Mum’s birthday without me

Here you go, Mum bought an app for her new ipad so we can blog on it, so for Hsin-Yi’s viewing pleasure here the piccures from Mum’s Birthday. I know some of you already seed them and so we not gonna post the words all up again… but they went to a very nice place called Sharrow Bay on the edge of Lake Ulswater. It be a lovely old place with antiques all over the place, but it not allow dogs! TNP does spoil Mum a lot, I would loan him out but then I would not has him and I not very good at sharing! Hehe!
I thinks you can click to bigify the piccures…

Hey look, my comments came back and everything, how strange.


12 thoughts on “Mum’s birthday without me

  1. What a wonderful birthday treat for your mum! A beautiful place and great food and great company plus an iPad!!! I feel sorry for you Ludo – ever since my mom got her iPod Touch, she is too busy to play with me!

  2. What a beautiful place! I'm sure your Mum had a wonderful birthday. Hope you got to celebrate together when she came back home!PatCritter Alley

  3. Happy Birthday to your Mom, Ludo – TNP always takes her to the nicest places. The photos are just beautiful too. Maybe you could promise not to roll on your back if they would take you next time:)Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. What a terrific birthday treat for your dearest mom! Everything is so pretty and the food sounds so yummy.It's just too bad that you couldn't go with them but I'm sure you're happy for your mom.Happy Birthday to your mom!

  5. Happy Birthday to Dee (belated!)I am sure you and Mom have had a nice home celebration since she got back, haven't you?That lovely hotel really doesn't look like a dog or two would fit in, does it? It is such a beautiful place!Did you and Aunty Penny stay with Grandpawrents? I bet you had a good time too.Cheers and hugs,Stella

  6. Ludo, we have heard of Sharrow Bay and Gail say's she's always wanted to go there, but of course I shall veto that idea. No dogs indeed! Apparently Human Granny stayed there once when she was a girl. As for the iPad thingy, just beware that Mum does not spend more time stroking it than she does stroking you…Toodle pip!Bertie.

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