Hunting Wildlife, with TNP

Hurro, more from my Hol-ee-day in Scotland up in Argyll.
Now as long time readers will know when me and Mum and TNP goes on holiday we likes to go out hunting for wild life and then TNP tries to shoot them (with his camera). Mum does not really try cos her camera not so good as TNP’s and they would just be little blobs, but she official spotter. You has to be very careful when hunting for wildlike and do sneakings around and no barkings or chasings. We especially like to try and find squirrels. Now I know lots of you like to chase squirrels but you is not allowed to chase these ones because they is called ‘red’ and that makes them special for some reason cos there nor many left in Britain and none down in the south. They look pretty scrawny anyway and always run up trees so really it more fun to just sniff things. I has got very good at squirrel hunting and I do it by just lying down and looking not interested and then I don’t get moaned at. Of course I always spot them first.

Mum and TNP was very pleased on this hol-ee-day cos they seed a squirrel on everyday and we even had one come in our garden.

I has more piccures from Mum but I thought I would show you these ones from TNP’s camera first cos they make Mum and TNP happy.

First, we stayed in a lovely little cottage with a big garden. It be comfy and cozy and we all liked it a lot. The sofa’s is cream coloured so of course Mum said no Ludo’s on sofa’s. But she went into the kitchen and came back and there I be, snuggled up next to TNP, on the sofa. So that didn’t last very long.

See how good I is at posing, I got on this convenient rock in the garden all by myself.

There a bird feeder outside the kitchen window and Mum and TNP liked to look out of it. I didn’t mind cos they keeps the food in the kitchen so it a good place to hang out. Although I did get very annoyed at Mum chucking food for the birds outside and not letting me eat it. Even If I doesn’t like peanuts.

Here some bird feeder pics. They might not seem like special kinds of animals to some of you who live in more exotic locations than me and see lots of things, but to us in England they is pretty exciting and TNP sounded kind of like he does when he watches football when the Woodpecker flew in and the squirrel came to visit.

Great Tit

They is pretty cute huh and very ascared of peoples, but probably nicer than Faline. He thought all his Crispmasses had come at once Mum said with all the nuts they put out. Even though he kind of black and grey he still a red kind of squirrel, you can tell by his shape and size. Grey ones is bigger.

Mum loves his little hands, which hard to compete with cos I not a rodent and so I has paws and so I is not so cute as squirrels by Mum’s standards which not very fair really.

We had some rainy days but then we had some sunny days and we went to a place called Benmore Botanical Gardens. We walked all day long, through woods and plants and big trees and finally at about 5 o’clock we seed a squirrel. By this time I be so tired I had to lie down all the time.

Mum likes this little guy the bestest cos he has a cute face. TNP said something about the light and the wildlife not co-operating. They probably needs some trainings and to go to posing class 101 like us doggies has to.

Here some piccures from Benmore, it very pretty, lots of interesting smells and quite a few doggies. Only I couldn’t go off lead. Apart from when Mum let me anyway in the wood bits.

We also went to another gardens called Ardkinglas and seed another squirrel!! I did chase this one a little, just to sniff it. Well, it just instinct. It thought I wanted it’s chestnut. But I didn’t. It not a patch on a chicken wing! We also seed the tallest tree in Britain there. Mum has piccures of that it even taller than Honey!

After Benmore I got really tired and my legs wouldn’t work anymore, I just had to sleep! I sat myself on the sofa in the dining room and after dinner when Mum and TNP went into the living room I wanted to go too, but my leggies were just too tired. So I cried and barked and Mum came through and carried me into my bed in the living room. You just had to know how to work them. I tried them same thing when they went to bed and TNP wanted to get me but Mum said no so I just had to drag myself up the stairs. TNP lifted me onto the bed though. Well, they shouldn’t have wored me out looking for squirrels for so long!

At Ardkinglass we also seed this weird little bird. He looked like a mouse running up the tree when Mum spotted him, but he a little bird called a tree creeper.

On one of my wored out nights Mum and TNP went out to dinner at an oyster bar so I got some peace and slept well and almost didn’t even wake up when they came back. Mum said they had really nice fresh fish, though she didn’t think much of her oyster. They oysters come from here, Loch Fyne and we went down and took some piccures of the sunset.

