So Mum might have accidentally deleted the last post about her birthday because whilst we were trying to do it on her new Ipad it made two copies and she deleted the non-published one. We will has to try again soon but we did get your comments.

For now I wanted to show you something else. My Grandpaw has retired and other than looking after me he doesn’t do very much by way of a pass time, although he is very fond of watching the Where’s-the-remote box. Mum and Grandmaw like to try and get him to do things like get exercise and fresh air and has mental stimulation. (Mum says when you has a dog sometimes you can leak doggy things into other areas of your life). Over the years Mum and Grandmaw has got Grandpaw lots of ‘hobbies’ that he thinks he might like to do. He used to like fishing, but he give that up many years ago and now just likes to watch others fish on the box.

He also used to like taking photos, gardening and keeping koi fish in a big pond. When Grandpawents retired and moved into their park home up in the lake district they downsized and only has a tiny garden now so he casnot do that. Mum got him a stamp collecting kit once as he always talks about how he used to collect stamps as a boy, he likes to look at them and he keeps stamps from my overseas pals crisp mas cards (thank you!), but it not require any outsideness. He got himself a big stunt kite which he used a few times but then gived it away to someone he didn’t even know well (Grandpaw has quite a habit of giving away things he shouldn’t to people he doesn’t know very well… like a car once he apposed to give to Mum). Then he has a remote control airplane and a helicopter (TNP has the helicopter now) and so on…

This year Grandpaw thought he might like a camera for Crispmas, a fancy SLR one like he used to have before he gived it away. Mum and Grandmaw thought very hard about it and decided, given Grandpaws track record a normal digital camera (that looks like an SLR) might be best. Grandpaw was very happy. But he hasn’t used it yet!

So Mum decided because we didn’t get any snow and it be a nice day Grandpaw should come on a nice walk with us. We didn’t get so far as we should have but at least he got out the house! You may have noticed that I tend to do things with Mum and Grandpaw a lot and some people think I hasn’t got a Grandmaw cos she doesn’t come. But this just cos Mum likes to try and drag Grandpaw out the house and not be a hermit and Grandmaw goes places with her friends and goes to work but if anyone asks Grandpaw to do things, he just grumbles. He really likes it when we DO go outside.

So with all that lots of ado, here Some pics of me, by Grandpaw. (oh and a couple other things, we walked along the golf course)

~ lickies, Ludo

16 thoughts on “Hmm

  1. Lets hope he doesn't give the camera away!!at least you and mom are getting him out of the house which is a good thing.Love the photos you look very regal lying thereHave a good weekSee Yea George xxx

  2. Granpaw takes wonderful photos – that 3rd one of you Ludo is magic. It is the perfect image of a sheltie looking out over the hills at his flock of sheep or in this case a flock of golfers 🙂 We are wondering if you get him to join a photo group where they go exploring to find things to take pictures of each week. That would get him out of the house

  3. What to do for Grandpa! Maybe just take him for a nice walk everyday, don't you think? Maybe stop at a recreation place somewhere that he might play some cards or play pool. Or perhaps just let him live as he wishes!Cheers to you, big guy, and I send my very best to you.Stella

  4. Please tell Grandpaw that we loved his photos, especially the ones of you, but I must say, if he ever fancies giving away the camera to someone he doesn't know, well might I nominate Gail – the button you press to take photos dropped off her camera and went missing a year ago. The camera shop said they couldn't mend it and so she devised a method whereby you use the stud from an earring to poke in the hole to trigger the 'take a photo' mechanism. Can you believe it? It's been like that for a year. It's only a cheap little camera anyway. And us dogs demand the best photos! (I keep telling Gail she should go out and look for a TNP to take my photos but so far it seems she hasn't been successful…..)Oh and Ludo, did you get to chase any golfers? That really is fun, especially when they get all red faced and shouty and start waving those stick things around.Toodle pip!Bertie.PS We love the idea of watching the 'Where's the remote' box!

  5. Oh Ludo – tell your grandpa that he must get out more and take more pictures because now he has an eager audience all around the world waiting for them!! 🙂 He takes great photos – and captures all the moments perfectly. We felt like we were coming along on the walk with you. And i love the portrait ones of you. So yes – MORE PHOTOS GRANDPA!!!!! Tell him that his new job is to show the Peak District to all your blog friends around the world! 🙂 Oh – and we are SO gutted but when we tried to click on the link to the post for your Mum's birthday, in Google Reader, it just said the page no longer existed!! So we missed out on reading it! Hsin-Yi is so disappointed as you know how much she loves reading about your Mum's outings & stuff. So I do hope that you repost it again when you get the time.Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  6. You are doing a very good job of getting Grandpa ouside Ludo! (and Mum) Great pictures, we'd like to see more of Grandpa's work! You did excellent modeling for him too!

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