Lots and lots of steps

Last sunday me and Mum and TNP went to lake Buttermere again. We had not gone for a nice long walk somewhere in the car for ages so I got very excited and whined a bit in TNP’s van.

We got to the lake and I wanted to go go go!


TNP threw a stick into the water for me, but there be quite a lot of peoples around cos of it getting to summer, the tourists has started arriving and TNP doesn’t like lots of people being around cos they scares away the birds and things that he likes to photograph.

We seed some steps going up through the woods that didn’t have people on so Mum said lets go up there. They looked like they just went up a little bit, but they kept going and going and going and Mum got wored out!

We thought they was never going to end! Luckily TNP much cleverer than Mum and brings a map with him, he looked at it and we found that the steps would have kept going for ages and ages, up to the top of the fell, so we got to the top of the trees and stopped for a rest. Mum not really a hard core walker, she more of a casual stroller, maybe one day we will go back and do the whole thing, but it did make for a pretty view, even half way up.

Me, above Buttermere
We seed some pretty plants on the way up, and lots of sheeps which wander through the undergrowth. I wonder how the farmers find them? They must has some very clever sheep dogs. I doesn’t want to chase the sheeps, sometimes if one gets scared and runs in front of me I want to chase it but Mum always uses her mean voice and says ‘leave it!’

Cool purple fun guys.

We came back down and walked through the woods, had some sandwiches and then back past the lake for more stick throwing. I had a great time!!

Well, our internets working a little bit better but still not a lot, and then when it does sometimes blogger bees silly and we can’t leave comments anyway. Grr! I is reading what I can and trying to keep up.

~lickies, Ludo


37 thoughts on “Lots and lots of steps

  1. A beautiful walk Ludo.I would have loved to join you on the steps, but I don't think my mom would be to happy going up all of them!!!That fun guy looks like Aliens!!Have a good weekSee You soon George xxx

  2. I loved the picture of you and Mum and TNP up high! I am sure being there was well worth the climb! Who put all those steps there??Kisses,Stella

  3. George the Lad would love to see your steps there. Very cool place to walk, but we can see where it would be very tiring. Great scenic view from where you stopped. We think we might want to chase those sheep too, and yes, we would get that silly "leave it" too.Happy Sunday.Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. What a gorgeous place to go, Ludo!!!I just love England because the view there is gorgeous, especially where you live, and the best part is, doggies are allowed!

  5. Those are really gorgeous photos! Looks like you had a blast there! I really need to get on with my driving so I can start taking my girls to more fun places. 🙂

  6. Wow Ludo – what a gorgeous place you went to – we can understand why you squeaked when you got there; we would have been yellin' too! Lots of stairs and sheeps and such – you are such a good boy to "leave it"! Look forward to more of your trips!xoxoxooxSammie, Avalon adn oz

  7. Oh, how lucky you are to be there at the Lake District!!(At least, I presume that is where you are…) I once spent a lovely time near Kendal in an old tollhouse. It was so fantastic – except for the fighter jets that used to sweep past every now and then, exciting but deafening.

  8. ludo!wowsers, that was the view from only half way up all those stairs? how pretty is that! i can only imagine what the view would be like from the tippy top! you are very full of the manners to not chase the sheepies. i don't know if i would have listened if my mama said "leave it". TEEHEEHEE.*woof*the booker man

  9. Oh Ludo – that view! It would have been worth any number of steps! And you say that was only halfway up? I can't imagine what it must be like at the top!! Tell your human that you must go one day so you can take a photo to show us!! :-)My humans don't like it either when there are lots of other people about (that's why they liked NZ so much – it was always so EMPTY – hee! hee!). You know, the other day, I got a stupid comment on one of my old YouTube videos of me walking back in Auckland and the person complained that our dog parks seemed so empty and how theirs was always full of doggies…and we just thought, "Stupid – that's exactly how we like it!"Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  10. Hiya Ludo! Just stopping by to say hi. My peoples are going to be on the Kennet and Avon Canal all next week and guess who gets to go with them? ME!

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