Mistletoe and wine… !

Mum be going round singing that song and you know what that mean… It nearly Crisp mas time! A time for lots of exciting happenings and Crisp mas presents for me, Ludo! Ruffruffruff!
Mum says that I cannot have either of those things in the song cos they is poison and also for growed up peoples only and not growed up doggies cos of the poison I guess. I will believe her cos I remember about the chocklit and the vet! 
I had a very good weekend with TNP and we didn’t even fall out although he told Mum that we nearly did cos I wouldn’t stop barking when he put his socks on, but I know TNP loves me barking.
Me and Mum had a quiet week, just hasing cuddles and lickies and getting ready for Crisp mas stuff.
Here I is getting my cards ready to send out in the DWB card exchange. We can only post some cos we got behind and they wont get there for crisp mas anymore and also most of you is in the US and it costs quite a lot per stamp, but I will get my E cards sent out soon. I also got my advent calendar and I is on day 7 now. It has carob drops in it. You can see Molly and Faline sneaking back into their room in the background.
Speaking of THOSE two…
They is being mean old bullies. Mum has been pretty busy with a couple of things called commissions which means she be making little mini dogs or whatever for people and we don’t go to TNP’s very much and she do that in the rabbit dog room.
See how they wont let poor little me in there. Mum says I look really pathetic with my chewed up swan trying to get them to pay attentions to me. But I thinks I look all mean and scary. But they is telepathing me mean things about telling Santa paws I has been naughty. Honest!
Last weekend Mum and Grandpawents went to a Dolls house Fair for Mum’s crisp mas present from them. They also helped take some gerbils to their new home for a rescue organisation. You can see one down there. I did not get to meet them though. Pawsonally I would rather have treats and stuffies for crisp mas.
Mum seed lots of cool stuff, she said and got some things for her new house, that you can read about on her blog. So I is getting double neglected for mini things and then to top it all off Mum and TNP went away this weekend and I had to stay and Grandpawents!
They went to see a person called Chris Packham who a wildlife photographer. Mum got the tickets ages ago for TNP’s birthday, they went to Morecambe where I used to live when I be a baby. They stayed in a hotel that Mum always wanted to stay in when we lived there. 
More about that later!
So, that my Crisp mas preparations. I hopes you is all enjoying yours!
~lickies, Ludo


12 thoughts on “Mistletoe and wine… !

  1. Our mom is biggifying all of the doll house fair furniture. She says she wishes she could have been along with your mom and grandparents, Ludo!Love ya lots,Maggie and Mitch

  2. Hi Ludo!I am way behind in my Christmas preparations this year. Not even sure if I will get e-cards out.But I am thinking of you and all our other friends and hope for a great Holiday for you!Kisses,Stella

  3. Ludo, why doesn't the world understand the particular and special relationship between us dogs and bare feet and socks (especially men's).As for Christmas, sounds like your Mum (and in fact everyone else is the whole world) is better prepared than Gail. Oh, I am being told it's walkies time. I may have to stay on my string this morning, even in the park, as otherwise I might blow away!Toodle pip!Bertie.

  4. You've already got your cards ready?My mom is so behind of everything. I hope she at least gets my pressies and treats ready before the Christmas.LicksEva

  5. We can't believe those cute little rabbits could say such mean things to you Ludo! But if you said they did — then we got to believe you! I like how you have your paw on your toy when you are looking into the mean bunny room. I tend to put my paw on my toy too when I want to play. I guess it's a Sheltie thing. Crispmas will be here anyday now. It got really cold and windy last night in my area — it was really crispy out. That must mean Crispmas is on its way.

  6. I know how much you love Crisp mas, Ludo and the time is almost here again! I am very excited for you! Glad you and TNP had a good weekend alone together but sorry you got left behind again.

  7. Ooooh, how Mom would love to visit that shop – her dollhouse is badly in need of redecorating and new furniture. Beautiful pieces.We are glad things went so well with TNP but we think it is funny that you bark at him putting on his socks:)We missed out on the DWB list, but we do want to wish you Happy Holidays.Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

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