Blackpool – a strange English place

Hurro! Guess what!
Nope…. nope…. guess again. Yup, you got it, I gots my internets back. Although I is actually at TNP’s house now, but it mean I can keep up with my furiends again.

Now in about the middle of August me Mum and grandpaw went to a dog dancing show in a place called Blackpool, Mum needs to get the piccures of that together properly, but I thought I would show you a bit about Blackpool, cos it quite a strange place.

We stayed over night in a little b&b called The Chesterfield, with very nice people running it, they liked me a lot! As you know I be something of a hotel expert now and this one be pretty good. Our room be up lots of steps so no fun lift, but I does like the steps. It just a little room, but it did us fine. Grandpaw slept on the double bed and Mum had the bunk bed, really she shoulda gone on the top bit and left me the bottom, but you try telling them these things.

We went out for an explore. Blackpool famous for something called the ‘pleasure beach’ which has fast rides and amusements and general other noisy horrible things for people to do. It also has lots of little hotels and clubs and stuff and a popular holiday destination for people to go for nights out and ‘stag’ and ‘hen’ parties, which be what people do to be a bit silly before becoming all serious and married, so a bit strange for a doggy like me. It do have a beach too but no dogs allowed on it!

It also famous for it’s horse and carriage rides and the donkey rides on the beach. Mum and Grandpaw felt a bit sorry for the horse trotting up and down up and down. I sure they get to go somewhere nice at the end of the day and maybe they likes hasing a job. But still, plus Mum didn’t think it looked too romantic going up and down the busy street. Anyway we had a good walk around then went back to the hotel for a rest then we went out for dinner. Here I is sitting with Grandpaw waiting for our food to come.

Yum! I got some chips and some of Granpaws burger.

Anyways, I did be very good and only barked in the hotel once at a strange noise. We went into the bar and everybody loved me and wanted to stoke me and I did some tricks for them and they clapped. Only Mum wouldn’t let me sit on the sofa with her, so I had to sit on the floor!

I liked my trip in Blackpool cos I like doing new things and exploring! Next day we went to the dog show and seed some very clever doggies dancing. Maybe I will get to enter myself next time!

~lickies, Ludo


18 thoughts on “Blackpool – a strange English place

  1. Hi LudoGreat report on Blackpool, I've not been but mom and dad has. If you are used to the countryside like you are them yes it would be strange and the noise's to, mom says you did well ;)Hope you are going to show us some more? like the dancing dogsSee Yea Soon George xxx

  2. Were you at FITdogs, Ludo? I'm hoping to get Lola into some things there when she's older and better behaved. You looked like you were having a blast dancing with your mum!Coincidentally, I was in Blackpool myself yesterday. I hope you got a lot of blackpool rock to eat!

  3. What an awesome place to go and visit and you look so happy – I bet you had a pawsome time. My Mom remembers going to Blackpool when she was very little (it must of been centuries ago) and she remembers getting "stick of rock" there. I hope we see more of you now – sure have missed your happy face.

  4. Come to think of it, my dogs have never stayed in a hotel! I probably wouldn't let them sit on the couch either! LOLHave a nice weekend!xxooDeborah

  5. Hey, Ludo, you rascal! I have missed you very much. I hope you are back now and here to stay. You look like you were having a fine time with some good eats. This Blackpool looks like an interesting place! We hope you get pics of the dancers!Kisses,Stella

  6. Glad to see you have been traveling again and got to stay in a hotel and see a dog dancing show! And I am happy you have your internet back (or at least TNPs internet) – I missed hearing from you!

  7. Hi Ludo That Blackpool does sound like a great place to explore. THe fish and chips looks SO tasty. I asked Gail if we could go there some time and she said "over my dead body Bertie". So I guess that's a no. Aren't some people narrow minded and prejudiced…Oh I am so looking forward to seeing the dancing dogs.Toodle pip!Bertie.

  8. Hi Ludo – I've FINALLY managed yo pop over to say hello! What a cool post on Blackpool – Hsin-Yi used to hear a lot about that placre when she used to live in England. She always feels really sorry for those donkeys & ponies in those places – whe she still lived in Englabd, she used to give her spare money paper to a place called The Donkey Sanctuary, which takes in old working donkeys and makes sure that at least they have a nice place to live & some TLC at the end of their lives. Oooh – I can't wait to hear more about the doggie dancing!! And you know, I think all this travelling around you're doing is really helping you vecome a more confident doggie – I mean, Blackpool sounds like such a crowded busy place and you always told me youget a bit stressy in those places but now you sound like an old pro – hee! hee! Oh! And I know all about those beaches that don't allow doggies…grrr…Australia is full of them!!Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

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