me and Mum headed over to TNP’s house. Her hands were full so I had to carry my own lead.

Mum sat in the sun and read a book whilst me and TNP watched the tennis Final. After Murray went out Mum didn’t care about the tennis anymore. I didn’t like her watching it anyway cos she got all tense and stressy at the ‘where’s the remote’.

Later Grandmaw and Grandpaw and Auntie Penny came round to help us eat the food. I do not think we needed their help, especially Penny’s but at least it be more people to get scraps from.

We had a little disposable bbq, TNP’s busy fixing his garden so it not looking it’s best at the moment he worried about showing it but I said you alls will not mind.

TNP cooked the food very well, it be delicious! I think bbq’s is pawfect for dogs because it all about sausages and burgers and chicken and meat meat meat! Of course Mum had a pretend veggie burger and a corn on the cob instead. More for me!

Auntie Penny got so so happy at being included she just bounded around everywhere, I don’t think she sat still for one second, she pranced around on his slippy floors and bounded in and out the garden. Auntie Penny did not like when we looked after her when Grandpawents went on holiday, she didn’t mind the looking after, but the being left alone when Mum went to work.

Mum did us some kongs, to keep us quiet, I ate them both! Auntie Penny kept jumping up and skidding about and falling over on the slippy floor.

We got lots of bits of bbq!

Mum also did the very British thing of getting sunburned! She so silly!
My internets is still not working, Grandmaw let us borrow her computer for this post. We can get on sometimes to have a quick catch up but then it dies, so I can’t really comment to my furiends, I really miss you  all!!
~lickies, Ludo


22 thoughts on “A very British Summer Day

  1. Great bbq fun for all, Ludo!!! We had a bbq here over our holiday weekend too, but we didn't see any yummy sausages. Penny looks like she was very happy to be there with you and all the family. Thanks for sharing your fun time. Hope the internets get fixed soon.Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. We love bbq Ludo! It is delish. So glad that you got to enjoy it. Aunt Penny looks very excited about the whole thing. BOL that you got both Kongs.Your friends,Niamh & Ambrose

  3. Hi Ludo,What a great time you had. Auntie Penny looks like she was enjoying herself lots too. And little wonder, with all that meat floating around! I am still waiting to be invited to my first barbecue. But our weather here is even worse than yours, so the opportunity does not arise very often. Toodle pip! Bertie.PS Hope your internets gets better soon.

  4. Looks like you all had a great time at the BBQ! I feel sorry for your mum – I got sunburned the other day too. I hope you're more considerate of her burns than my dogs are of mine!

  5. Aren't barbeques the BEST – and that cooking smell – my dogness you just about float on it!!! You looked like you had a pawsome time. Did you see my new baby brother Denny?

  6. Ahhhh we LOVE BBQ!! We can see lots of smiles around BBQ. Auntie Penny looks so happy, too.Our dad sometime tells about 'British thingy' and one of them was a sunbathing. 🙂 :)Happy Wednesday!Momo & Pinot

  7. Hey Ludo:We all seem to have internet problems from one time to the next, so we can understand yours!Glad you had a nice BBQ and wishes you lots of love,Stella, Mom and Ali Zkhat

  8. We miss you lots Ludo, but you sure do look like you are gettin lots of BBQ snackums!!Auntie Penny made the momma laugh with her antics.We can't wait 'til you are back!Sugar the Who

  9. LudoIt's gweat to see you having a lovely summews's cookout and get togethew..I don't get to do that hewe, but am hoping a visit to some fwiends might give me a taste of outdoow cooking andfunsmoochie kissesAStapee ess..i hope youw intewnetses get fixed vewy soon

  10. We seem to be having problems posting on blogs at the moment so paws crossed yours will work!We just love BBQ's and we loved seeing you and Aunt Penny enjoy the fun.We could almost sniff the sausages and the burgers, yum!Great pics and the garden looked fine to us.loveMartha and Bailey xxx

  11. Ooh, Ludo – that looks like a great day and so sunny that it almost doesn't look like England! Tee! Hee! Do you know that I have never been to a proper BBQ? Well, not one outside in a garden anyway. My humans don't have one (and who would dare let Hsin-Yi near a babecue? She is bad enough with the stove indoors!) – and so I've only been with them to friends who had BBQ's but they just cooked it outside and then brough it all inside to eat on the dining table…where's the fun in that?! I had to giggle over the way you described Auntie Penny slipping & bouncing & sliding – such a funny image! :-)Slobbers,Honey the Great Daneps, when you get your internet working again, be sure you check out my two posts about my humans' adventures in NZ coz Hsin-Yi took loads of pictures that I think your Mum would enjoy!

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