results and an Autumn walk

So my blood stealing results has come back and they is negative. I’s not lergics unless I got a false negative so that a complete waste of my blood. Mum waiting for our proper vet to get back to us to find out where we go from here. Maybe one of my furiends might has an idea? We doesn’t know if these things go together or not! I has been getting sore skin on my ears, and mouth and red around my eyes on and off for about 6 months, but I also want to lick my paw a whole lot (just one) and I is more tired and lazy than normal. Also if we go on a long ish walk which I used to do and be raring for more, I get all stiff and achey and after I has got back and lied down I get a limp, not in any particular leg and I don’t want to get up or get off of things and on a couple of occassions Mum has picked up one of my legs and made me yelp, or I has tried to get up and yelp, but then I is ok again a while after.  Mum is starting to give me fish oil on my food, although I does eat fish in my food, it can’t help right?

It very confusing for us all!

Anyways to take my mind off things we went on a lovely sunny autumn day walk to loweswater lake. I met some Clives and there be lots of dogs out cos of it being a nice day. I got to go swimming and found a stick!

I is only allowed to get sticks out of water and not carry them around, peoples is such spoil sports.

Look, Mum seed a love heart!

Afterwards Mum and TNP stopped off at the bakers for some lunch. I got the one in the middle as a special treat. It bacon wrapped in pastry. Yum! I ate mine and then begged TNP for his, but he didn’t give me any. I wonder why?

What a great walk!

~ Lickies, Ludo


19 thoughts on “results and an Autumn walk

  1. hmm we have a couple of ideasget checked for mange…..has anyone started using a new lotion hand cream – that is a common cause of allergies especially around the head where people pat.grass/plant allergies – what you describe is pretty much what Reilly has and that is his issue. He has monthly allergy shots to combat the itchies.have you used any new carpet cleaner or furniture polish – bought something new that could have that on

  2. That looks like a great place for a walk Ludo! We are sorry that you have aches and pains and itches. If you lived in the US we would ask that you be tested for Lyme's disease or other tick borne illnesses which cause lots of problems for dogs here. But we don't know if you have those same diseases across the pond. Hope they figure it out soon.Your friends,Niamh & Ambrose

  3. Hi Ludo:Sorry for your troubles, to waste the poke for the blood and not have any result. Sometimes lergic stuff takes quite a bit of detective work on the part of the VET, so its probably good to wait for your regular guy. Seems like your appetite is in good shape!Kisses, Your pal Stella

  4. Beautiful walking spot!! But I am sorry to hear about your troubles – does sound like an allergy but to what? I hope your real vet has some good ideas about what to try next so that you can feel better soon!

  5. Have you been checked for mites? Sometimes they get in your skin and ears and cause some SERIOUS itchies! As far as the limping, my sheltie brother did that for a bit, and he didn't want to jump down off the sofa or anything. The vet man thought he had arthritis, but after he had his owie tail removed, his limping went away. So, there could be lots of causes to your issues. Hope you get it taken care of soon!Puppy Love,JasminePS: That was a MAJORLY yummy looking after-walk-snack.

  6. LudoThose photos of the trees on your Autumn walk as so beautiful. But I'm worried about your sore eyes, itchy paw and achy limbs. Gail tells me that Hamish had lots of itchiness problems which came and went, seemingly at random. They never did get to the bottom of it, and the only thing that really helped were short course of steroids.I'm afraid we don't know much about problems that affect Shelties, but we so hope that someone can find a way to help you get back to your normal lively self. Toodle pip!Bertie (and Gail).

  7. It was a gorgeous autumn walk, Ludo! It's so beautiful there.I'm so sorry that something is really troubling you at the moment and it does sound like some allergies. Mike has been attacking by yeast for a long time, we have tried all sorts of meds, medical baths and etc that the vet has suggested but nothing helps him at all. A friend told us about raw feeding (BARF) and I'm considering it now.

  8. oh dear – poor Ludo! I am so sorry to hear about your itchies and sickie feelings. We don't have much to suggest but we think it sounds like an autoimmune condition – because humans get similar things, where they get rashes and sore spots and achy limbs and that sort of thing – and it's usually tied to an autoimmune condition. That's why you don't test positive for proper allergies to specific things – more that your immune system is just acting up and sort of turning on itself/your body. Anyway, I hope your vet can figure something out.What lovely pictures of your autumn walk! And that pastry yummy that you got looked absolutely delicious! :-)Slobbers,Honey great Dane

  9. hey Ludo – just had another thought! Could it be Lyme disease? I don't know if doggies can get that too but the symptoms sounds just like Lyme disease in humans! if doggies can get that as well, maybe it's worth your vet checking that…

  10. Ludo. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. I had to go to the vet with my little brother Benjamin last week for a cough, sniffles. Anyway, the vet lady didn't like how I have some dry skin near my underarms, kinda looks like a little red rash. She asked what kind of heat does our house have. We have oil heat. She says thats it. She prescribed fish oil too, it is supposed to help with dry skin and help improve the coat — but I didn't like fish oil, Mommy put it on liverwurst for me and I threw it up. The vet lady also gave us an oatmeal shampoo that is supposed to help improve the coat. It's funny how I went to the vet for cough and sniffles and they spent so much time on my dry skin. They said I am probably itching my dry skin and that is why it is looking all red in that spot. (Don't know if this helps any Ludo, but wanted to share what the vet told me.)

  11. Hi Buddy – downer about your bad luck at the moment…but great that you are eating – that's always a good sign eh?Paws crossed your human finds out and sorts out. Intersted what the final verdict is…keep yoour spirits up Ludo xx

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