Hol-ee-day! Northumbria pt. 1

This time on our hol-ee-day we went only a short drive of about an hour and a half away… we stayed in England, just outside Cumbria, in Northumbria. See how they stoled our Umbria bit? They talked all funny too. like this. Mum thinks it so weird that you can drive such a short way and get such a different, equally strong accent.

Anyways, enough of that boring stuff. Time for some things that interest me! Because I is the most important.

We stayed on a furry nice farm, called Lambley, which had been part converted into cottages. Mum and TNP liked it especially cos it had something called a ‘sauna’ and a ‘hot tub’, I didn’t get to go in there though.

The piccures might not be up to my usual standard, TNP got a new camera, so Mum inherited his old one and she making quite the blurry piccures. Also, my official photographer seems to just be taking photos of birds now.

The Back garden

Our one be the one to the right of me. We had the place all to ourselves for nearly the whole week, when the new people comed I tried to chase them off MY FARM.

 My bedroom

It very nice and I like it lots.

We mostly did lots of walking and bird watching/photoing. Though mostly me and Mum did other things like relaxing, eating and sniffings, maybe less Mum for that last one. The cottages be right next to a river and I love water! Unless it in the form of a bath.

It also has some very tall sheeps in funny colours.

Look, right at my back door! Mum insisted on giving them Carrots! I barked at them if they got too close. I wanted to do chasings of them, but Mum told me ‘leave it’ then we went outside with some treats and the clicker and we did work on ignoring them getting closer and closer. They did the getting closer too. But then the big chickens ranned away whenever they got too close to me. Which they should since I could have totally herded them big sheep up.
Speaking of chickens

Mum said those Sheeps is called Alpacas and she would have liked some of their wool as she uses it to fur her little mini animals. But just to show that they is still sheeps, here a sheep for comparison.

They matches, see?

 We seed these sheeps out on walks, they did not be at all ascared, just a bit nervous. They all wanted to do lookings at me. Well, I casnot blame them, cos I is pretty call. Mum thinks they is Romney sheeps.

The piccures might look a bit gloomy. We didn’t get much sunshine, but not much rain either. Perfect weather for me. Right now it really hot hot hot!

Ok, come back next time to look at some of the places we explored.

This was going to be a longer post, but we has a certain someone staying with us at the moment…
Grandpawents has goned away this weekend to a wedding down South and so we is looking after Penny. Mum says I is being my usual obnoxious self and pushing her around when we go outside. Auntie Penny gets really stressed out on her own and feels most comfortable round her own house so we is staying there at night. We stayed at ours one night, and we tried to stay at TNP’s last night, cos it beed his birthday. But at about half 12 (AM!) Auntie Penny woked up in a panic and started barking so we went back to Grandpawents. Here she trying not to fall asleep, since Mum got up, which means she might (shock horror) go out! Auntie Penny sleeps really deeply now and she casnot hear that much so she likes to go to sleep on peoples feet, or blocking a door way so she gets woked up when they move.  Whilst Mum types this for me Auntie Penny be sleeping on her toes.

She still a total nutcase when she awake though, bouncing around all the time. TNP says we is never getting a springy spaniel cos he’s known two and they has both been nutty. Auntie Penny really stupid too. She leaps down the balcony steps and then falls over and she gets her lead caught on her foot and casnot work out how to get it off. She also takes ages to eat her dinner and spends a while just looking at it, wondering what to do. I not even be allowed to eat it myself whilst she looks at it. Yesterday at TNP’s whilst Mum beed cooking TNP’s special birthday dinner Auntie Penny  got out the garden and tooked her self for a walk. TNP found her talking to another spaniel though. 
Silly old Auntie Penny. I like to bite her floppy ears.
Mum says she hopes someone has as much sympathy for me when I is old. 

~lickies, Ludo


22 thoughts on “Hol-ee-day! Northumbria pt. 1

  1. Your holiday was really lovely and the Farm looked like lots of fun.Sorry for Aunty Penny's Old Age problems. You could try to be a little more patient with her, Ludo, and your Mum is right. You will get old yourself and start losing your marbles. Hope for a little patience from somebody!Kisses, Your pal Stella

  2. Really pretty place for your holiday! You are lucky dogs are allowed to go there. I am sorry about not-Aunt Penny. I think you should be a little nicer to her if you can, Ludo!

