Hol-ee-day – Northumbria pt. 2

Want to come look at some of the things I did in Northumbria?

On the first day we explored the Viaduct.

Here a collage of all the steps you had to go up to get to it. I really like places like this cos I loves running up to bridges, and gates and stuff like that and figuring out how to get over it all by myself. Cos I is clever.

The viaduct used to be for trains in the Victorian period. Back then they didn’t care about how much things cost they cared about doing things right and elegantly and celebrating their engineering achievements… so when industry started to not be so important or making enough money or something they stopped using it. It all started crumbling down. It got listed status and got repaired in 1996 by a heritage trust and now it part of a really cool walk. It nice that it got repaired and the old railway goes through the woods. Now and then you can see parts like the stoppers for the trains what still be left behind. Mum thinks it amazing all the places the Victorians put railways, you could get virtually everywhere by train. Even to the middle of nowhere! Wherever that be.

We also went to a couple of the nearby towns. Like Haltwhistle and Hexham.

Mum casnot remember which piccures come from which place, but we think Hexham had the Cathedral and Haltwhistle has this…

It Mum and TNP looking rather unimpressed about being in the ‘centre’ or England. Hurrah.

Come back next post to finally see where I did be on my wall piccure. One of yous got it right!


16 thoughts on “Hol-ee-day – Northumbria pt. 2

  1. Wow oh wow that was some pawsome holiday you had and it looks like you had so much fun. We love seeing all the cool places you visited.Mom says to say thank you to your Mom for the ideas with Denny – he is her 4th Sheltie and she has never had one like him and she knows we can be a bit timid. Her Bonnie (she looked just like you Ludo – a blue merle) was that way. But there is a difference between being timid and just plain terrified of everything like Denny is. Paws crossed that the medication will help him as Mom wants him to love life not be scared of it.We have ours furs collected for our new mini me's- we have your old address – the gradparents…..but not your new one. And can you email Mom with the details on how much it will cost and if she can pay through paypal. Just send an email to cowspotdog@mail.com and mom will send you some photos of us too that your Mom can work from.

  2. I like that you take us along on your trips! All fun to look at and beautiful old buildings to see.I love the last picture of you Ludo, where you are barking at something. You look furry handsome in that lovely haircut you have.Kisses,Stella

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