 Now TNP’s favourite piccure. This little robin fellow sat and watched us and wondered if we was gonna try and steal his patch! He look different to the American robins huh?

lickies, Ludo

24 thoughts on “Hunting Wildlife, with TNP

  1. What a great hol-e-day you had!! And gorgeous photos! The squirrels are very cute Ludo, but not as cute as YOU! What wonderful landscape you have! And no that robin doesn't look at all like the ones we have here! Great shots!

  2. Beautiful shots. How impressive that you are so controlled. Bailey and Katy love to great everything they meet.We had a red squirrel in the house. Bailey and Katy while brave when the squirrels are outside were terrified when it got in the basement.

  3. What a pretty spot for a hol-e-day! How unfair for your people to make you walk up the stairs after all the restraint you showed in not chasing squirlies. Glad you had a nice time.Puppy Love,Jasmine and Winstin

  4. Wow, Ludo- TNP does an awesome job with his flashy beast – those are just amazing photo, all of them. Mom says she would love to stay in a cute cottage like that, we think it would be fun to go exploring (and chase those squirrels, but we really didn't say that). Thanks so much for sharing that wonderful holiday you had.Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. Great pictures, TNP! Do you know the names of the birds, especially that first one with the avocado green and then black/white stripe?I love to know the names of all the birds from all over and I write them down in my bird book!Ludo, I am so glad the three of you had such a good holiday together and that you behaved so well! lololCheers,Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  6. Ludo what a totally beautiful holiday. Gail thinks that your Mum and TNP have great taste in places to visit. I think so too, although perhaps they could find somewhere with even more off lead opportunties next time?And yes, even I will admit that those red squirrels are most cute. We have grey ones in Aberdeen city, but you only have to go five miles up the river Dee and you quite often see the reds. There are lots of local initiatives to try to stop the not-so-pretty grey squirrels from becoming dominant inland too. And I see that, like me, you are becoming quite the poser! Toodle pip!Bertie.

  7. Mom says those pics are breathtaking.She especially likes the birdie pics cause she is always wonderating what types of birds live over there!Sunday Sugars,Mack

  8. What a lovely place for a holiday. The garden looks like it's the home of fairies. Did you see any fairies, Ludo? I'm sure they must dance on your stone in the moonlight.

  9. Are you kidding??? There you are in a glorious little fairytale cottage in Scotland and you've got close-up photos of cute little birds, and you think I won't be interested??? Not to mention the cutest little squirrels in the world???

  10. Those are just such wonderful photos and what a great holiday you had. I have only seen grey squirrels at my park but mom has seen red, black and white squirrels. We loved the pics of you and your Mom, you all looked so happy.

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  12. oh my goodness, Ludo! What an amazing post! What incredible photos!! My human, Hsin-Yi, wishes she could come and take lessons from your TNP – he takes such amazing photos, so clear and crisp and you can see every detail and such beautiful colours! (And we know how England isn't sunny all the time so it's amazing getting those great colours on grey days) There are so many wonderful photos we don't know which one to pick as our favourite. We do love the ones of the Loch – they are just stunning. and yes, we can see why the Robin one is TNP's favourite! But of course, all the squirrel ones are absolutely gorgeous too – Hsin-Yi has a thing for little rodent hands too. She still squeals every time she sees a mouse or a rat in the pet shop and her biggest regret is that they don't allow hamsters here in Australia because she would love another hamster like they had back in England. (Although, I don't think the hamster would like to live with Muesli!)That looks like a wonderful holiday as well (sorry, we got so carried away with the photos – we forgot the whole point of this thing!) My humans love to stay in those kind of places to. It kind of reminds me of my holiday back in New Zealand, when we went to Rotorua and stayed on that farm with the sheep.I wish you took a picture of that very tall tree– the one that is taller than me! :-)Slobbers,Honey the Great DanePS. Hsin-Yi wants to ask – how does TNP put that transparent Copyright sign on his photos? We would love to be able to do that on my photos to.

  13. Wow. Such beautiful pictures! That would have been so hard for me not to bark and chase after the squirrels and birds. You look like you had a very nice vacation. I like the part about how you got to snuggle on the sofa (even if it was just for a little bit of time before you were chased off). The sofa sounded so comfy.

  14. We never could of been as quiet as you were, but our squirrels are so used to our big mouths barking at them that they just don't pay any attention to us any more. very frustrating. Some of our grey squirrels are black. what's up with that? Ask TNP for us. Mom just loves the pictures. Your pals, Morgan & Maisie

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