My Pawsome Presents!

A few days ago I got a wonderful surprise from the man post man. Of course I chased him off good cos you can never tell if it that one called ‘Bill’ or the one who brings nice stuff, so I like to bark really loudly just in case.

Anyways, I got a really great gift box from my pals over at Beans4Biscuits, Sugar the Who, Butter the bean, Hannibal the Moose and Uncle Freddy. These is my prizes for the snooter contest only we already got a really cool prize of sponsoring a rescue rabbit in our name so we really didn’t expect this what with our no internets blogging absence and all too.

Inside be great stuff, two cool new stuffies, treats for me and the rabbit-dogs and chews for them too. They really like their stuff so I had to snap my teeths at them a couple of times to show then who be the boss and who gets the bestest stuff. I know not to actually bite them though, I think Mum would go mental!!

See, we is sponsoring Rocky, who look just like Faline. Infact, I could probably swap them over and maybe get two nice siblings, Molly and the Faline-alike and not have to put up with mean old bully bunny Faline. Do you think Mum would notice? No, I doesn’t think so either.

Pesky Rabbit-dogs!

Thank you so much Beans 4 biscuits for my wonderful presents!
~Lickies, Ludo
Pee ess, we took some treats round to Auntie Penny too, she liked them.


12 thoughts on “My Pawsome Presents!

  1. What cool presents. We have only seen wild bunnies in our yard. Mom never invites them in to play. It is cool you have made friends.

  2. I am glad that you shared your goodies with Aunty Penny too. Youare a very nice boy, Ludo. Does Faline still thump you when she loses her temper with you?Congrats, Ludo, for getting such a nice surprise box!Cheers and hugs,Stella

  3. We are sure happy you got your prizes Ludo! I tried to pre-share some of those goodies (cause i just knew you wouldn't mind) but the momma packed them up too quick!The bunny-dog that lives here (PorkPie) is VERY bossy but me and him are still good friends. We like to get on the bed and snuffle through the blankets together. He doesn't even mind when I give him kisses on his head!Sugar the Who

  4. Wow! What a nice box of presents! You sure got a lot of stuff! Mommy said the bunnies are so cute — Mommy is mad at me cause there was a wild bunny in our yard and I chased it. Thankfully the bunny escaped into our neighbor's yard. Mommy was so mad at me for chasing the bunny. (Well I didn't know.)

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