Happy Valentine’s

Recycling piccures again Mum? How lazy!

Some of you may remember that since we got TNP for the last two years he has beed off skiiing on Valentine’s day. This the first year he beed here with us and my clever peoples decided to just stay in with me, (TNP goes on holiday tomorrow instead bol).

They did do a nice meal though, I got oxtails and TNP got steak and Mum got some mushroom thing but I doesnt care about that! Mum got the food from town and TNP cooked it.

He did creamy potatoes and Mum bought a type of cauliflowerish vegetable called a brassica. TNP looked at it a bit funny but they said it tasted like a sweeter cauliflower. I did not eat any, but maybe the rabbits will get to try a little bit. It tooked me a whole hour to eat my oxtail from the butchers. Yummmm.

Mum bought her self some simple flowers too.

I hope you all has a happy Valentine’s Day with the peoples you loves.

~Lickies, Ludo


16 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s

  1. So sweet of you! Happy Valentine's Day to you too! We love Ox tails but we haven't had them in so long. Hard to find for some reason around here.

  2. Oh Ludo what a handsome Valentine you make!The oxtail sounds very yummy indeed – we have never tried that. We like the sound of the steak too….the human says she has never heard of a Brassica and wondered was it some sort of Broccoli and Caulie?The flowers look very nice. We are glad you all had a nice Valentine's Day – we sat home with a Bonio as we had no date!Much loveMartha & Bailey xxx

  3. Ludo – we just loves you, even tho we've been such bad bloggie buddies! Happy Belated Valentine's Day to you too – oxtails? We'll be right over! Hope TNP had a great time skiing!xoxoxoSammie and Avalon

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