Now I has to wait a whole ‘nother year

I DID have a pawsome Crisp mas though. I got to spend half at TNP’s house and Half at grandpawents house and only a teensy bit at my house. I feel like I has beed very busy, Mum says I has only been to some of TNP’s family’s houses and so it not really that busy, but for a sensitive little sheltie boy like me it can all be pretty overwhelming. Mum went out Crisp mas shopping just before Crisp mas and look what our local town had.

Girl Rudolphs!

On Crisp mas morning Me and Mum woke up at TNP’s we opened our first presents in bed then went round to Grandpawents, not so early this time, since Mum has a different job now and didn’t has to go to work. Mum cooked and Grandpaw and TNP gave me lots of leftovers. Mum thinks they gave me a poorly tummy later that night but we wont remind her about that! Then TNP went to his own Pawrents and we got to open our presents!

We did lots of visiting with TNP’s family. Mum said she be very proud of me when we went visiting, I did very good and got to be the centre of attentions, just how I like, because TNP’s family has never had dogs so I is very interesting to them. I know his Mum and Auntie very well and sometimes go round there for dinner, but I also met his big scary intruder-like brothers and I couldn’t stop eyeing one up and barking when he came in. Mum thinks cos he be tall and stooped over me cos he didn’t really know how to approach a scaredy dog like me. I much prefer it if people come up to me gently and let me choose when to go to them and if they don’t look right at me. I did get used to him though.

As usual I got tonnes of Crispmas presents, way more than Auntie Penny. She got tired after her first one and went to bed. I lasted a couple more before I snuck away. It very hard for me cos Grandpawents put all the presents in one big pile and then you pick out a present at a time. After I has opened one of mine I want to open everyone elses too! Grandma said she seed nibble marks on some of the presents. You cas not trust that Auntie Penny… hehe!

We didn’t get many piccures this year cos Mum’s camera got too cold and got condensed on it’s lenses! Or something! I gots some video to show soon. I saved some of my presents for the day after Crisp mas and opened them at TNP’s so I could show off for his family. My favourite be a nice soft polar bear what says ‘honk’. I is keeping it at TNP’s in my brand new toy corner.

I get so excited opening my presents! Mum says I is a real pro now, although sometimes I do walk off with the paper and forget about the toy that was inside it.
One day TNP came round grandpawents and they all played dogopoly. Here I be ‘helping’ Mum. She said I kept moving her money around and not really helping at all. Grandpaw won.

As usual on Crisp mas day the Grandpawents had turkey and all the trimmings and Mum just had the trimmings. 
What do you mean, I doesn’t get to sit at the table? Again!
Ah well, I hope you all had a wonderful Crisp mas and New Year. My resolution be to nag Mum to get back into the swing of blogging and visiting all my furiends. Mum says it should be to bark less. I thinks I like mine better.
~lickies, Ludo

21 thoughts on “Now I has to wait a whole ‘nother year

  1. Glad you had a good crisp mas Ludo!! Sounds like it could've been stressful with all that visiting but you handled it like a pro! Very impressive! I like that photo of you sitting at the table and just don't understand why you couldn't sit there and eat! πŸ™‚

  2. Sounds like you had a very pawsome Crisp mas, Ludo. We hope you have a very hapoy healthy New Year.Helen, Tucker and Beckett

  3. Hey Ludo! Thanks for the Christmas Card from way over to England, I liked your picture a lot!I am so glad you got to do so many things and meet some new peoples! We had a good Crispmas too.Happy New year to you, Mum, TNP and dear Aunty Penny!from Stella, her Mom and that cat!

  4. Hi LudoYour new year resolution is definitely the best one! What an busy Christmas you had. All this visiting new people can be quite overwhelming can't it? Especially when they are not used to dogs and one's mum gets all anxious that one will misbehave. (Keep 'em on their toes, is what I say…) I take it as a very good sign that you know have your very own toy corner at THP's. Happy New Year!Toodle pip!Bertie.

  5. Oh Ludo, what a wonderful Crisp mas you had! Sounds like you are charming your way into TNP's family just fine! And glad you have a toy corner at TNP's house too! I agree with your Mum about the less barking thing…but I suppose that would be very hard to do. I know Katie has already broken that resolution!

  6. Hi there again handsome Ludo!Was so delighted/made happy by your visit & comment on my new blog.Sorry we lost touch last year, but it was a year of great change for me – hope we can now be good blog friends again.Love and pats & petsBlue

  7. PS…Please do consider posting your birth date No 1 Hit song, once doggy blogland did these games all the time it was great shared fun & help make lasting friendships.

  8. Looks like you had a blast, Ludo! And hey… you only bark because you have a lot to say! If your mom would let you blog more, you could get it all out THAT way! Ha roo!Play bows,Zim

  9. WOWOWOWOWOWOOOOOO!!!You had a great great CrispMas!!!Awwwwwwwwwwwww…..would have been loved were there with you all!!!!You look sooooooooooooo happy and handsome!!!And we love love love your last pic sitting on the chair!!!Happy happy New Year guys!!!WE LOOOOOOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!Sweet golden hugs and licks!!!MWAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  10. Happy Happy New Year, Ludo and family!! Sounds like you had many pawsome visits over the holiday..that's wonderful!Please accept the award from us. Come by our blog when you get a moment, Momo & Pinot

  11. Wow, so glad that you had a wonderful crisp mas! It seems you had a very busy schedule with lots of visiting which you handled them so well too. Wishing you and your family a wonderful new year!

  12. Hi Ludo! We been bad at blogging too (well…Mom has!) Love all your Chrissy-pressies and visitings around! You sure had lots of places to go, lots of things to do (we never played dogopoly) and a ton of pressies! We'd sure like to see a polar bear what went "honk"!!!!Happy 2012!xoxoxoxoSammie and Avalon

  13. Hi Ludo! It was great to read about your Christmas…gave us such a lovely cosy feeling! πŸ™‚ And I'm sure you're giving a very good inyroductions to doggies for TNP's family. Yeah – I'm like you too – I often find the wrapping more exciting than the present inside! :-)Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  14. What a great post. You had tons of Crisp mas presents! You did a great job opening them too! Mommy likes the photo of you sitting at the table. Too cute! I like your resolution about bugging your mum to blog more! Sounds like a great resolution to me!

  15. Happy New Year Ludo! Sounds like you had the perfect Crisp mas.. left overs, several days worth of presies and lots of Ludo attention. Well done for impressing everyone with your good behaviour..a cunning plan for those extra turkey treats eh?Aroooofs to 2012 – hope it be a good'un for you and your family. Zola xx

  16. Hi there!I just finished reading your older posts and I am now starting to follow your updates :)It's really nice to get to know of you.Have a wonderful days!-Lilli-

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