On getting old by Auntie Penny

Today is my birthday! I am 14 years old today. I am told that is a lot of years for one little spaniel type girl and so Ludo was forced by Mum 2 to let me talk about being old.

I got a  cake and a cookie. I am really too old for toys now and only sometimes will I pick one up now and Ludo usually pinches it from me, so cakes and treats were just fine for me. Of course I had to share my special dog bakery cookie with Ludo and my cake, but I still have cake left for the next few days!!

Really, being old is not so bad! Sure, I do have to go to the vets more, and I don’t get to run around off lead any more but I can get away with so many things that would have gotten me told off in my younger days. Like begging for food, or getting on the sofa when I’m all wet or picking up dead seagulls. Now if I ask for pudding after my dinner people say ‘oh, let her have it.’ I get to sleep for as long as I want and I have lots of comfy cozy beds and when I decide it’s bedtime I get the bedroom door opened for me. Ludo is not even allowed in my bedroom. Ludo gets told ‘be nice to Penny.’ all the time!

Although lots of things have gotten a lot less noisy (sometimes peoples mouths move but the sound doesn’t come out any more, it is very strange!) I can still hear when people come to visit ME at the door and I can still jump up and down up and down until they stroke me and then roll over for them to stroke my tummy. I even learnt a new trick this year. I learnt to woowoo for treats. Now I can do about 6 tricks! I am not sure if  I have really gotten wiser, but I sure have learnt how to use my big brown eyes and soft velvety ears to good effect.

I may be getting lumps and bumps and grey hairs but I am still beautiful. Everybody tells me I am and calls me Pretty Penny.

I still have a bounce in my body and a spring in my step and I love everybody and everybody loves me. They even love me when I bark when they are not there, or sometimes when I think they are not there but it turns out they were just sitting behind me and I forgot to turn around. I still love to go on my walks and I get just as excited to go as Ludo, only mine are shorter now. I still greet Mum 2 just like I haven’t seen her in years and she is my most favourite person in the world even though I see her everyday when she comes to get Ludo. She says it doesn’t matter that I greet everyone that way, even if I have just seen them.

My heart is so big and full of love for everyone and everything that the vet people say it is getting very tired. I have been taking tablets for about a year now and I am usually very good about eating them. Sometimes I find it hard to breath and then I go back to the vets and get more tablets and it gets better for a while. They say I should take it easy but you can’t take the springer out of the spaniel!

The vets say it may be time for me to go soon. I think that is silly. Where else would I want to go? I have always just been HERE.

Yours, forever,
Not-Auntie Penny,
oops, I mean Auntie Penny. Us old ladies are always gracious.


26 thoughts on “On getting old by Auntie Penny

  1. Happy Biwfday gowgeous PwettyPenny!!!!I think youw velvety bwown eyes and soft soft eaws awe magnificent and I know that you awe still vewy spwingy .I hope you don't go anywhewe fow a long time yet, but if you do, I know you will enchant a whole new set of fwiends wif youw loveliness and sweetness thewe.I can tell what a big heawt you have and that you bwing lots of joy to evewyone awound youI hope those tweats fill you up wif even mowe lovesmoochie kissesASTA

  2. Happy happy happy 14th barkday, Sweet Penny!!!!!!!We think you are the the most beautifull and happy girl we ever met!!!We love youuuuu sooooo much and your heart is precious like a diamond!!!!Pleaseeeeeee…..don't go anywhere…we need you….Maya most of all!!!!As we can see you had a great day!!!!We love your birthday cake!! Looks delicious!!! Would have loved being there with you!! Sweet special golden hugs and licks!! WE LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday, Penny!! My Tucker will be 11 at the end of the month. He knows all about getting old. He's on pills for Cushing's, arthritis, and his liver. But he still enjoys his treats and a nice cuddle. Enjoy your day, really woof it up!!!

  4. You look just as beautiful as ever, Aunty Penny! I am glad you use your age to get treats and goodies. Lots of peoples when they get old don't get goodies anymore, they say they aren't good for them. Take good care and do what the vet tells you and you can be around for a long time!Kisses,Stella

  5. Oh Penny, such a sweet post from you. Happy birthday, pretty girl. Phantom, who will be 13 in about a month, says he could say many of the same things as you about getting old. We hope you have a wonderful year ahead of you.Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. Hello!I'm new to this blogging this and my mum stumbled across your blog, she loves all the pictures on it! Plus I have to share my human with rabbits too! :(Oh and Happy Birthday to your Auntie Penny, hope she had a fun day.Looking forward to more postsSampson, Dante and Daisy Boo

  7. Belated Happy Birthday, Auntie Penny! That is a grand age to reach. And as a "senior doggy" myself, I have to say – reading your wonderful post and all the things that you are enjoying now – it seems like old age is not so bad after all… I have a lot of things to look forward to – he he! And yes, I think you are still such a beautiful, beautiful lady. I love the pictures of your face and your beautiful eyes. I am sure all the love in your heart – and all the love from those around you – will keep you strong and make sure that you are always "here" for ever, even if you might not be here in body.Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  8. Happy Birthday Penny, you are a most special girl and we loved seeing your birthday cake and cookies.Don't worry about the humans, they talk about some silly things. It is because they know of some place called 'the future'.Well we dogs only know of the here and now – that way we get to enjoy every single moment and give out all of our love to everybody.Much loveMartha and Bailey xxx

  9. Happy Birthday Penny! You sure are a beautiful girl! Love those eyes! And that you're willing to share your cake and cookies with the upstart Ludo. I hope you have lots and lots of wonderful days with your family right HERE, cause they (and we) love you so very much.

  10. Auntie Penny! You are so good looking no one would know you're 14! Do you dye your furs? I hope you had a great birthday, it looks like you did!

  11. Happy Birthday Penny!!!Hi guys! we are a new follower and we look forward to being friends and learning more about yall! Please stop on by and say hi!

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