Being starved!

I is being totally starved lately. i is just not getting enough food. I is hungry and the peoples is getting annoyed at me being a land shark.

I has had poorly sore ears again and the vet gived me some steroid tablets which mum says is what making me hungry. Which totally stupid, why give medicines that do that? Mum hates me going on the steroids and she getting very grumpy with our vet. They seem stuck on me hasing an allergy but can’t offer any evidence but wont look into any other ideas. Then the vet suggested a prescription diet instead of my raw feeding… Mum does be looking more into diet but really doesn’t think it cos of that cos the allergy test came back negative and nothing in my diet seems to be a trigger and doesn’t want me getting the yucky collitis all the time like when I was on kibble. She wishes we could find a nice holistic vet in our area. She also weighed me and says i need to lose about 2kg! She gonna go on a diet with me, but in the meantime we upping our exercise.

We went to whinlatter forest for a nice walkies.

I has some more good adventures to show you too, but Mum being lazy!

~Lickies, Ludo

P.s. The peoples went down south to visit family for Mum’s grandma’s 80th birthday and Granpaw left his brand new camera with all the photos on it in the taxi and it gone. No one has gived it to the taxi company or the police. What horrid people to keep it like that. So everyone got pretty annoyed and Grandpaw.


13 thoughts on “Being starved!

  1. Oh Ludo, we are so sorry about your ears and how hungry those steroids are making you – tough life! We hope Mum can find that holistic vet too.And poor Grandpa – we will cross our paws that whoever has that camera will turn it in to the taxi company.Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  2. Well Ludo, that starving thing doesn't sound so good! But extra walkies sounds wonderful! So sorry about the grandpa's camera..that sucks!

  3. Gail says she knows all about that hungry all the time on steroids thing, as Hamish had similar problems. We do hope you can find a better solution to the ear problems.Of course, going for lots of nice walks will help make you feel better, we are sure. Too bad about Grandpa's camera. Toodle pip!Bertie.

  4. Hey Ludo! Sorry about your ears and possible allergies but it doesn't seem right that you should be starving too! Diet is an ugly four-letter-word! Hope it doesn't last long!

  5. Love the little gnome in the woods, what a cool place to go walking. Sorry you has allergies. Beckett's eyes are weepy right now, I think he might have an infection. Too bad Grandpa lost his camera; he must feel really bad. I left a camera in a park once and when I went back it was gone. It had the last photos I took of my Grandma.

  6. So sorry to hear about your ears and allergies. Hope you're feeling better and get a speedy recovery.I don't like to hear anything about 'diet' as I'm also on a very VERY strick diet after the last vet visit. Even my dad is serious this time. I AM HUNGRY ALL THE TIME too! Hopefully those walkies will make you feel better too!

  7. Reading this made us hungry. We hope you can get off the steroids soon.Your poor Grandpaw, losing his new camera like that with all the photos. It's a shame someone honest didn't find it.

  8. Sorry about the medication problems. Those are never good. The pictures look like the walking part has been fun.Hope Grandpa gets the camera back.

  9. So sorry to hear the camera can not be found….sad face…. I hope your ears get better soon….if you are really hungry I can stop by with a pizza….give me a call….

  10. Hi Ludo – long time no woof!I'm so sorry to hear about your ear ouchies – I do hope they get better soon. I too agree that they seem to keep barking up the same (wrong!) tree! Besides, everybody knows that the raw diet is the best for allergies – IF you actually had one! I would definitely stick with your raw if you can – unless there is a very good reason to change it!anyway, if you're a bit chubby, then getting less food would make you feel hungry too – so maybe your human shoudn't feel too bad about the way the medicines make you feel. Although we can understand coz myhumans would hate to give me steroids too. I can also understand your frustration coz I'm having a slightly similar problem in that one of my eyes is always really bloodshot and I have already been to the doggie eye specialist and had EVERYthing checked and they couldn't find anything wrong with it. But if it's an allergy to something (eg, grass seeds), then BOTH my eyes should react – not just 1 of them. It's all very weird. Nobody has any answers. So my humans are just managing it the best they can – if it gets too red & sore & weepy, they put a bit of antihistamine eye drops in it and it instantly clears it up. It doesn't seem to bother me much – like I'm not pawing it or crying or anything – other than sqinting occasionally…so I guess it's better than your situation and we can just live with it. Anyway, I hope you do find a holistic vet near you or at least one who had interests in that area!!Slobbers,Honey the Great Daneps, my human is FINALLY posting about our doggie holiday in Port STephens last year so come over to have a look when you have a moment – coz I know how much your human likes those posts which show lovely places to stay, etc! 🙂

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