Mm & M’s

Dont forget Mango Minster’s open for voting, You can go there using the link in my side bar and vote for meee in the Action Animals category.

It all very difficult to decide who to vote for, especially in my category cos some of my bestedt blogging friends is in there, hm, I thoughts, do I vote for Honey, Bertie, sammie and Avalon. All extreme adventure animals like i is.
So i voted in the end for an inspiring poster, I hopes you all has it easier than I did!

Also my gal Morgan and Maisie’s Mum does not be so good at the moment, I wont say why cos she not posted about it herself yet, just on facebook, but I think she could do with some thoughts and well wishes. Morgan and Maisie be total cutie shelties and their Mom Imogene be super super nice and we so want her to get better soon.

They also in the too darn cute category in Mango Minster

~Lickies, Ludo


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