  3. What a lovely cottage for a holiday. We like Northumbria. We need to return when we have our computer as we have silly little phone! We just wanted to drop by to say we have missed you and aunt penny. Our human says old age doesn't come alone and you must be extra nice to aunt penny.We will pop back soon.Xxx

  4. Looking forward to hear more about your howlidays. Tucker's not slow to eat but he doesn't hear much any more and he walks pretty slow now but we still loves him. You gotta love an old dog, be kind to Auntie Penny.

  5. That Umbria place looks soooo cool. Our mama loves alpaca and for several years dreamed of raising them here in N.Idaho…But then WE came along and she says we are enough trouble!! bol. You are a really good pooch. Hootie would have been all barky at those things. Aunt Penny is cute. Glad you didn't rough her up!Smooches from pooches,BabyRD & Hootie

  6. Wow Ludo, you go on the best trips! Nice of you to take your Mum and TNP along with you too! I love the big sheep, you were really good not to herd them too much. I'm glad Aunt Penny has you to take care of her…try not to push her around so much though, OK?

  7. Hi Ludo, aren't those alpaca creatures funny looking. I am wondering if it is part of your job description to herd sheep that look like they've been crossed with giraffes?YOUR holiday place looks os beautiful. I wish Gail would take me some place like that, and let me sleep on such a lovely big bed. As for springer spaniels, well we have a one next door, Molly, and apparently she was nutty when she was little. But I have only known her as an old lady and I think she is quite sane compared to your Aunt Penny…Toodle pip!Bertie.PS Gail, like your Mum, is fascinated by accents and dialects. Even now, when she's been living in Aberdeen for 14 years, she still occasionally encounters some local person that she can't understand at all. Much more incomprehensible than Geordie or Glaswegian, she claims.

  8. Looked a lovely place, great to see your pictures – we think Northumberland looks quite mystical (not always getting the most of the sun – ha ha!) – it's great to get away though, good for the soul! x

  9. I would have been barking my head off the entire vacation with giant sheeps and chickens so close by. Mommy probably would have taken an entire year blogvacation after that holiday. Looks like you handled it well Ludo! Oh, and we like the part about Aunt Penny sleeping on your Mums toes writing the post. Sounds adorable.

  10. Sure it was a pawesome place!Perfect for long walkies and a very relaxing time!Happy Birthday to TNP!Be nice with Aunty Penny, ok?Kisses and hugsLorenza

  11. Hi Ludo, well we have a full size computer this morning instead of a silly little phone – all the better to see you with my dear!!!We loved the pictures and are amazed at how good you are Ludo, we ourselves would have had to bark and chase everything. We especially like to chase chickens…………although not sure what to do when they stop!The cottage looked really pretty and it is only right that you should have a four poster bed. We are very glad that you are looking after Aunt Penny, we don't much like the look of these kennel places!Enjoy your holiday and have lots of lovey dips in the river.xxx

  12. What a beautiful place for a holiday! The cottage is so neat and you look great!I've heard of Northumbria but never had a chance to visit it when I was in the UK.

  13. That looks like a great place to go on vacation Ludo. What fun. Please cut Aunt Penny some slack though. She can't help it if she sleeps all the time and gets a bit confused. Be sweet to her.Your friends,Niamh & Ambrose

  14. Wow Ludo that is the most amazing and wonderful time you had. I love your room, and the big critters outside your door. It must have been just like being in heaven.Glad your back and all is well.Bert

  15. Wow Ludo that is the most amazing and wonderful time you had. I love your room, and the big critters outside your door. It must have been just like being in heaven.Glad your back and all is well.Bert

  16. Oh Ludo – you know how much I love to go on your holidays with you. And I swear – each holiday place you stay at is more gorgeous than the last!! :-)Poor Auntie Penny – well, I can have some sympathy for her coz I'm getting to be an – ahem – 'older' lady now too so I think you should respect older doggies' quirks (you'll be old too someday, Ludo!!) – but I have to say, we have to agree about the Springer Spaniels…all the ones we've met have been totally mad too! :-)Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  17. looks like you had an amazing holiday! am loving YOUR farm very much! how inconsiderate someone else visiting!!! becky says she would like to stay there sometime 🙂

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