Come for a walk with me?

Me and Mum has beed doing lots of extra walkies these last few days because the sky has beed doing something funny… I think I remember it being called spring. Anyway, the sky be dry and not dropping water or clouds or winds on us and we has that thing what I think I remember be called the sun shining on us. 
Cool huh?
Only, something that not so cool be that TNP has just disappeared! He has totally left me. Mum says he has gone skiing again, but I know I has seen his van driving around and so I think Mum just hiding him somewhere. We even went to his (my) house a couple of times and he did not be there either. It sure do be a mystery. 
Ok, we is going to the end of that up high bit that stops in the sky. Ready?

 Come on Mum, that means you too.

 Just ignore that mean new sign. It not apply to where we going, but from where we come. Mum hates it. Ludo Van Mandogs do not need to go on leads like Ludo van puppies!

This way, follow the steps.

We is at the top now. Some people put flowers here all the time for some boys who beed climbing down below and got stuck when the tide came in.

Quick rest.

 Ok Mum, just because you has got ahead of me does not mean I is puffed out.

I love going through gates!

We found a fossil, we think Click to bigify.

The top. Well done effuryone.
Now we has to go back through the farmers fields to make it a bit more interesting, so no chasing the sheeps.
Of course then when we got back I wanted to go in the sea but Mum got one of those stupid migraines really sudden and really bad with an aura thing and she said I be very bad because she trying to call me back and I was not paying attention because she wasn’t actually using the right words. But the aura can make you disorientated and get your speech confused, Mum got a treat out of her pocket in the end and I came back pretty quick then.
~lickies, Ludo
pee ess from Mum: TNP has gone skiing with his friends, he misses us though. :p Ludo gets very confused because we still see TNP’s old van driving around, even though he has a new one now.
I am taking the opportunity of being ‘single’ this week to get some things done on my own hobby (other than Ludo). For a few weeks I’ve been planning an online shop move and I’ve had a few commissions lately for my miniature animals which have kept me distracted, so I’m sorry we haven’t been around visiting much. Should settle down in a couple of weeks. Although then it will be Grandpaws 70th birthday and some family are coming down. Eep, it’s all go. We miss you all though and are thinking of you!


30 thoughts on “Come for a walk with me?

  1. Those migraines are killers – our human sister gets them and she gets so sick.Thanks for taking us for that nice walk, Ludo. It has been raining here so we don't even get to be outside for very long, never mind get out for a good walk. We bet TNP will be back soon and you will be very excited to see him.Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  2. You have such wonderful places to go for walkies. We went right from winter to summer here. Sunday was a record high for a day in March and it beat the old record by nearly 10 degrees C. Tucker finds it too hot.

  3. Hi Ludo and Dee:We have missed you too and wondered what you are up to. This was a perfect walk with you today although I did't use up even one calorie on it!Cheers and hugs,Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  4. That place looks very lovely. I would like to just sit there watching the scenery and think, and maybe hum a little tune. And it would be perfect if there wouldn't be no-one else (strangers I mean) and something good to snack :)Hopefully TNP comes back soon. Meanwhile I wish your mum good times with her other hobbies! -Lilli-

  5. Hi Ludo, we always enjoy going with you on your walkies (at least that's what it feels like with your descriptions and beautiful photos). And I so totally agree with you about leads. Life is so much better when one can run free. (Gail is wondering if the dreaded 'walking string' was applied when you walked through the farmer's fields?)We're hoping TNP comes back in one piece from his skiing hol.Toodle pip!Bertie.

  6. My mom used to have migraines and her yoga teacher told her to do headstand, it helped. You had such a beautiful place for walkie and I love to see the blue sky and blue water. Hope your mom is feeling better soon.LicksEva

  7. Migraines are no fun… I have to take good care of my momma when she gets them. Glad you got to go for a great walkie though! Beautiful views!-Corbin

  8. Ohhhh – mum does not get them but knows peeps who do; so painful. Hope it went away soon. Love the views, the hike is gorgeous – great photos! Lido – we just loves you – woofs -Sammie and Avalon

  9. You always go on such beautiful walks, Ludo – I love coming along with you!! 🙂 And I have to say – my heart skipped a beat when I read that TNP had "disappeared" – big sigh of relief when I realised that he'd only just gone on holiday!! :-)Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  10. Wowee – the sea looks all twinkly blue and happy. Super postcard shots of home Ludo – yeah it would be nice if that new sign gets washed up somewhere xx My human misses England so your post made her smile – Ta! x

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