Gosforth Agriculture Show

Hurro, yes it me! Ludo! Remember?
hehe! Well I still here and I has lots to report on, like how I went with Mum and Grandpaw to a place called Blackpool and a Dog Dancing show and what TNP bought me back from hol-ee-day and lots of other stuffs, but I only get so long to steal other peoples internets and TNP said I could borrow his and so I decided to post about where we went on Sunday, to Gosforth show.

TNP had some friends staying with him this weekend and I couldn’t stay over cos one of them had the lergics but I got to go to the beach with them twice and to the show. They had two small childrens with them and I did not do any barkings or growlings at them, Mum says I is making good progress with children. Mostly I tried to ignore them, although I did make sure to touch their hands every now and then like I has been taught to do to feel safe around strange peoples… and to check if they had any food. They fed me lots! Mum says the T-touch handling work we has been doing in classes has really helped my confidence. All I know is I get treats for letting Tracey touch me in funny ways!

Anyways, you want to hear about the show!

It a thing for farmers and countrysider peoples but us other peoples and dogs can come too. We got there a bit late cos of waiting for the childrens so we missed a lot but it beed very hot anyways so I didn’t mind. They has all different categories of things to judge like who can grow the biggest or bestest vegetable and make the yummiest cake and stuff like who has the best sheep. They also had a tractor contest and a proper dog show (, you know, no neutering allowed. A rhodesian ridgeback got best in show) and horse agility contests and other things like dressing up your horse. It had other fun stuff for childrens to do too, all designed to get as much money out of the pawrents as possible Mum says. hehe!

Mum got lots of piccures and I met lots of other doggies.

Including a big collie me!

The childrens had fun!

I picked up lots of dropped food from the floor very quickly before Mum got the mean old leave it in.

I seed lots of animals.

The Sheep at the end pen stamped their feets at me! I’s not ascared of you big bully sheeps cos I a shetland rabbit dog!!

Mum liked these ladies.

The pretty girl in the red be quite young and I think her Daddy be very proud of her, he got her to move around for a better piccure.

TNP liked these…

Home after wards in my crate in TNP’s van. I still has to get used to it, but I like that I can see Mum and TNP now.

So that be Gosforth show.

– Still Missing you lickies, Ludo


15 thoughts on “Gosforth Agriculture Show

  1. Wow! That looked like lots of fun! In the second picture I couldn't tell where you were and the collie was — you both blended together nicely. I love the picture of you with the sheep or ram or whatever animal that was with the horns. You must have had a great holiday!

  2. Hello little buddy – we sure do miss you !!!!!!!!! It looks like you are keeping busy with lots of adventures though as what a pawsome sheep. Those sheep looked a bit odd – I guess they call them golden but they looked awfully yellow to me 🙂 🙂 I hope you did some barking at them and told them off for stamping their foots at you – who do those sheep think they are huh?

  3. Hurro, Ludo this is the first time that I get to comment on your post. I loved the pictures, especially of the Collies. The one looks like you and the other like Grrreat Auntie Essex. ShermanPS- Essex & Dog Dad say Hurro too.

  4. What fun!! You're so lucky Ludo. I'm not sure we're allowed to bring dogs to our country fairs. Tucker and Beckett would sure like to go though.

  5. That Collie really looks like you, Ludo! The fair must be fun and what a great opportunity to greet all the cool animals. We like the way how Ms Goat looks at the camera. 🙂 :)Momo & Pinot

  6. Amei voces e o blog.TÔ SEGUINDO.Venha conhecer o meu blog e me SEGUIR também, ficarei muito feliz com sua amizade.Te espero com amor…Aus 1000 do Brasil…KIPPY

  7. Good to see you again. Looks like you have been having some fun.Re your comment: We feared there would be some dissension over cat domination. One of these days we'll have to do a post on dogs and the internet. 🙂

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