Hurro! I know… It be a long time! You mays not remember me.

I looks like this…

Blue merle, Shetland Rabbit-dog, Extraordinarily handsome/cute/intelligent.
Name be Ludo?

You remember now? Brilliant!

I has so much to tell you. This just a quick hello post though, to let you know I is back to blogging.
I has beed on hol-ee-day, had lots of visitors and very most exciting of all I has found out lots of cool stuff about my dog Mum’s side of the family.

I will get Mum working in the posts right away.

Here a sneak preview. Can you guess where I be? Or did be, since I home now.

It a wall.

~ Lickies, Ludo

pee ess: Some more noticing things readers may has noticed that we missed my annual birthday celebrations this year. Can you does believings of it? Mum totally forgot till like three days after my birthday. What a complete tragedy. She says it cos Grandpaw’s birthday celebrations happened all over my birthday. No excuse. Tsk. So yes, I be four now, so I got a whole year bigger since you last seed me.


24 thoughts on “I is BAACCKK!

  1. Whoopee! Ludo is back. As if we could forget such a handsome fellow. Can't wait to hear your news. Gail says that gap in the wall reminds her of ones she used to go through to get from one field to another on childhood walks in the Peak District.Toodle pip!Bertie.

  2. I am happy to see you again, Ludo!Sounds like you have had a very busy time!Happy Birthday to you!Happy Birthday to your Grandpa!Kisses and hugsLorenza

  3. That is a wonderful picture of you and the purple flowers. Very handsome! Happy Birthday, Ludo! We w ill have to make it up to you next year.Is that the Greatl Wall of China you are looking through? lololKisses,Stella

  4. Ludo, you are one beautiful pup! How could your human possibly forget your birthday … Unless she just thinks every day with you is just incredibly wonderful? I think that is it!

  5. Oh Ludo – how could I ever forget about you? My one handsome, Northern English gentleman?? Hee! Hee! That first picture of you is just GORGEOUS!!! Should be in a calendar or something! Have your furs gotten a deeper blue or something? You look so handsome!I have been thinking about you & wondering but I just figured that you must be busy, that's why you're so quiet. Looking forward to catching up on all your news!Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  6. Wow this is my first time and whatta maine you have there my friend! I came over a paw plodding from Charlene and Storms, I could not but help clicking on your catchy name! I love your pictures of your holiday on your recent post too – Mummy2Legs is from Newcastle/Washington and is familiar a little with Northumberland! So glad I came, and like Arnie – I will be back! Take care, Barnie x

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