Adventure Sheltie!

Here be my entry for Mango Minster 2012.
When I seed the categories for this year I just knew right away which one I should enter. No more Mum putting me with those bad sports.

I an adventure dog!
Being a bit of a scaredy cat sheltie makes pretty much everything into an adventure. Right from leaving my puppy home I got confronted with strange creatures…

Weird little dogs who I wasn’t allowed to chase or play bitey face with and who were prone to box my face and steal my attentions!

Then comes all the socialising stuff like meeting scary childrens!

Bringing the smack down on my pal Sally!
And going to things with my pawrents, like going to new places, staying in hotels and going to town festivals.

 Getting my piccure taken with celebrity chefs!

I love discovering new places and doing new things, like learning to swim and finding undiscovered types of animals and exploring strange new worlds! Every day an adventure for a shetland rabbit dog like me!

I is a good adventure dogs because even though I might be a bit scared (like if there a strange looking shape or a scary plastic bag in my way) I will face my fears and tackle any challenge and I still like to boldly go where no Ludo has beed before!

Look how brave little me was!

~lickies, Ludo!


28 thoughts on “Adventure Sheltie!

  1. You've had some of the best adventures, Ludo! We just love the picture of the snowball coming at you! We couldn't view the first video but the second was was great!Love ya lotsMaggie and Mitch

  2. I don't remember seeing your puppy pictures Ludo and I can't believe you were so tiny! Rabbit-sized! How cute!!! You have been on so many great adventures! Adventure-dog is the perfect category for you and way better than what your mum forced you to do last year! 🙂

  3. Wow, Ludo, I am excited about you being an Adventure Dog at Mangominster! This blog should prove positive that you can handle just about anything! You have my vote when that time comes.Cheers and hugs,Jo, Stella and ZkhatPlease come visit our new blog

  4. A most excellent and well documented entry, Ludo. And this category definitely fits you better than 'bad sport' – as if! We think you show an admirable combination of adventure-seeking and good common sense. Best of luck in the competition.Jed & Abby

  5. Ludo, what a great entry. You are such a wonderful adventurer. And so lucky to have a human who is such a good photographer….Not that I'm jealous or anything. Well just a bit perhaps. Especially when I see that Stella has promised you her vote….May the best adventure animal win!Toodle pip!Bertie.PS You are rightly pleased not to be in the 'Bad sports' category. Well imagine what it felt last year to be forced to pretend I was a Cracker Dog. As if.

  6. Oh, Great Dane in the morning, Ludo! I can't believe you posted pix from when you were a mere Ludwig van Puppy! I'm not sure that's fair – our mom is reading over our shoulder saying all of this "oh, look! Look at how cute Ludo was! And IS!" and all kinds of other stuff. WE are interested in your adventures! Good luck, buddy!We cannot be bribed, nor swayed with adorable puppy pix,Judges Zim and Dave

  7. I'm a kitten named Kika and temosamigos in common, as such I would love to be your friendWill you be my friend?I am waiting for your visitTurrinhas ofKika

  8. Wow, all of these pictures show what an active dog you are! You have quite the life and a family that really loves you! My favorite picture of you is the action shot of you about to catch the snow ball with your mouth.. too cute! Loving all these pictures and all of your adventures! Keep them coming!LizAnn
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  9. Ludo that was a great post for the Mango Minster contest! When we were reading the comments on Mango's blog and saw you were going to enter — we were like — Ludo would be great in the adventure category — and we were right! We loved the snowball picture! And of course the videos were fantastic. You were so brave with that growling stuffie toy — I would have been so scared. My little brother Benji barks at his reflection too — it's so funny to watch him sometimes. Good luck in the contest!

  10. Mom says she doesn't know who was cuter as a baby.. you or me. BOL!! We were waiting for you to enter the adventure dog contest, and think it is perfect for you, cause you are always on an adventure! Muddy you says it all! Did you ever find another monster paw? Mom keeps looking for one for you. now we know exactly what it sounds like. your gal, Morgan

  11. What a born-to-be adventurer and intrepid explorer..wowee Ludo! You should be proud of yourself and what super beauty photos..Your human is very nice for showing all your best human put me in Bad sports….HUMPF! Yes unfortunately it was me that did that!..but it was only that one time..oops..I'm a good girl really xx

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