Just being good


I hasn’t really done very much at all lately. I has just been practicing being good. Stella might say maybe Bertie should try that sometime.

When Mum gets home from work and picks me up from Grandpawents sometimes we go get my food and feed the rabbitdogs and then we go to Richard and sometimes we just stay at our house. Either way whilst I wait for my food I like to sit on my mat in the kitchen and patiently wait for my dinner. It best to patiently wait right by your bowl, and if it seems to be taking too long it sometimes a good idea to go give Mum a nudge and also, when you hear the microwave ping I understand it very patient to whine and bark obnoxiously just to remind Mum that it pinged. (I gets raw food so Mum defrosts it in the microwave for me).

Being a good boy

Mum says I must be an especially good boy this weekend because she be going away without me, and she taking Grandpawents with her. ‘But Ludo’ I hears you say, where ever will you go? Will you be home alone, pawty in the bunny room?

I is going to be staying with TNP!! Without Mum! We will have a boys weekend in. Everypup’s invited, TNP loves dogs and even though he has never looked after one on his own afore I is sure he will enjoy the company if a zillion bloggers turn up.

(Mum says cross your paws for him!)

~ Lonewolf Lickies, Ludo.

pee ess: Mum says I must say thank you for all the suggestions. We is still stumped but I is having a good patch at the moment. We think I might be doomed to a life of sporadic steroids as Gail said happened for Hamish as that’s what the vet always gives me. But Mum still wants to test for auto immune diseases. We will wait and see for now and if things flare up again we will seek a second opinion.

pee pee ess: Humph! You know who you is!


19 thoughts on “Just being good

  1. Aw, Ludo, you will have a grand time with TNP. He is very kind to pupsit you while Mum and the Grandparents are gone a bit.HOWEVER, if you wish to say something to Bertie, why don't you just do it instead of suggesting I do it. You are a big boy now, Ludo,and can make your own comments!Kisses,Stella, your good friend

  2. Dude, you better say something to Bertie now. You has been outed.Look for us, we plan on coming by for a visit while your mum is away.bert and my vickie

  3. Ludo, please, just when I'm thinking i might have finally got Stella off my back, you go and encourage her!! I am glad so see she put you in your place. Again.Hope you have a great boys weekend with TNP. Just tell me the address and I've be round with a nice bottle of single malt and some haggis. Toodle pip!Bertie.PS from Gail: sorry to hear you are still stumped about the allergies. If it's any comfort, we never had any evidence that sporadic short sharp courses of steroids (on average about every 9 months) did Hamish any harm.

  4. Maybe if you're extra good, your mom will bring you back something extra special. Like a bowl with a leftover food warmer built in for when you want to save some for a snack later.

  5. Patience is a virtue and you practise it well. You're a good boy, Ludo!Hope you have a wonderful boys time with TNP while your mom is away. I bet she will miss you a lot and bring you lots of treats when she is home.

  6. Hey Ludo, can we come to the boys weekend, even though we are not boys?We do hope so. We can help TNP with menu suggestions. Oh please ask, we promise to be good.loveMartha and Bailey xxxps we are struggling with your suggestion that our much loved nephew, Bertie, is ever anything other than good!!!

  7. It's so frustrating when the vet can't come up with answers. We really struggled with Indy's issues for years, even visiting the doggie dermatologist. He would for no apparent reason break out in an open sore (mouth, leg, etc) They finally said he had some sort of auto-immune issues (never identified) What helped him most was when I got rid of kibble and started him on home-made food.PatCritter Alley

  8. Boys' weekend! Oh, how COOL! Me and Dave are coming, OK?Sorry the vet hadn't been able to diagnose your sickies – but we're glad you're in a good state right now.Play bows,Zim

  9. Ludo, you look like a very nice and polite doggie in that picture. Are you sure it's not Photoshopped? BOL Wish you could come to Virginia to visit while your Mum's away. I think we'd be a cute couple of blue merles.:) Trudy (Mom's taking dictation this time.)

  10. Hi Sweetie! Read that your blood results were negative.Maybe you're allergic to being good??!! Hope you're feeling better now.Smooches from pooches,BabyRocketDog & Hootiehootieandbabyrocketdog.blogspot.comps-using mommy's bloggie at the moment!

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