hol-ee-day Northumbria pt. 3

Last part of my last hol-ee-day. By last I of courses means most recent and not never again.

So, on my first post about my hol-ee-day I showed a piccure of me in a wall and asked you where I did be. Collie Dad got it right. I beed in part of Hadrian’s wall.

Hadrian a man who lived a long time ago who must have really liked walls, cos he got this really big one named after him. Mum says that it be to keep the Scots out, but he must not have got the position wrong because it did not be Scotland on the other side, just more Northumbria. I suppose I might has learned more about it, but the heritage and dig site called Vindolanda didn’t let dogs in, so we didn’t go and get to learn more. After we had climbed up here we found a sign saying please does not do climbings. oop!

We met a man we had seed on another walk and he recognised me. I is famous. Not from my blog, just from another day.
We also went to a place called Kielder Water. It big man made reservoir which used to be a village. It all flooded now and really big. We went to try and look for Osprey’s cos they has some living there, but we did not see any, only on a nest cam. We did see some cool other birds though. Well, cool to Mum and TNP. We went twice and walked miles and miles. One of the visitor centres be an old castle and they let me in. 

The castle had a cool muriel of the forest, and look, a gnome crossing a spider’s web.

Ok, Last thing… Here some more piccures from walks along the river by our cottage. Mum liked these ones the best.

Mum Made a friend. she tooked him some carrot on our last day. Whenever we went through his field he followed us around all the way to the gate.

Me and Mum had to amuse ourselves while TNP sat and tried to get a piccure of a bird called a Long Tailed Tit. Sadly, he did not get it!

Along one side of the river be this old castle, which now used as an activity centre. Bit of a waste of a castle if you ask me. BOL!

And bigify to read this plaque. There used to be a prisoner of war camp right beside it, for The Second World War.

These sheeps is jumping all over the ruins.

 Mum liked the bluebells, she said they go nicely with my furs.

 And I got to go for a dunk.

I had a really great time!

~Lickies, Ludo

pee ess: we really hate the new word verification on blogger.  I hope I has mine turned off. Mum casnot type the words in on her ipad at all!


17 thoughts on “hol-ee-day Northumbria pt. 3

  1. Hurro Ludo! What a splendid holiday you had with Mum and TNP. Great pictures too. I loved reading that plaque that talked of the POW Camp and how the director attempted reconciliation with the German prisoners.You are looking good, Ludo, with your beautiful furs, your Mum keeps you brushed up and pretty.Do you still work on all your tricks and various learnings?Kisses,Stella, Jo and Zkhat

  2. Oh my Ludo!!! You guys go to the most beautiful and interesting places! Never saw castles like that in real life over here. And bluebells to match your furs! AND a beautiful HORSE and sheeps??? WOW!

  3. Hi Ludo, some wonderful pictures of your holiday.Our favourite of course has to be you among the bluebells – we love the colour and expect you will have noticed the lovely smell.Now Hadrian's Wall has always been a bit of a mystery to us. As you so rightly point out it lies entirely in England and not the boundary to Scotland.However Hadrian certainly created one of the most visited tourist sites!Humans, we find, are rather strange when it comes to bits of land. We don't know why they can't just pee on them like we dogs do – that way they become ours. We have no need for walls!The horse was very nice and clearly liked company. We are sorry the TNP didn't get his picture – what can we say – the human male and birds….!!! Thank dogness you and your mum could go meet that lovely horse.loveMartha & Bailey xxx

  4. What a lucky guy you are! You've got to visit those beautiful places and the castles are gorgeous. The pictures made my mom miss UK so much and she said she would try her best to visit some castles and beautiful places when she is there again next month WITHOUT ME. LicksEVA

  5. Hope you didn't get in trouble for climbing on the wall Ludo. Great pictures of the horse friend and you along the stream. What a terrific trip!Your friends,Niamh & Ambrose

  6. hello ludwig its dennis the vizsla dog hay it is not surprising that this hadrian persun did not no ware the scots were wen yoo konsider that he also did not no how to spell his own naym i meen duh adrian duznt hav an h in it!!! just ask rocky balboa!!! ha ha ok bye

  7. Ludo that was a great report, with some particularly fine photos. The ones on you in amongst the bluebells are most impressive, as are those taken on Hadrian's Wall. Gail now wants to go to Northumbria and I too think it an excellent idea. We both think that Mum's new carrot loving friend is extremely handsome, and we hope TNP is not jealous.Toodle pip!Bertie.

  8. Super Northumbrian adventures Ludo…bluebells are definitely your colour xx We are busy with our move to England! I will need a coat since I don't have as much warm fur as you! Brrrrrr…

  9. what a fabulous holiday ludo-all that countryside for you to run around in & such history! love your pics in the bluebells 🙂 northumberland is your grandad flash 's & my favourite place-spent many happy times here.i have a pic of us at hadrian's wall too.looks like you had a smashing time!

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