A trying walkies

For Mum anyways!
Last week we had a nice sunny Saturday and as usual TNP said to Mum ‘Where do you want to go?’ Mum doesn’t really like making decisions and TNP doesn’t like Mum not making them so eventually she said somewhere new and somewhere woody. We went somewhere near Wastwater lake. It started off very nice…

And just a little bit of a climb, but it be nice and sunny and pretty views and good sniffings for me. Early on we could choose between two forks in the road. Mum said ‘let’s follow the sun’ and chose the high path. At the top we got to a stile what TNP had to carry me over and then we walked through some fields which would normally have cows in. Mum never likes these kind of fields cos they doesn’t have a proper laid out path and TNP usually leads us along the cow’s paths which Mum grumbles about a lot and gets left behind. She says the cows leave it all wet and muddy and make lots of holes so you can’t tell where to put your feet cos the grass grows over the holes and it hurts her little leggies plus she says she casnot look at the pretty view cos she has to look at the ground all the time. I has four paw drive so I don’t mind at all! Although I do mind her being so slow!
On this particular walk the frost still be on the ground and so the mud be nice and crunchy and not sinky and so Mum felt quite happy. Until we started going down hill and there more water and so it got pretty slippy. Mum put her foot on a thawed out boggy bit which sucked her shoe in and and then felt pretty unhappy when her foot got all wet and it just got worse (for her) from there. Her legs started getting tired from walking on the uneven ground and she hit a slippy bit and fell on her bum.

After her trip Mum photographed the ‘so-called-path’ and blamed TNP for it’s existence. As you can see, I not in the piccure, I thought it best to stay out of a hysterical Mum’s way.
Then it just got worse! Mum’s nerves got a bit frayed,  TNP kept looking at  his map and trying to show Mum that they were going the right way and then she fell over again and dipped her camera in a mud puddle. TNP tooked it after that cos Mum started doing her scary cry/laughing and TNP got a bit distressed. He and me not like it when Mum not happy. You know she a ‘Southern Softie’ really not a tough northerner who beed doing walks and climbings and sporty things all her life. Anyway she only fell over one more time after that but both peoples felt pretty miserable until we spied a gate and the ‘real path’ back again. I love going through gates so it made me pretty happy too! Doesn’t be worried about Mum though, she didn’t get hurt cos she was going down hill and just fell backwards each time. TNP tried to hold her hand on some bits but Mum likes to be a scaredy-people and choose her own ‘safe’ looking bits to step on.
After that it got better and Mum felt a bit braver and cheered up.

A bit deeper in the woods we came across a shooting party. It be pretty exciting to me, loud bangs and men and dogs (I spotted Labradogs, springy spaniels, and some german pointers). They was all running around happy doing their jobs, some ignored me and a couple said hello, but they all wanted to find some birds! Hunting a pretty popular sport up here and it makes Mum upset because she a weirdo vegetarian (I know, right?! she gives really rubbish left overs) the hunters buy lots of baby chick pheasants and put them in the woods and feed them and then come out and shoot them all. But she says at least they do get eaten and get to live naturalish lives, better than poor battery hens.
We carried on walking until TNP’s may pointed out a ford, not a car, but water going across the path. TNP skipped over some stones…
Mum didn’t thing that seemed like a good idea, so she walked along the stream a bit and found a little log bridge thing. She felt very proud of herself for getting across on her own steam. Of course, I just walked right through.

To end the walk on a happy ending, just as we left the woods, 3 pheasants went strolling past us way higher than the shooting party. Go Pheasants! (I doesn’t like pheasant, or else I might be saying something different, hehe!)
And now lastly, For True colours… (sorry it not a thursday) Celestial blue and primrose yellow!

Oh, and me, going home.

With some of the woods in my tail for keepsakes.

~lickies, Ludo (The adventurer!)


22 thoughts on “A trying walkies

  1. Oh dear, Ludo. Mom says she would be like your Mum and would not have liked that walk at all, except for the pretty scenery. You did get some very nice photos. AND you had a great adventure.Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  2. Oooh my gosh Ludo!Do you live in Cumbria too?! We are practically neighbours! :DWe love Wasdale valley….although my Mum prefers walking around than up the fells!Looks like a fun walk you had, the weather has been beautiful (ish!)Slobbersxxx

  3. Maybe this was mostly a "guy" walk, Ludo, do you think?It is pretty to look at the pictures, but not sure I'd care to slog through it all.Kisses,Stella, Zkhat and Jo

  4. Ludo, our own human has been on many such treks. She says going off the trail is a 'man' thing.Like you we think it is all a great adventure.The pictures are very beautiful.xx

  5. Sounds like an amazing walk for you and TNP but your poor mom! Sorry she fell and also had her shoe sucked into a boggy place. My mom says she doesn't think that was a proper path that TNP found and she is very sympathetic to your mom. I would've been brave like you Ludo and also would've brought some of the woods home in my tail!

  6. wow Ludo – I think you should have entered your mum in Mango Ministers Adventure Animal category, using this post – ha ha!But my human, Hsin-Yi, says I mustn't laugh – that she would be exactly the same. She is a total chicken and scaredy-cat too herself and always likes to be "extra safe" and she can totally relate to everything your mum did, such as choosing her own safe path. Whenever Hsin-Yi has to come down anywhere steep, she crouches down and slides down on her bum, looking like a complete idiot but she says that keeps her centre of gravity low and so she won't fall over. Me and Paul just laugh at her the whole way.Anyway, I loved coming along on your adventure – that looked like the most interesting walk. Hsin-Yi agrees with your mum about walking through fields for cows – she once did that with a bunch of her uni friends, at 1 AM in the morning after a pub crawl (don't ask!) – And one of her friends stepped right into the middle of a huge, horrible, stinky, Brown cowpat!! It was disgusting! So after that, Hsin-Yi never wanted to walk in cow fields again! :-)Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  7. wow ludo you really are a stunner, i hope one day when stormy grows up he will look as amazing as you, hes not far off already tho :)hopefully he might get to climb up a cow trail too some time sounds like fun, but i bet i would end up sliding down on my bum no doubt and losing my foot in a bog and then throwing a mini tantrum.lots of love Charlene xxx

  8. Hi Ludo! That was really some adventure! We think your Mum was a good sport for going on such a adventure with you! I think you had the right idea to stay out of the picture when your Mum was a bit upset by falling down. Oh, and we live in USA, and when we first the picture of you going home in the car — we were like — Ludo can drive too — but then our Mommy says — no their cars must be built opposite then ours they drive on the other side. In any case — you had some adventure — and looked like you had fun getting all muddy!

  9. That does sound like a bit of a challenge for her, but the scenery is gorgeous!Thank you for your well wishes for my mom person. They helped her to get well.Nubbin wiggles,Oskar

  10. Oh Ludo! What an adventure! I hope your Mum is all recovered by now. It sure was pretty though! Do you have a special place you put your "woods keepsakes?"

  11. Hi Ludo! I'm furry sorry I haven't been on your blog fur soooo long. Mum wont give me the laptop furry often 😦 But she gives me lots of treats instead so thats ok bol. Do you go on lots of advetures like this now? They looks like a lot of fun 🙂 I have a new blog now because silly Mummy couldn't remember the password fur the old one and google don't believe she's my Mummy and wont tell her the password. Stupid google.Big licks to you Suzuki xxx

  12. Wow that was an amazing walk. I will have to get mummy to take me on holiday up there so I can have as much fun as you. Mummy doesn't mind the mud and stuff and she doesn't get lost for long. She is very clever at finding her way home. Bet it would be even better in the snow. I love snow.

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