A walk

Well, I still has no internets, I is round at grandmaws pinching hers, but as you know it takes hours to catch up with blogs when you get behind and Grandmaw wants her computer back. It making Mum glum and we is wondering how effuryone be doing. How big is the collie puppies now? What about Chewie and Denny, do all furs be keeping well and happy and eating good? No attacks from seizure of cancer monsters? It very stressful! Mum trying to think what to do, but we can only get ‘pay as you go’ internets in our house, we can’t take out a contract, so the company doesn’t really care about fixing our problem.

TNP has goned on hol-ee-day without me, well, Mum says that, but i don’t really believe her so I is looking out for TNP shaped peoples on walks and I will not move until I has made sure it not him.

Before he went we tooked a nice walk, up the beach cliffs to the RSPB nature reserve. I could not see any birds, so I just laid down when we got there. You will has to wait for TNP’s piccures to see any actual birds. BOL!

On the way back TNP must have got tired, cos he went for a lie down in the grass. I went with him. Not cos I was tired, but just for moral support. You know..

~Missing you lickies, Ludo!


17 thoughts on “A walk

  1. LudoToo bad about your internets. That looks like a lovely walk. Gail (the old fuss pot) is saying she hopes you were careful and did not go too close to those steep and dangerous looking cliffs..Toodle pip! Bertie.

  2. Hi Ludo!I have been thinking about you so Iwas not surprised to see your blog today! I must have wished you to appear! Internet people are a nightmare, it took me so long to get mine fixed but now (knock on wood!) it is doing pretty good.Your walk was very pretty, its been too hot here for walkings! Say hi to your Mom and hugs all around!Stella, Jo and Zkhat

  3. We miss you too Ludo – we wish we could give you some internet at your house that would work. Those were totally pawsome photo – what a great place for walkies and you looking very big dog now with you coat all grown in a full. Handsome is what you be.

  4. Hi Ludo! I don't blame you for laying down in the grass for moral support — that place looked huge and looked like a lot of hiking! You always have such nice adventures! I think I even saw sheep in the background of one of your photos — awesome! I like your big smile in the first photo too!

  5. Puter problems are the worst! We miss you to Ludo!! Hope TNP is home again now. Cause you seem like you like him a lot! Bet Mom does too…

  6. Hi Ludo, you are looking very handsome, as usual. Guess what? Mom finally got a new card, and a battery for our camera, and she has been taking some pictures of us, so maybe I will get to blog soon! Your gal, Morgan

  7. I know we silly Americans don't always understand where things are in the rest of the world but I was watching the news last night and thinking of you and your family and friends…as they say the rioting is spreading north? Please stay safe Ludo and Mom and TNP and Auntie Penny and Grandma and Grandpa!!!

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