In that tree..

There a Crisp mas present for me. Mum took it out and showed it to me when she picked me up from grandpawents after work. I want it now!!

Give me my crisp mas present!

You casnot see it in this piccure but you can see Auntie Penny’s head, she wants her present too but only if there food inside it. She a bit obsessed with food at the moment She do naughty begging what you not really allowed to do but she get away with it cos of her being soo old. Not fair really. I is grey already so I should get away with everything because I is much greyer than her.

Mum wanted me to show you the pretty dolls house (not finished yet) with it’s tinsel on. Do you think Santa paws will notice if I pull it off to get back at her for tormenting me by not giving me my present? I almost got my teeths on it too!

~lickies, Ludo.

18 thoughts on “In that tree..

  1. Ludo you are certainly into Howliday mischief. You must wait till Christmas for the goodies! Patience….Your Mum's dollhouse looks beautiful. Maybe she could take a photo for us to see the inside. Now remember "don't touch" because I am sure it is very special to her.

  2. Our Mom is being mean too – she put our presents in a big old stockings hanging from the fire place – we can see and smells some good things coming from them but can't reach them – this is so not fair making us wait!

  3. Did your Mum make that beautiful little doll's house? Its fun to make little things to fit inside it.My Mum likes to make tiny quilts.Be a good boy now, Ludo, and don't get into any Christmas trouble.Kisses,Stella

  4. Oh, that house is beautiful – Ludo, we think you had best behave or that present might just disappear.Phantom is a beggar too, but he won't eat his own food, all he wants to eat is treats.We hope Christmas comes really soon so you and all of us can open our presents.Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. Our pressies are upstairs in the spare oom but we cant get to them. Weese is getting a real tree so Mums says we have to wait. Luv Tucker and Beckett

  6. LUDO! Thank you for the Christmas card! You are such a nice doggie! Thank your Mom too, as she probably provided the stamp…right? Katie sends kisses, but don't tell Reilly.

  7. Yeah…get the you know where she hid it?…go get it, get it, get it..she showed you it so that means you can have if you find it right?…then human gets you another present for christmas…

  8. Ludo, at least you know you will open presents and that is ver nice. We just put up the chrstmas tree last night and no presets under the tree!!! Our mom loves your mom's dollhouse! Very pretty!Momo & Pinot

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